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VF5US Version 1.10 Update

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Aug 25, 2021.

By Myke on Aug 25, 2021 at 5:34 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    VF5US Version 1.10 has been released which includes a new Team Battle mode, stage setting feature in Room matches, simultaneous matches for League and Tournament modes, a new color for Side Counter Hits and, oh yeah, new VFDC titles!


    Team Battle Modes:
    ss-01-ja.jpg ss-02-ja.jpg ss-03-ja.jpg

    Stage Selection in Room Settings:

    Side Counter Hits now have a Purple flash, to distinguish them from the Blue flash for a Side Normal Hit:

    Oh, and about those titles...
    VFDC Titles.jpg



Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Aug 25, 2021.

    1. Adam Gibson
      Adam Gibson
      Anybody know what those titles say in Japanese?
    2. Shensun
      Very cool.

      I'll be playing this tomorrow
    3. MakiLeSushi
      That s hype congrats vfdc
    4. Rodnutz
      Nice! Congrats VFDC! I think all VFDC members should use the new titles. What better way to represent your love for this community and the game.
    5. ToyDingo
      Pretty awesome of Sega to show some love to the VFDC community. Without this site I don't think the game would be nearly as popular as it is outside of Japan.

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    6. ChiefGutti
      Just downloaded and checked and the titles remain all in English. I have the VFesports version installed running in Japanese.
    7. wrekka
      Its unfortunate that the tournament mode wasn't added
      The VFDC titles are pretty awesome!
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    8. wrekka
      Quick translation of the updates on the virtual fighter Japanese website: please take with a grain of salt. I haven't used Japanese in a while. Really confused about what they changed for the leveling up of all characters.

      August 25, 2021, We’ve sent out update file ver.1.10.
      To play online, you will need to install this file

      ■We’ve added Team Match rules in Room Match
      - Winner stays on style team matches
      - You can do random teams, or players can choose their teams

      ■ Added the ability to run tournaments and leagues concurrently
      - There is now an on/off option in the room settings for concurrent matches; the default is set to on

      ■Added Stage Settings to Room Match
      - You can set room matches to a single-stage
      - If you set the stage to random, you can also set it so that the stance will change after every match

      ■ We’ve changed the side counter hit effect
      - We’ve changed the side counter hit color to a purplish effect

      ■Other Changes
      - In room search, you can filter rooms by passcode
      - We’ve added conditions to the leveling up of other characters once you reach a certain rank. For characters you’ve already leveled up, please change at the main menu(??)
      - We’ve changed the winning condition for league matches to round count
      - We’ve changed the room match screen UI
      - We’ve changed the side for online IDs during matches
      - During Free training mode, we’ve changed the position reset while the dummy is doing command inputs
      - We’ve added TIPS
      - We’ve added titles (VFDC!!)

      ■Other bugs
      - They fixed the bug when in room matches; when one player selects OK, and the other doesn’t, and the timer goes to zero, the player who selected OK doesn’t stay on.
      - fixed smaller bugs

      ■The regular tournament mode
      - We will release the regular tournament mode in an upcoming update
      Last edited: Aug 25, 2021
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    9. SUGATA
      More details about PATCH 1.10:


      Ver.1.10 (Updated 2021.08.25) Notification of update distribution


      On August 25, 2021, the update file Ver.1.10 has been released.
      Applying this update is required to play in online mode.

      Changes in this update

      ■ Added "Team Battle" rule in Room Match.

      ・ You can now play team battles in the form of remaining wins.
      ・ Random or arbitrary team creation is possible.

      ■ Simultaneous progress is now possible in room match tournament / league matches.

      -It is now possible to set ON / OFF for simultaneous battles from the room settings.
      The default is ON.

      ■ Stage settings have been added to Room Match.

      -You can now fix the room match stage.
      ・ If the stage is random in a room match, it is now possible to set a re-lottery for the rematch stage.

      ■ Adjusted the side counter hit effect.

      -Adjusted the side hit counter effect to a purple-based effect.

      ■ Other

      -It is now possible to filter only rooms that do not have a passcode when searching for a room.
      -Added conditions for raising the rank of other characters when reaching the specified rank.
      If there is a character that has already arrived, it will be changed in the main menu after the update.
      -Changed to calculate the goal difference by the number of rounds in the league match of room match.
      -Adjusted the UI display of the room match screen.
      -Adjusted the online ID display size during battles.
      -Added "Return to Character Select" in the pose menu of Offline Versus.
      -Changed the position reset operation during command playback recorded in free training.
      -Added TIPS.
      -Added titles.

      ■ Bug fix

      -Fixed a bug where the player who had been OK might be removed from the next match if the countdown ended without one being OK in the regular match rules of the room match.
      -Fixed other minor bugs.

      ■ About "Regular Tournament" mode

      The "Regular Tournament" mode, which was mentioned along with "Team Battle" and "Simultaneous Progress", will be supported in the next and subsequent updates.
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    10. akai
      All your sub characters will start off at Level 26 Guardian, once you hit Level 31 Assassin. I believe this is similar to when you hit Level 26. all your characters automatically becomes Level 21 Hunters.

      I believe this was intended so that advance players using sub character are not matching up against beginner/intermediate players as frequently. I remember Itsuro/Pometarou (strong Jeffry player in Japan) making this suggestion a while back.
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    11. break
      So no word on more costume or new character DLC ?
      I hope they release the Dead or Alive characters soon.
      Seems like a nice update...but would like more single player content
      Like "CPU vs" mode or something.
      Wasn't there like an arcade crawl mode back on the 360 ?
    12. lipeoutrunner
      It's nice that they are improving our online experience, but as a mostly offline player, the thing I really want is that they add all customization items from Final Showdown back. Still, I'm glad they are doing this, and the new VFDC titles are indeed awesome!
    13. akai
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    14. Futaba
      On top of missing costumes, they need to add new costumes and maybe new characters
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    15. SSfox

      Feels like VF6 developpement is happening
      Last edited: Oct 7, 2021
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    16. shad
      Nice update, really fun team battle and it's way more appealing to play multi games simultany.

      I wasn't a fan of the red spark addition but the plurple sparks hit is a nice and logical updapte to the side game experience and learning process of vf.

      Still, we got only an half update and 1 mounth has past since the trailer which is a terrible timing...

      I really hope it's not a lame way for Sega to hold a poor calendar update for next because this is bad strategy.

      As a conséquence, 0 article on evenhubs to inform about that tiny update release :/

      We absolutly need real new content that matter for the game like new original characters, original stages (with complex Walls stages containing pillars or statues for examples) or new moves to hype the game and encourage people playing the game till vf6.

      Com on Sega, even Skullgirl has revealed a new characters recently ! Step up your game Sega !
    17. SolidSonicTH
      I'd use that title but I have to admit I haven't been a regular, unfortunately.
    18. masterpo
      None of this matters much. Without one or two significant Single Player modes e.g Quest Mode, Kumite Mode, Sparring Mode, TeamBattle Mode, etc. The player base will continue to dwindle, and soon all that will be left will be a handful of hard core loyal fans:meh:
    19. beanboy
      Those updates seem interesting.
      I will admit, I was expecting a few more costume items though.

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