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Discussion in 'Wolf' started by Ash_Kaiser, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Ash_Kaiser

    Ash_Kaiser Marly you no good jabroni I make you humble... Bronze Supporter

    Since the Shun and Pai threads have opened, may as well start a Wolf one. Here are my views on him from what I've seen in the videos (several bits of speculation here, as I obviously haven't played the game yet, so don't take this as gospel).


    vs Pai
    http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11256710 (same vid as above)

    vs Sarah

    vs Jacky

    vs Blaze

    New stuff:
    Headlock position - similar to the Catch - can do several throws from it - so far, DDT ([4]+[P]+[G]), Jackhammer ([3][3]+[P]+[G]) and the new Falcon Arrow move have been shown

    Hellevator - new throw - suplex into sitout Rock Bottom - unknown command, does 65 points of damage

    Has a new heavy side kick which I assume will go into a hit throw of some sort or cause a crumple

    Has a push-away move similar to the [6]+[P]+[K] one in VF4Evo

    Has a new high Shining Wizard that looks like an auto hit throw (I'm assuming that it's done with [9]+[K]+[G])

    Neutral [P]+[G] Front Face Chop has been replaced by a Neckbreaker

    Altered Stuff:
    Normal Giant Swing damage has been reduced to 65 points with floor damage (possibly only 55 with exact recovery). Jackhammer is also down to 65 points

    Catch now has the old replace throw ([1]+[P]+[G]) from it

    Vertical Tiger Driver low throw now does 80 points of damage, has been reanimated and is possibly done with [3][3]+[P]+[G]

    [9]+[P]+[K] no longer causes bounce on standing normal hit

    [3]+[K] no longer knocks down on normal hit

    [4]+[K]+[G] is reanimated and while it may or may not allow for the Stunner hit-throw anymore, Wolf can transition into the headlock position from it (TK -> Falcon Arrow does 95 points of damage). He can also transition from RAW

    RAW has possibly been altered to give it more of a forward motion OR he has a new chest push bump move

    Assumption on Wolf's throws:
    With the changes to the throw direction system (i.e the lessening of directions for high throws), there was a chance of Wolf losing a lot of his throws. To remedy that, they've given him multiple different throw starting positions where I'm guessing more directions can be used than neutral, [4] and [6]. The positions so far are:


    I'm also of the belief that the Leg Hold position that was shown in the second video will be one as well. With these positions in mind, I reckon Wolf will have at least the same amount of throws as in R, if not more.

    If anyone has any new Wolf vids, info or speculation, post away!
  2. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    Actually i don't like the new standard throw. Not because it isn't cool, but because the old one had nice setups with the opponent back to wall. With the right distance [3][3][P]+[K] was garantee, or at least [P],[K]. The new one doesn't seem have option a part damage.
    After that Wolf damage's potential has been reduced and overpowered at the same time. Now people only have the 33% of possibility to escape his throws, but now he has less immediate options to throw the opponent. I'm curios to know if the burning hammer is still in the game as throw, or if it's returned a hit throw like it was in the Vanilla, or if it's gone forever.
  3. SDS_Overfiend1

    SDS_Overfiend1 Well-Known Member

    My assumption is that the Dragon Screw can be done from the Leg hold along with the "T-Bone" Suplex counter. Is it safe to say the he can change sides too from catch? If so maybe he has 3 more hold from that position? Calf branding has'nt be done yet but i guess its still there.

    @Right the new standard throw is cool but it should've been from headlock. The chop should've remained especially against the wall. I wonder if 5P still has its folloow up catch throw into the short arm clothesline from R.
  4. dapheenom

    dapheenom Well-Known Member

    Rough google translation from: http://www37.atwiki.jp/vfmad/pages/61.html

    N Suingunekkuburika
    4 Ekusupuroida
    06 Supainbasuta
    Catch 46 (catch-throw)
    66 Cutter (throw catch)
    624 Ascension
    Shaininguuizado 09 (throw catch)
    11 Remove
    2 Ribasutaigadoraiba
    Tiger Driver 3
    33 Taigafuroujon
    06 Mashinganchoppu wall
    64 Uorubodisuramu wall (possibly 4)

    After the Catch
    4P + G Back Throw
    NP + G push
    Change 6P + G

    After the change
    4P + G backdrop
    NP + G push
    Kafuburandingu 6P + G

    RAW P K as well as possible based system (only catch)
    P series success
    4P + G Jakkuhama
    NP + G DDT
    Farukonaro 6P + G

    K series success
    4P + G Kyapuchudobasuta
    NP + G Dragon Screw
    6P + G Elbow killing other foot

    1P + K Mouzudaunchoppu
    Quick 46P shoulder? (Formerly known as 66P + K)
    Push-66P + K (Guard break down when there was 4)
    4P + K backfist
    Middle Kick 3K + G NH collapsed (3K feeling more heavy.)
    4K + GP + G to catch
    PP6P deleted?
    9P + K to down (kind of like old-time Mouzudaunhitto)
    66K + G Janpingunipaddo
    Deddorimubu drop in K + G (upper strong)

    46K + G
  5. Ash_Kaiser

    Ash_Kaiser Marly you no good jabroni I make you humble... Bronze Supporter

    Translated Wolf Movelist

    High Throw
    [P]+[G] - Swinging Neckbreaker
    [4]+[P]+[G] - Exploder
    [6]+[P]+[G] - Spinebuster
    [4][6]+[P]+[G] - Catch (Catch Throw)
    [6][6]+[P]+[G] - Diamond Cutter (Catch Throw)
    [6][2][4]+[P]+[G] - Ascension (New Hellevator throw)
    [9]+[P]+[G] - Shining Wizard (Catch Throw)

    Low Throw
    [2]+[P]+[G] - Reverse Tiger Driver
    [3]+[P]+[G] - Tiger Driver
    [3][3]+[P]+[G] - Tiger ??

