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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Puno_de_Leyenda, Mar 17, 2014.

By Puno_de_Leyenda on Mar 17, 2014 at 7:24 AM
  1. Puno_de_Leyenda

    Puno_de_Leyenda Well-Known Member

    After seeing a certain Japanese VF5FS MAD(Fun, fanmade, VF5FS vid) based on Street Fighter characters that can be created in VF5FS's awesome customization system...I was heavily inspired! This is my response to it/little tribute to VF, SNK-fighting game series and fighting games in general!


    It's a little way for me to give back to these awesome communities and fans by creating a Gaijin-made MAD. lol

    Here, I'm highlighting the main SNK fighting series characters that can be created in VF5FS's awesome customization system...and telling a bit of a story too...That said, none of this would be possible without meeting some of my great friends on VF5FS, who originally showed me some of these designs(K', Terry(Both versions), Rock, Joe, Blue Mary, Vanessa, Geese, Shen Woo, Leona)...Friends such as: @ToyDingo (BrodiMAN), @KyleVF, @mfwebdude, @Phoxx(?) and @Syncere99-sorry if I forgot anyone!

    As for the Ryo and Robert designs, those were done elsewhere before this too, so I thank the creator for the inspiration!

    I also want to thank my cousins(for recording help and advice), my VF mentors: @BG_Akira , @mfwebdude, @Libertine, @Silent Legend, @awesome face 12, @Dark Nova Void and all the other awesome people at VFDC! And I also want to thank my DOA/ElGato mentor DestructionBomb and all the other awesome people at FreeStepDodge!

    Anyways, sit back and enjoy the show! This is for you all!

    Notes: Captured with ElGato Game Capture HD-Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 12(1st timer here ^^ )

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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Puno_de_Leyenda, Mar 17, 2014.

    1. masterpo
      Very good!
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    2. Puno_de_Leyenda
      Thank you!!! :)

      BTW, in case anyone isn't too familiar with who's who in the vid, I'll list all the SNK characters depicted:

      Terry Bogard, Joe HIgashi, Blue Mary, Yamazaki, Geese Howard, Athena Asamiya, Momoko, Sie Kensou, Chin Gentsai, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Lee Pai Long, Kasumi Todoh, Takuma Sakazaki, Mr. Big, Mr. Karate, Gai Tendo, Mr. Karate(Ryo Version), Kyo Kusanagi(99 and Current Version), Benimaru Nikaido, Iori, K', Whip, Leona, Vanessa(See what I did there? lol), K9999, Shen Woo, Gato, Hokutomaru, Tizoc, Rock Howard, Freeman, Terry Bogard(Garou Version) and the last one-Don't look unless you've already watched it! lol:

      Dan Hibiki
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    3. IcKY99
      Good use of KOF music!
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    4. Puno_de_Leyenda
      Glad you liked it! Thanks bro!
    5. Myke
      Good work on the video, man! Just a couple of comments/suggestions if you don't mind.

      I have no idea when it comes to KOF, so all of those references were completely lost on me (OK, I can recognise Terry, Kyo and Iori but that's it). If your intended audience were those already familiar with KOF, then mission successful I guess. But if you wanted to reach out to a bigger audience then perhaps you could have included some reference images?

      You also mentioned you tried to tell a story. I think I completely missed it! :) But I'm guessing that some intimate KOF knowledge was required here... was it to do with the various match ups?

      I also thought it was a bit on the long side, but those into KOF may disagree! Personally, if more time was focussed on action, and less on intros and transitions, then I think it wouldn't take as long? But I appreciate that you wanted to show off the outfit customisations too, so KOF fans probably didn't mind the length.

      Finally, and maybe this is just a personal preference, but I don't like listening to muted gameplay. So it would have been more pleasing to listen to the in-game sound effects along with your custom BGMs.
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    6. Puno_de_Leyenda
      Thanks! And thanks for the feedback!

      Yeah, I was a little worried about people not catching all the character references...and I really like the suggestion you gave about having reference pics included! That said, I liked how that Jacky and Terry image you did came out!

      As for the story part-yep!

      Incoming wall of text!:

      *Note-not all of it is canonical, it's just how I wanted to tell it*

      The first part of the story features the Fatal Fury team and climaxes with Terry vs his nemesis Geese Howard-the ending is a partial reference to how Terry defeated Geese by knocking him off of a building

      The second part depicts the Psycho Soldier team training with one another and ends with Kensou losing to his unrequited love interest-Athena.

      After that, there's the Art of Fighting team sparring with one another, followed by a fight between Robert Garcia and Lee Pai Long. Next, Ryo fights his way through Kasumi Todoh and boss character Mr. Big. Then, Robert goes up against his master and Ryo's father-Takuma Sakazaki...Ultimately losing, and lastly Ryo takes on Mr. Karate(His father in disguise). In the end, he manages to defeat him and take his place as Mr. Karate.

