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VF5US is a Main Title Game for EVO Japan 2023

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Nov 6, 2022.

By akai on Nov 6, 2022 at 5:00 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC

    Last Updated November 7, 2022. The major announcement for this weekend is that Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown--known as Virtua Fighter eSports in Japan--will be a main title game at EVO Japan 2023. Not a side tournament game, but a main tournament game!

    Main Website: https://www.evojapan.gg/

    Announced at the end of Challenge Cup 1.2 Finals

    Just quickly posting it up here until I or someone else in the community have time to post more info on this.
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Nov 6, 2022.

    1. MadeManG74
      I would have been excited about this a year ago, as it stands now I feel it's too little too late.
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    2. masterpo
      What does it all mean? The next VF is coming? This is a big deal right?
      Should we get excited?????

      Nopium, I refuse to have hopium, and end up once again feeling like a
      dopium I'm not Jokium. I won't be able to copium if the next VF ends up brokium:cry:

      I will celebrate when the next VF is actually here, and it has significant single player and offline modes, and a option to turn off the hit sparks:ninja:
    3. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      finally, why they didn't joined last year?

      In any case good, and hoping it will bring new DLC for VF5US (maybe single player content too packaged on disc) and VF6 announcement.

      Or at least Fighters Megamix 2!
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    4. akai
      Updated the first post with the pertinent tweets announcing VF5US as a main title. Also was mentioned at the very end of Challenge Cup 1.2 Finals.

      Might be beneficial to use this thread as general info to help VFers planning to attend EVO Japan travel info.
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    5. akai
      Aopai longtime Pai player in Japan seems willing to make the trip easier to foreigners:

      Some early suggestions on finding hotel to stay at by those that have visited Japan:

      "I usually book with Toyoko Inn — they have an English website for reservations." - Zerochan

      "I booked through http://hotels.com last time I was there, and it was pretty painless, but some hotels didn’t get the memo of a non smoking room, that’s about it" - Setsuna
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    6. Pharmacist
      Hold up, i thought that Evo was an American thing only, that always took place in Las Vegas Nevada. Had no idea that they also had Evo in Japan.
    7. akai
      They started the Japan series in 2018-2019 I think. Then Covid happened. Evo Japan 2023 is the first since the pandemic.
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    8. Pharmacist
      Woah that's pretty cool ngl.
    9. break
      Yo, this is great !!
      Will have to start saving up for a plane ticket and housing.
      Maybe the some of the VFDC members can arrive a few days early
      And hit up the local Virtua Fighter arcades.
      That promised PC/STEAM Virtua Fighter collection is starting to look real ^_^"
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    10. Tha_FeauchA
      This is fantastic news!
    11. Jotamide
      Because Seiji Aoki (VF5US producer) didn't wanna show up to an Evo empty-handed, so you can 100% expect a big announcement!
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    12. SSfox
      Pretty nice, wonder if they plan to make an announcement for the future and next game there

      I don't think it was only UP to them (SEGA)

      Hey are you the same Pharmacist from TZ?
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    13. supergolden
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    14. JCnextinc
      I think they'll just announce VF on PC

      I'm sacred
      I'm really concerned about a Future VF6 when I see the low budget they've put on Sonic their biggest franchise :unsure:
    15. akai
      Deadlne to register is Februarty 28, 2023
      Last edited: Dec 28, 2022
    16. akai
      A while back, Zero-chan posted some advice on those traveling to Japan to attend Evo.

      Pasting the info from that full twitter thread here.

    17. Razinoff
      So this tourney has reached 200 registered participants for VF already.
      Last place among the main lineup and there will probably be a number of DQs, but still a respectable figure i think, making it one of the biggest individual VF bracket in years (?).
      And there is plenty of time left for it to get even bigger.

      For comparison, as of Dec 28 according to the start.gg page:

      VFeS : 200
      KOF XV : 210
      GBFV : 246
      MBTL : 262
      T7 : 511
      SFV : 635
      GGST : 704
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    18. Paul68kdmd
      Typo alert!
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    19. akai

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