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    UPDATED 02/04/25:
    Silver (Semi-Long) somewhat CONFIRMED.


    These are verified methods of earning most of Aoi's Items. Unlisted items have not been confirmed as of yet. If you have any contributions, please reply to this topic.

    **Default character appearances for most of Aoi's items is necessary. Do not equip any additional items other than the ones mentioned. Try not to win with Ring Outs or Time Outs unless stated. (100 streak item does not apply.)

    Also, you don't have to win the match to get an item. (ie. If you want to get the Blond (Semi-Long) hair, you can just keep getting hit by Sarah's Gatling Kick Beat until you lose. You'll get it anyway.)

    All these methods can be done in VERSUS Mode.



    Short Hair
    Win 1 match with the Small Drum equipped.

    Short Hair (Blond)
    Break 5 walls on the Temple Stage with Short Hair.

    Short Hair (Silver)
    Cause massive damage to the Temple Stage floor with Short Hair.

    Blond (Semi-Long)
    Get hit by Sarah's Gatling Kick Beat several times.

    Silver (Semi-Long)
    Well, this happened unexpectedly. I was pitting my Aoi against my Vanessa just for fun. Here were the details.
    1) Vanessa was 1P in 1P outfit (All Silver in color) Vanquisher
    2) Aoi was 2P in 2P outfit (All Silver in color) High King
    3) Both characters had no items equipped.
    4) Vanessa won an Excellent Match. Nothing spectacular. Just P,P,P,K.
    5) Aoi lost an Orb.
    6) Boom! I get this item???

    Could it possibly be that she must lose or win an excellent in her all Silver 2P outfit...Silver outfit, Silver Hair...makes some sense.
    Could it be that she must lose an Orb?
    Please, if you have an Aoi with the Silver Costume, pit her against another one of your players and have her lose an excellent victory...I still don't know what I did to get the Silver (Semi-Long) Hair.

    Ponytail (Blond)
    Win a match within 10 seconds.

    Ponytail (Silver)
    Win a match within 15 seconds.

    Japanese Ponytail
    Defeat "Cuddles" in Kumite Mode. (3rd Kyu, 1P outfit).

    Blue Kabuki Wig
    Achieve 2 consecutive Ring Out victories with the Silver Kabuki Wig equipped.

    Green Kabuki Wig
    Perform Kusei Gatotsugeri (u + K+G) for and entire round with the Silver Kabuki Wig equipped.

    Red Kabuki Wig
    Achieve 2 consecutive Excellent Victories with the Silver Kabuki Wig equipped.

    Golden Kabuki Wig
    Perform Side Throws for an entire round with the Silver Kabuki Wig equipped.

    Pink Hood
    Perform Staggering Attacks with the Small Drum equipped. One of Aoi's Staggering Moves: Kusanagi (d + K+G)

    Purple Hood
    Win 10 consecutive matches with the Pink Hood equipped. No Ring Outs.

    Red Hood
    Perform Kusei Gatotsugeri (u + K+G) for 8 rounds with the Pink Hood equipped.


    White Headband
    Win 3 consecutive matches with the Festive Headband equipped.

    Festive Headband
    Defeat "Brutal Aoi" in Kumite Mode. (4th Dan, 1P outfit).**


    Fiend Mask
    Perform Reversals frequently. You must win 1 excellent round.

    Noh Mask
    Perform only throws and get hit only by throws for a three round match.

    Demon Mask
    Perform Low Reversals frequently with the Small Drum equipped.

    Ogre Mask
    Perform Low Reversals frequently with the Demon Mask and equipped.

    Blossom Earring
    Perform Evade Attacks frequently.

    Platinum Earring
    unconfirmed...but getting close

    Wisteria Earring
    Defeat "Whiner" in Kumite Mode. (3rd Dan, 1P outfit)


    Lotus Skirt
    Perform a variety of throws for the entire round.

    Dragon Skirt
    Perform Counter Attacks frequently.

    Flower Skirt
    Perform Rentotsu Kodachi (P, P, P, K) over and over again.

    White Flower Skirt
    Perform Evade Attacks frequently. You must win 1 excellent round.