      Fast forward some years later to the story of Buriki-One, where the newcomer MMA fighter Gai Tendo steps into the ring with Mr. Karate(Ryo version) and gets pummeled. lol

      Then we have the Japan team, Kyo and Benimaru, sparring with each other before Kyo goes on to fight his rival Iori.

      After Kyo defeats him, it switches up to one of his clones, K' and his teammate Whip sparring. After losing, Whip goes on to fight Leona of the Ikari Warriors team and Vanessa of the Agents team. Once she beats them, it concludes with K' taking on his nemesis K9999 and defeating him.

      From there, the Shen Woo and Gato fight has no real story significance aside from both being in KOF 2003...Then, there's the Hokutomaru vs Tizoc fight, which is just about two Garou: Mark of the Wolves characters fighting.

      Finally, there's the main character of Garou-Rock Howard, up against Freeman...After defeating Freeman, Rock finally makes his way to his mentor and father-like figure Terry, bringing the story full circle, as Rock is the son of the man that Terry defeated-Geese. Though, it is just a friendly spar, Rock is still no match for Terry and he loses.

      The last part is just a throwback to the whole SNK/Capcom rivalry and Capcom's creation of Dan to mock them...So Dan tries to take on the original and fails epically. lol

      Also, the BGM being used corresponds to each teams KOF 13 theme, and both the Art of Fighting/K' teams have their KOF 2002 Unlimited Match themes kick in as well. Mr. Karate(Ryo Version)'s theme from Buriki One plays during his fight. With the Shen Woo Vs Gato fight, Gato's Garou theme plays and the same goes for Tizoc and Rock, with each of their themes playing.

      Then, I utilized one of the Capcom Vs SNK 2 New Challenger themes to introduce Dan, due to the whole backstory behind him...after that, I used Dan's Super SF4 theme when he appeared and played the KOF 13 victory song after he was defeated.

      Oh, and the intro is a reference to Kyo and Iori's KOF 2001 Vs intro, the title theme is from KOF XI and the character select theme is KOF 2001.
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    7. Myke
      Wow! See, I had no idea about any of this. I honestly thought it was just a bunch of random matches, doing some random moves! Now if there was some way to include these story references / backgrounds with each clip, while keeping everything under 2 hours long :D, then it would have added more to the experience for non-KOF people like me!

      Also, glad you liked the pic!
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    8. Chibitox
      Nice vid :)

      My favs: Sarah as Whip, Jean as Freeman. Akira as Joe.

      For Robert cosplay I use Goh, with white pants, blue shirt, brown shoes and ponytail and a necklace it really is one of the closest you'lle have from a perfect Robert 97 cosplay ^^.
      Better than Brad cause the shirt is not fully opened and the ponytail is longer. It was my default costume while playing Goh. I'll post a picture if I get some time.
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    9. Puno_de_Leyenda
      Yeah, that's true, using some exposition would have helped alot!

      Overall, that and length were concerns...because even though it is still long, it was about 6+ minutes longer before the serious editing/cutting began....I even dropped a scene to try and reduce time. lol

      As far as sound effects go, I did consider KOF sound effects for things at one point(Sans the intro), but ultimately I just stuck with muted.

      Thanks man! That sounds awesome, I never knew you could use Goh for Robert too! All I could think of when coming up with Goh's KOF-look costume was Yamazaki. lol
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    10. Chibitox
      Even better than a picture here comes a video : :)

      Other good ones that comes to mind are: Vanessa as Kula, Vanessa as K', Brad as Shen is very good too. You can also make him look like Ramon lol. Sarah as Jhun is not bad too.
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    11. Shinobi
      My favorite 3D and 2D fighting game series together in one video! Thanks Puno_de_Leyenda!!!
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    12. MDSPrime
      Cool, when I was using Vanessa lots last year I loved playing as Leona and 2k2UM Vanessa, also liked playing Goh as Iori and M.Bison (sorry wrong game), good to see some other KOF fans here.
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    13. Puno_de_Leyenda
      Awesome custom bro! He reminds me of the Neo Geo Battle Colosseum Robert!

      And I was wondering about who I could make Kula with-I'll have to try that! Sarah as Jhun and Vanessa as K'? I didn't know about those either-thanks!

      My pleasure! ;)

      Thanks! KOF and SNK are awesome!
    14. Tha_FeauchA
      Nice! I don't really know the KoF characters. I only recognized Terry and that Joe dude. I remember seeing an anime about this game looong ago. But I remember that Joe guy, and that looked just like him, lol.
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    15. Puno_de_Leyenda
      Thanks man!
    16. Zekiel
      Whats the theme at 7:55?
    17. Puno_de_Leyenda
      It's the theme of Buriki One's Mr.Karate(Ryo Sakazaki):
    18. Zekiel
      and at 13:21?
    19. Zekiel
      and at 13:21?

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