    Wall Throw
    [6]+[P]+[G] - Machine Gun Chop (Wall Throw)
    [6][4]+[P]+[G] Wall Body Slam (Wall Throw, possibly [4]+[P]+[G])

    [P]+[G] - Push
    [4]+[P]+[G] - Back Throw
    [6]+[P]+[G] - Change

    [P]+[G] - Push
    [4]+[P]+[G] - Backdrop
    [6]+[P]+[G] - Calf Branding

    RAW [P] Catch (Headlock)
    [P]+[G] - DDT
    [4]+[P]+[G] - Jakkuhama Jackhammer
    [6]+[P]+[G] - Falcon Arrow

    RAW [K] Catch (Leg Hold)
    [P]+[G] - Dragon Screw
    [4]+[P]+[G] - Captured Suplex
    [6]+[P]+[G] - Leg Sweep Elbow

    [1]+[P]+[K] - Downward Chop (?)
    [4][6]+[P] - Quick Shoulder
    [6][6]+[P]+[K] - Push Away (Guard Break)
    [4]+[P]+[K] - Backfist
    [3]+[K]+[G] - Heavy Side Kick (Crumple on NH)
    [4]+[K]+[G][P]+[G] - Toe Kick -> Catch
    [6][6]+[K]+[G] - Jumping Knee (?)

    Jumping (?)
    [9]+[P]+[K] - Jumping Downwards Chop (Forces Crouch)
    [K]+[G] - Hesitation Drop Kick (Causes Faceplant Knockdown)

    Possibly Removed Moves
    [1][1]+[P]+[K]+[G] - Pedigree
    [P][P][6]+[P] - One Two Upper Elbow
    [1][6]+[P] Dragon Knuckle Combo
    [4][6]+[K]+[G] - Front Roll Kick

    Looks like Turbo Drop is gone. Bah.
  6. EmX

    EmX Well-Known Member

    All of this looks awesome. Turbo drop was pretty dumb imo. WOW that new 3+K+G is +8 on block?
  7. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    The turbo drop had nice ring out potential, wall's combos and nice okiezeme's guessing game.
  8. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    Low throw in 2 directions only....
    There is no GS?? I can't believe it [​IMG]
  9. EmX

    EmX Well-Known Member

    Mister: I know it was useful, I just didn't care for the throw.
  10. dapheenom

    dapheenom Well-Known Member

    At 1:56 of this vid, it looks like Wolf throws immediately after forcing crouch. I thought forced crouch low throws were out. Am I missing something here?

    As far as the movelist, I wouldn't get *too* worried. It's obviously incomplete. I think they are trying to make Wolf based more around his different clinches. I know we're missing the Irish Whip command from his collar tie (front catch). It might be possible that within his clinches he has more than three escape directions.
  11. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    I always preferred F5 over Turbo Drop unless opponent was at the wall, are the F5 and Giant Swing in Final Showdown or is it not known yet?
  12. Anarkira

    Anarkira Well-Known Member

    Don't know if this has already been mentioned somewhere but I thought I should post it in this thread. I did a rising kick (playing Akira, so similiar to the trailer) and wolf did a reversal on my kick. He was then about to throw me into the ground (as the trailer) but I escaped. I think i was pressing 4p+g 6p+g but im not sure what the right command was. It's prolly a guess.
    I dont know if this goes for more of wolfs reversals or anyone elses for that matter.
  13. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Giant Swing is definitely still there (http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11251639) but haven't seen the F5 yet.
  14. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    Probably there is no PGS anymore...
  15. Ash_Kaiser

    Ash_Kaiser Marly you no good jabroni I make you humble... Bronze Supporter

    I think F5 is still there. In the Wolf/Jacky vid on Vanessa's stage, one of the escaped throws looks like the escape for that (I'm pretty sure Burning Hammer has a different escape animation).
  16. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    No, what am2 removed are the low throws from opponent's somatch crumple situation, altough in the first trailer pai did that with akira. Or at least that's what i read here in vfdc.
  17. sanjuroAKIRA

    sanjuroAKIRA Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    The gameplay changes thread says gut crumble stun can't be low thrown anymore, not gut collapse. I remembered wrong too.
  18. Seidon

    Seidon Well-Known Member Content Mgr El Blaze

    I´m really not liking the sounds of some of these changes. Not just in regards to Wolf but to the game as a whole.

    I haven´t had a chance to watch any gameplay though but it´s on my list of things to do when I get back. I definitely don´t feel as harsh about not getting a console port at the moment.
  19. Chief_Flash

    Chief_Flash Well-Known Member

    T1L ALL AR3 0N3
    wolf with 55 pt GS is LOLZ.

    guess the new threat is 33P+G, but can't ringout [​IMG]

    i am open to all the wolf changes though [​IMG]

    FS betta drop for sure
  20. Hazzerone

    Hazzerone Well-Known Member

    sounds like wolf has gotten fucked to me. yay.

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