    Butterfly Skirt
    Get hit by knockdown attacks. *See AoiNote1.

    Flowing Wave Skirt
    Get hit by strike attacks. *See AoiNote1.

    Flower Bird Skirt
    Guard many combos and strike attacks. *See AoiNote2.

    Arabesque Skirt
    Guard many combos and strike attacks. *See AoiNote2.

    White Necklace
    Perform Reversals frequently.

    Golden Necklace
    Win 5 consecutive matches with the White Necklace equipped.

    Jade Beads
    Achieve 2 consecutive excellent victories.

    Deluxe Folding Fan
    Perform Evade Attacks frequently with the Ornate Folding Fan equipped.

    Ornate Folding Fan
    Defeat "Brutal Aoi" in Kumite Mode. (4th Dan, 1P outfit)**

    Short Sword (Back)
    Escape Throws frequently.

    Short Sword (Side)
    Escape Throws frequently with the Short Sword (Back) equipped.

    100 WIN ITEM (Other)

    Small Drum
    Win 100 consecutive matches.


    Cute Ribbon

    Kitty Disguise

    ORB ITEMS (Head)

    43. Silver Kabuki Wig Vision Sphere Item

    *AoiNote1: You could get both the Butterfly Skirt and the Flowing Wave Skirt at the same time. Try to get hit over and over again by Pai's Kick (K). You don't have to win.

    *AoiNote2: You could get both the Flower Bird Skirt and the Arabesque Skirt at the same time. Try guarding 15 P,P,P,K combos.

    **Kumite Mode: "Brutal Aoi" holds 2 items that you can win, but you can only gain one at a time. The first one is the Ornate Folding Fan and the second is the Festive Headband. You must beat her twice in order to get both. Also all of Aoi's Kumite Items (Wisteria Earring, Ornate Folding Fan, Festive Headband, and Japanese Ponytail) are equipped to her 1P outfit so you should be using her 2P outfit.


    Thanks to Yupa and HunterRose for the Pics which really helped a lot.


    Credits go to the following Japanese Sites:

    And the Online Translators (although I had to go through a lot to decypher the english translations).

  2. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Heh, someone likes the female characters...
    What! No Akira guide first!?! Blasphemy! /versus/images/icons/wink.gif /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif

    The real credit goes to HunterRose for taking the time to scan the pics from his white book.

    When I start new characters from now on, I'll try to keep track of which kumite opponents you can win items from. Anyone else, if you can give the kumite character name/level for a particular item listed for any of these sticky threads, please reply so that we can make the lists as complete as possible. Thanks in advance.

    I just noticed the drum and short swords this afternoon... damn, Aoi has some really neat items.
  3. American_Pai

    American_Pai Well-Known Member

    I am an Emperor with Aoi but I don't have any headbands. I haven't fought anyone lower than 10th Dan once I've gotten higher up in the ranks. Am I fucked?
  4. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    I believe I've seen another high level kumite Aoi with the white head band, so you should be able to win that from her, but I doubt you'll see that 4th dan Aoi to win the festive head band... Once I got into the lord classes, I've only seen the occasional 10th dan, with a 7-9th dan coming maybe once every 100 matches. I doubt you'll see any lower dans or kyu characters with your emperor Aoi.
  5. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    after you win all the spheres and sphere items, the game throws lower level opponents at you to give you a chance to win items you missed earlier.
  6. GalzPanic

    GalzPanic Member

    I got the short hair without the drum. IIRC I beat another Aoi with short hair...I was 2nd Dan or so. I got the short silver hair soon after. Sorry I couldn't be more descriptive!
  7. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    I can't tell you the details (it was my AI), but I got the semi-long silver hair while at 8th Dan.
  8. GaijinPunch

    GaijinPunch Well-Known Member

    Can't remember if it's silver or gold, but one of the short hairs is gotten by:
    Equipping the black Aoi Short, and destroying a lot of the floor on the Lei Fei stage.
  9. blackshadow

    blackshadow Well-Known Member

    yeh i won the white headband from some 9th 10th dan aoi i think a brutal aoi

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