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VF5R - Is there anywhere in Europe that have an arcade running it?

Discussion in 'General' started by Junsuina Chikara, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Junsuina Chikara

    Junsuina Chikara Well-Known Member

    Hi all. I was just curious to know if anyone knows of any arcade in Europe that have VF5R running. I talked to a arcade parts dealer last year about Sega Lindbergh hardware as I was hoping to build a Lindbergh Supergun but he said to me that Sega never sold VF5R or VF5FS on Lindbergh, the games were given to arcades on leases and that basically, once FS was released, all copies of VF5R were taken back by Sega. I know it may seem like I've already answered my own question but I just have a sliver of hope that I can get to play it as I would like to just try it out. So are there any arcades in Europe that have VF5R running?
  2. Shag

    Shag Well-Known Member

    That is your answer.

    If anybody was playing VF5R outside of Japan I'm sure VFDC would've heard about it.
  3. Superspacehero

    Superspacehero Well-Known Member

    I just tried virtua fighter 5 that was realeas on ps3 on launch day. It utterly sucked. It feels totally inferior to v5fs.The evading animation is better though, and animation while walking...
  4. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    Hello Junsuina Chikara. Do you really want the arcade version of VF5R or VF5FS? I ask this because sometimes people want arcade games until they hear the price for the game. For example, depending on where you buy your arcade games the price today (8/31) : for Tekken 6 is $1695.00, the price of VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 (Not R or FS) is $2990.31, The price for Tekken Tag 2 is $3245.00. (Note these are just prices for the games, not the price for the game and the cabinet.) For a rare game such as VF5:R or VF5:FS the price will be higher than what I than listed above.

    Also I see that you want you use an arcade version of vf5 with a supergun. While this is possible, I would not recommend it. Think about it for a second, you are going to connect your $4000 or more rare game to a supergun. If you are going to get such a game, please get a good arcade cabinet.

    I can help you find any arcade game but I need to know you are serious about it before we go down the rabbit hole.If you have the time, visit my arcade blog. I have a list of all of the arcade stores posted there along with other arcade game information. http://akihabaraarcade.blogspot.com/

    If you need help, send me a PM.
  5. cruzlink2

    cruzlink2 Well-Known Member

    I would buy VF5 R together with the rest of my crew if and when it becomes available.
  6. YOMI

    YOMI not a legendary game designer

    I'm sorry, but this just sounds like enormous bullshit. When you say a arcade game costs thousands of dollars, what you're probably meaning is the cost of the whole unit, eg. with cabinet, monitor and all, and I'm presuming those "low" four digit numbers are standard 2 player upright cabinets since H2H kits, or premiums models, which is what you usually see today with fighting games, can go up to $12k as in the case of SF4. I'm sure if one would want to procure just the game media + the hardware, the cost wouldn't be anymore than, say for a Lindbergh system (VF5R), 500-800 dollars. Sure, you're going to have to put a little bit more extra money and time to supergun the whole POS, but that's separate. But there's one glaring problem; Even if one would manage to find just the hardware and the game for a steal, most modern arcade games require an internet connection and access to a master server for verification for the whole system to work at all and that's a thing you just can't circumvent in most cases (although I know that the chinese somehow hacked SSF4AE to work with a pirate server or something and are able to use ID cards that track statistics and everything) which ultimetly makes buying something like TTT2U for home use a waste of money. Fortunetly, as far as I know the Lindbergh does work without such access, the only thing that wont work is the ID card system and thus no customizations.
  7. westtrade

    westtrade Well-Known Member

    Hello Yomi.

    The prices I listed above were for games alone without the cabinet. For example, here is the link for Tekken 6 BR at two different arcade stores. Please note that both stores clearly state what comes with the game.

    Coinupexpress - http://www.coinopexpress.com/products/pcbs/system_357/Tekken_6_:_Bloodline_Rebellion_kit_8027.html

    Arcade game sales - http://www.arcade-game-sales.com/pr...bellion-english-version-full-kit/10206-4.html

    The price for a HD arcade cabinet without any game : 2395.97

    The price for a standard arcade cabinet without any game : 1155.95

    There are many more arcade stores where a person can buy games and cabinets. What I listed above came from a quick 2 min search. I started a list of arcade stores a while ago, here is the link: http://akihabaraarcade.blogspot.com/2013/01/arcade-stores.html

    The information I listed is not ment to offend anyone. I am just listing facts. Getting into arcade games great, but I like for people to know the costs upfront before they get started.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM.

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