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VF5US Version 1.04 Update

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jun 30, 2021.

By akai on Jun 30, 2021 at 11:15 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member

    Akai JC
    Seiji Aoki, producer of VF5US, posted on twitter that version 1.04 will be available at the beginning of July. This includes the requested invitation feature and various fixes to online-related issues.

    The original twitter message:

    Patch Notes for 1.04 - July 8, 2021 From Virtua Fighter JP website

    The invite feature was added for Room Match.
    ・Users can now invite a friend or a specified user from within the room.
    ・Private Slots can now be set which are available only for users who receive an invite.

    Host migration is now supported during an ongoing Tournament or League match.
    ・If the host leaves the room or is disconnected from the internet during a Tournament or League match, one of the remaining players can now take over as the host and resume the match.

    Additions and changes to Stamp display settings

    ・Ver.1.04 Stamp Setting options replace the previous options for Stamps
    1. Only While Spectating - Applies to the existing ‘Off’ option. Stamps are not displayed during one’s match.
    2. Always - Applies to the existing ‘On’ option. Stamps are displayed at all times including during one’s match
    3. While Spectating & Before/After Match Only (New) - Stamps are only displayed while spectating or before/after one’s match (during intro and victory animation); they are not displayed during the match.
    4. OFF (New) - Stamps are not displayed at all.
    ・Tips were added.
    ・When spectating, the guide buttons at the bottom of the screen will now become hidden if no input is made after a certain period of time. They will reappear if an input is made.
    ・Adjustments made to the Replay content displayed on the Main Menu.
    ・The “+1 rule” in Tournament Match now also applies to semifinals.
    ・Current version will now display on the Title Screen.

    Issue fixes
    ・Fixed an issue that was causing unintended matching to occur in Ranked Match.
    ・Fixed an unintended display issue that would sometimes occur for connection status in Ranked Match.
    ・Fixed an issue where the Genesis data was not being reflected correctly for Stage Win Rate in Player Data.
    ・[DLC] Fixed characters whose P1 and P2 versions of their VF costumes were swapped.
    ・Improved the stability of online matches.
    ・Other minor issues were fixed.

    Known Bug
    •In a normal Room Match, if the countdown ends and one player does not have their status set to OK, the other player who did have their status to OK may be removed from the next match.
    If this issue occurs, please wait until the next match begins or allow the countdown to end without either player setting their status to OK. Subsequently, the players will be able to enter a match as usual. This issue will be fixed in the game's next update.
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jun 30, 2021.

    1. Rodnutz
      I would love it if he defined ' fixes ' to online related issues because there are so many broken things.
    2. SSfox
      "The online related issue has also been fixed with this update"

    3. MadeManG74
      Invite system will be hugely appreciated and a big improvement.

      I hope they fix the match-making for ranked and the accuracy of bars, they really were in an awful state for the release.
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    4. Tha_FeauchA
      Cool. Glad to see them doing things instead of leaving the game the way it is.
    5. Futaba
      What exactly are they fixing they don't even specify. How bout give us the rest of the character costumes.
    6. JCnextinc
      I agree fix the match making rather than add PS1 hit effects..

      At least give us an option to turn off tose UGLY yellow blue (AND RED!) clouds :(

      Bring back subtle yellow flash on counter hits saliva drops and sweat effect.

      Exagerated dust on impact is cool though.

      VF or VF5 R alternative stages could be cool too. (weather changing/Fog/Snow/wind etc..)VF 5 vanilla had sometimes better stages than FS because of technical limitations.
      Breakable floor, more textures and lightening (Lau Stage for instance , the textures of the ground in Brad's stages , wet ground in Jacky's etc..)
      But they didn't bring back these cool elements and features.
      It's really like these young devs don't know and never played VF before..

      SEGA am2 used also used great tricks to bypass technical limitaions in FS like Paï's stage. Not technically impressive but very clever.
      Now Instead of the beautiful long grass in the wind with cloud shadows (Akira KUROZAWA style) we have.. a Horse an immobile horse and mongolian yurt... On a generic soil with generic short grass :meh:
      Just imagine how good this could have looked if you had respected the original idea..!
      Why Change EVERYTHING ? Why don't you just try to be close to original material with nowadays technology..?

      RGG did a good job on stages for such a short period of time. And I want to thank them.
      But I want them to never forget that AM2 was the BEST studio in the world back in the days... So pay respect to VF tradition VF's DNA rather than wanted to change everything and make it look more like Tekken or Yakuza .
    7. JCnextinc
      And if we have patches and updates like other games , I would like to see some new features and visual improvements like those other games:
      KOF 14 graphical patch SF V new stages(we just need alternative weather effects to look like VF 5 R or night and day cycle nothing crazy.)

      _Classic hair styles! if you kept THE WORST akira ridiculous hair styles (like his rigid mulet) Then we should have all exact FS same hairstyle for every characters.
      Including CLASSIC HAIR Style like Sarah's. The original , With Volume!:love:and floating side locks. (Default hair looks really bad flat and aliased.)
      And of course all items/hair/costumes from former games.

      I'd love to see classic costumes or versions closer to VF5. Sarah's shiny leather/latex looks way sexier and way better than the new one .

      All I see now is her flat ass model and her uncharisamatic face with aliased hair, Or Akira looking like a middle aged random dude. Just a cosplayer . Not the super charismatic AKIRA. Lau had his hair getting white because of aa desease but now he looks he's 80 and his skin looks like melting cheese on pizza.
      Or maybe it's just me
      But when I read "ALL Characters have to look super charismatic in a fighting game" I 100% agree.

