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VF5US Version 1.20 Update

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Sep 29, 2021.

By akai on Sep 29, 2021 at 11:39 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    VF5US is getting an update on September 30, 2021. Version 1.20 update includes the weekly Tournament mode that was originally intended to be part of the large summer update. Full patch notes from Sega's website are posted below (with some edits for clarity) for your convenience.

    Version 1.20 Update Notes
    Tournament Event (Beta) mode
    • An open tournament will be held every weekend. Currently there are three events: Saturday, 9PM JST; Sunday, 6AM JST, and Sunday 3 AM JST. The in-game Tournament Entry screen will display the times based on your local time zone. The image below displays the times in CST. Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown_20210930083320.jpg
    • Matchmaking will differ depending on the tournament type Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown_20210930083524.jpg
    • Exclusive titles and rank experience points can be obtained depending on the player’s rank
      • Rank experience points will be reflected after the tournament and in a match where rank experience points can be obtained
      • Titles obtained are effective for one (1) week Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown_20210930083702.jpg
    • A loss in a Tournament Event match will not result in changes to rank experience points
    Additional trophies
    • Trophies pertaining to Team Match and Tournament Event have been added
      • Team Match must be played to unlock Team Match trophies if the conditions for these have already been fulfilled before the update.
    Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue where selecting the Genesis stage would occasionally cause the application to crash
    • Fixed other minor issues
    Producer Letter Vol. 7 - from Seiji Aoki's Twitter Account:
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Sep 29, 2021.

    1. akai
      Went through Tricky and Shidosha's videos of their Gold Cup brackets. Shidosha's bracket only had 3 people in it, all lvl 42 or higher, but it was yellow and green amongst them. Bracket in Tricky's is more variable, but seems to have more connection differences.

      Both brackets had players that froze preventing the progression of the tournament. So it looks like the Gold Cup tournament is more buggy than the Silver Cup tournament atm.

      The description for Silver Cup was that it was intended to match players of similar skill (assumed rank)

      The description for Gold Cup was that it was intended to match players of different levels. It did not look like it did that from the two examples. it seems Gold Cup tournaments have stricter rank/skill level selection criteria.

      Either way, next week all 3 scheduled tournaments are Silver Cup tournaments. I wonder if they took out Gold Cup as it seems more buggy than Silver.

      Another factor to consider: the timing of the events likely will determine what region the player pool will be more present and the range of connection differences.
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    2. SUGATA
      Time of the tournaments is the same for all regions, I.e. they are worldwide?

      But time is written in every country hours zone , I.e. auto adapt by IP location , not by psn id’s/PS store region?
    3. Ellis
      I also wonder what timezone it gives for the time-information;
      is it already converted to my ps system timezone,
      or does one has to look up what the stated time would be in ones own clock?
    4. akai
      In-game tournament starts exactly the same time around the world. The Sega Update post list them in JST. The in-game times are already adjusted to your time zone (whatever your time zone settings are on your system).

      Hope that makes sense.
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    5. Ellis
      I think? it makes sense.

      So if im logged in to my ps4, set to europe-sweden,
      and go to the tournament mode in VF5US ingame,
      it would display the times due to my local swedish time?
    6. akai
      Correct. The tournament mode picture in the first post is showing my local time (CST) and not in JST. I should edit the first post.
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    7. break
      So...you participate to only earn a temporary title ?
      Too bad you can not unlock special customize items for your character.
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    8. akai
      The third weekend of beta tournaments. The first tournament for the weekend is the "Gold" one. For those that participating in this coming weekend tournaments, do you noticed if the ranks of participants are more closer to each other in one Cup versus the other Cup?

      "Gold Cup - Tournament to compete against opponents of varying skill level..."

      "Silver Cup - Tournament to compete against opponent close to your skill level..."

      I have only participated in the Silver Cups and the ranks seem very different in skill level. Either its a typo or the sorting done for the different cup types is maybe still bugged...

      Last weekend, 2nd Silver Cup, I waited last minute to enter the tournament and I think that might make it tougher for the system to placed you in the "appropriate" bracket. My guess is that you want to enter as early as possible to allow the system time to sort you into the best bracket as possible.

      As for the 2nd Silver Cup, by the one minute mark: 257 entered the event. If they fix the many issues with the beta tournaments. This would be a good way to meet others with good connection that you might not usually get to play with.
    9. Arjay
      Wow, I'm messing up bad. I missed out on all of this and I need to sign up for the next one.
    10. akai

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