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VF5FS Ver. A/B boards for sale

Discussion in 'Arcade' started by Blessy, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Blessy

    Blessy Moderator / Can't hit check 6k Staff Member Content Manager Goh Bronze Supporter Content Manager Aoi Tournament Manager

    Just found someone selling lindbergh boards for version A and B of Final Showdown. They're also selling Marquee parts for the cabs. Figured it might be of interest.

    Ver A: https://www.sendico.com/ayahoo/item/g456938788

    Ver B: https://www.sendico.com/ayahoo/item/r437458290

    Also found an authorisation key for sale: https://www.sendico.com/ayahoo/item/v763780398

    Marquee parts: https://www.sendico.com/ayahoo/item/x742373892

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