      You want more people to play the game? Make it gorgeous again.
      Not that VF US looks bad , it looks OK but most of the faces just look bad or just look like random YAKUZA npc's
      Hey SEGA , How do you think people who never wanted to get into the game (because characters "lack charisma" blah blah) will finally play it With generic with these dragon engine NPC faces ?
      YAKUZA facial scans for more realism but galaxy explosions on hits ??o_O

      I want RGG studio to understand that VF was always the BEST LOOKING fighing game when it came out.
      Now in Twitch youtube era people get interest in Guilty gear because , in every cinematic or every super it looks great.

      Why VF shouldn't look great on each winning pose or introduction..? Like back in the days. :cry:
      Patch it please..
      We know that RGG will focus on lobbies and netplay because it is the number one request on social medias.

      But please.. RGG studio. Even KOF 14 had a graphical update. Please.
    8. SDS_Overfiend1
      What technical limitations? They just removed it. Damn you sound angry af. Calm down boss everything will be alright
    9. SSfox
      I agree with some points, for example i think Sarah can look much better, some animations are outdated too, but i don't think they should waste too much time on this on VF5US cause it will only delay the development for VF6.

      The game has a little of "outdate" on it which make sens, since it's a remaster of a 2010 game that originally is an update of a 2005 game, 2005 bro that's the year of Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur 3, Resident Evil 4, MGS3 subsistance, 1 year after GTA San Andreas, 4 years before SF4 and that game had 7 years lifespan and then came SF5 than now is on it's 5th year lifespan, it's crazy isn't it, when you see it this way it's actually quite impressive that the game still looks this solid overall.

      Imo all i want for VF5US is that they fix the messy online mode so we can actually play the game. And why not add some more customizations from VF5FS. Other than that and all your other requests is something i want for VF6, and i think it's case of pretty much everyone. And they shouldn't waste much time on those kind of stuffs in VF5US because it's not that necessary and it will only delay development of VF6.
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    10. complexz
      One update I'd like to see is a chat emote saying anything regarding connection, I'd love a way to say "Sorry the lag between us is too bad" before kicking someone from a lobby. Alot of red bar people wanna have endless rematches... feels rude to boot them but they are sucking the fun outa the room!
    11. Randy Reese
      Randy Reese
      Can we get more customize items on this game
    12. Acid
      I hope they add a way to reset position in training mode other than pressing R3. My arcade stick doesn't have an R3. I imagine many don't.
    13. Mister
      on ps4 you can remap buttons in the accessibility settings. That's how i solved it.
    14. SDS_Overfiend1
      Just hurry up with the rest of the items. Give me a player match option also and optimize the netcode better. I won’t expect anything else. Just give me that much Sega
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    15. Dark Nova Void
      Dark Nova Void
      Say that thing!
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    16. SDS_Overfiend1
      Lol For real. I fought a dude the other day… dressed exactly like me.
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    17. JCnextinc
      If you've red my older post after PS4 leaks I was the only one who just wanted a Simple port of FS because I didn't want AM2 to waste their time and energy but for VF6.

      But it's not AM2 team A it's new devs from RGG studio (Big VF brain Daichi Katagiri don't work on FV5 us, is already working on VF 6. And Maybe Katoka too.)

      There is a dedicated team working on Ultimate Showdown. It's their Job.

      And if they are not working on VF 6 I'm even more cncerned because Aoki could be in charge of VF 6
      That means those PS1 clouds hit effects and galaxy explosions could be added in VF6 after 30 years of realistic VF games.
      _That's not VF' DNA ,
      _that's not VF cutting edge technology tradition.
      _That's not VF tradition of innovation.

      Please my VF friends don't let the game you love change for ever. VF has to be the most impressive game visually technically and keep its identity..! :cry:
      New modern effect ok , but realistic (like in a Martial Art movie) and ELEGANT! VF style..!
      Not gross cartoonish and over the top like Smash tekken or other BS

      Adding Tekken hit effects is not innovation . It's going backward and spitting on the amazing job SEGA AM2 did for years.:(

      You want to appeal Tekken fans ? Read exclusiveTekken Fans comments:
      They think VF characters have no charisma
      Do they really think these new Models like Akira Sarah Goh with looking like Yakuza NPC's will bring more new comers ?

      It's a free game on PS+ and the viewers felt to 45 viewers..!
      I'm sorry but VF deserves better.

      In Twitch and streaming era visuals are important. It's not that hard to improve some faces and make them more charismatic.
      Even SNK did it with Kof XIV patch.
      They said there will be patches like season patches. DLC's.
      And you don't want to ask them anything other than lobbies netplay already in the pipes..? I don't understand.

      I think we should care more about that because it's also VF's future.
      And the game could take a direction far from what we want and closer to mainstream : Water down the game
      Balance problems with guest characters (Two left slots could be for dural and Goro Majima and his baseball bat for the buzz and to surf on the guest character trend (And to respond to request from people who even don't play the game..:cautious:)

      This letter shows that RGG is very happy with the downloads (from a free game+ massive support from influencer like Maximilian dood but 45 viewers after 2 weeks)) and think everything is perfect except lobbies and online to fix...
      Last edited: Jul 3, 2021
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    18. Stl_Tim
      Stop bringing out trash vf iterations. We have suffered enough for 10 years with your experimentations into different markets by modifying the base game mechanics to appeal to a different audience. It’s time to go back to what makes vf good and you accomplished that with vf4evo and final tuned. I hope I’m not the only one who feels this way?!
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    19. break
      Guess it will be a while before the Dead or Alive DLC gets announced.
      Would really like more in-depth tutorials and match-up data/practice.
      Training mode drills would be fun...like blocking or evading tricky combos and such.

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