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VF5US Version 1.05 Update

Discussion in 'News' started by segaduck2, Jul 15, 2021.

By segaduck2 on Jul 15, 2021 at 11:30 PM
  1. segaduck2

    segaduck2 Member

    Update file Ver.1.05 was released.
    We have fixed the battle malfunction in Room Match which was recently added. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    SEGEGA finally fixed the room issue. Enjoy !!!
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Discussion in 'News' started by segaduck2, Jul 15, 2021.

    1. akai
      Patch 1.05 has been released fixing an unexpected bug in Room Mode. Just in time for Sega's first official online tournament this coming Sunday.
      Patch 1.05 Official Update Webpage
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    2. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      lol it was sure !

      They had to release this update and to fix this bug quickly, before the first official (online) tournament in 2 days now.

      Good news, that they actually did it.
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    3. SUGATA
      Where to post this "
      Aoki san & SEGA, please, add to VF5US the SAVE REPLAY feature + ability to turn on Frame data during Replay + slow frame-by-frame FWD/BWD controls in replays = like in VF4Evo!!! This is crucial and important for cybersport analysis and for new and pro players to learn the game! "
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