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Discussion in 'Jacky' started by pana, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. pana

    pana Well-Known Member

    There are some errors in the Combo List so I've created this thread to post them,
    also to post eventual future errors.
    I also think that some combos can be replaced with better ones or simply that better ones can be added.
    Many starters are missing but I won't add them until Chibiaya says he has finished (I think this will never happen though). Also many combo are missing but I won't add them until Chibiaya says he has finished.

    Why would you write 4P+K+G P+KP or P or K isntead of SS P+KP or P or K?
    4P+K+G isn't the only way to enter in SS.

    6K > 4K+G > 6_K:G > 6_P > 7K (BOTH) on Taka
    can be replaced with (or this one can be simply added)
    6K > 4K+G > 6_K:G > 2P+K > SSS PP (BOTH) on Taka.

    6K > 6_P > 2P+K > SSS PP (BOTH) up to Jean
    can be replaced with
    6K > 6_P > 6_K:G > 2P+K > SSS PP
    for more damage.

    4P+K > 4K+G > 6_K:G > 2P+K > SSS PP (BOTH)
    works on every character, not only up to Jacky.

    4K+G > 6_P > 6_K:G > 1P+KK (OPEN)
    works up to Jeffry, not only up to Jean.
    4K+G > 6_P > 1P+KP P or K
    doesn't work on Wolf and Jeffry in (OPEN).

    SS P+KP > 66 > 2P > 6K+G > 1P+KK (BOTH)
    doesn't work. I assume that 6K+G is meant to be 6_K:G.
    In this case
    SS P+KP > 66 > 2P > 6_K:G > 1P+KK (BOTH)
    is full of errors.
    The combo works in (BOTH) against Eileen, El Blaze and Aoi only.
    Then it works in (CLOSED) only but up to Wolf, not only up to Goh.

    P+KP > 6_P > 1P+KP P or K
    doesn't work on Akira, Wolf and Jeffry in (OPEN).
    P+KP > 6_K:G > 3PPP+K
    is the combo for those characters in (OPEN).

    P+KP > 6_K:G > 1P+KPK
    works up to Wolf and Jeffry in (CLOSED), not only up to Jean.

    P+KP > 6_K:G > 2P+K > SSS PP (BOTH)
    can replace the P+KP > 6_P > ... version.

    6P+K > 6P+K > PK (BOTH)
    is useless. You have to confirm the CH in order to place the second 6P+K but why would hit-confirm the first 6P+K in 6P+K instead of 6K?
    Also, you said that this combo is a CH one but the columns are green instead of yellow.
    6P+K > 6K > ... (BOTH)
    is way better.

    3K combos on SideTurned opponent don't work. I assume that 6K+G is meant to be 6_K:G.
    In this case
    3K > 4K+G > 6_K:G > SSS PP (BOTH)
    works on every character.

    When I write up to X character I mean up to X character watching the columns, not the weight.
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  2. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    Both work on Wolf and Jeff from open (post-launch) CH and max range 6K.

    Taka-Arashi only combo:
    6K -> 4K+G -> 6_K : G -> 2P+K -> 66 -> 7K
    95 in both stances, normal hit
    (technically not Taka-only, but you get the idea)
  3. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    There is a typo in the combo list,
    SS P+KP -> 2P -> iaigeri reads in the list as
    SS P+KP -> 2P -> 6K+G

    Also, in the open stance you can finish the combo as
    SS P+KP -> 2P -> iaigeri -> 1P+KPK for 88 in normal hit for basically same characters.
  4. pana

    pana Well-Known Member

    What I've written in the first post (and what has Manji in his two ones) was referred to Aya's work
    but now
    I'm the Jacky Content Manager so everything is fixed.

    I've already started compiling the list but I haven't finished yet, when I'll finish (soon) I'd like you (everyone who can help, please) to write the combos I've missed in this thread.
    Also, if you notice any mistake tell me where it is and I'll fix it as soon as possible.
  5. pana

    pana Well-Known Member

    Ok, almost done.
    I still have to test:
    ... -> 2P+K -> 6_KG -> 7K,
    many combos with 7K as ender,
    more "advanced" ones from 4PP, 2KPP, SSS PP (Near Wall),
    Side Wall Stun caused by 6PP2K,
    more advanced ones from 1K+G (Side Wall Stun).

    If you know combos I haven't listed, share them here please.
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  6. Zekiel

    Zekiel Well-Known Member

  7. Zekiel

    Zekiel Well-Known Member

    4PP-Straight lead-6K;G-7K+G. 101 on CH heavy 4PP-Straight lead-1P+KPP-7K+G 117dmg mid-light only. 4PP-6P(Straight lead)-1P+KK-7K+G 107dmg light only. Same goes 4 2kpp and SSS PP
  8. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    Good job with the combolists Pana! (I finally checked the lists :))One thing that I noticed however about the
    CH 23P - P - 4K+G - iai - 2P+K etc combo..

    The only characters you actually NEED the evade dash cancel after 23P are Shun and Akira. The other characters it works on can be comboed with just forward dash and good timing on P. But of course, if you get the ECD part down pat, why not.
  9. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    One question, does 2P+K > 6_P > 7K work on everyone both stance? It's kind of annoying when 7K whiff....

    I also wonder is it an updated version on JACKY's combo? Or should I check all the combo threads??

  10. pana

    pana Well-Known Member

    Nonono, you don't have to... Just check the official VFDC's list. =)

    And yes, 2P+K (not the one in 4P+K combo) -> 6_P -> 7K works on everyone as the list says.
    Why did you asked, have you found situations where it doesn't?
  11. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    7K whiff occasionally even when I play offline, and I thought it's stance restricted. Anyway I'll pay more attention now to see if I have difficulty to connect these "simple" two moves.

    It's much easier to just check the official combo lists, thanks. :)
  12. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    You might have to delay pressing P slightly, so that Jacky slides a bit forward when doing 6_P, but I agree with Pana, there is a way to make it connect on everyone including Taka.
  13. Daveh98

    Daveh98 Member

    I'm new to VF5:FS and brand new to the site. Sadly, I picked up the game over a year after launch on PS3. I've been playing the best players (and notorious ones like BBS) and have gotten a lot better very quickly because it's the competitive players mostly playing online now. Fortunately I pick up fighting games pretty well and am about 1/2 way through hunter ranking (yes that's low but it's harder to rank up with the players playing now)!

    Can someone kindly help this noob understand the terms "6K" "7K" etc. I am not understanding the combo language. Thanks in advance and this is a great site and a great game. It's the most balanced and fun fighting game for me.
  14. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    Go to here http://virtuafighter.com/wiki/controls/ it explains it.
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  15. Daveh98

    Daveh98 Member

    Thank you so much for the link and not completely flaming me:) This helped with everything.
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  16. Jacky22

    Jacky22 Active Member

    Great Combo List, however, one of Jacky most important tools is missing:

    if [6][P] whiffs, is blocked or evaded, and the followup [K] Middle Smash Sword hits for a Counter Hit, then a small combo is possible, at least [9][K] for heavy guys, and [2][P][4][K][K][K] for the Rest.

    [6][P] is great, but this small combo makes it even more dangerous
  17. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    Well, the combo potential is true, but considering how risky 6P(block)K is, and that the followup combo needs pretty exact oneframekill to not be techable, I would call this is a far cry from Jackys "most important tool". However, good to know.
  18. Hazzerone

    Hazzerone Well-Known Member

    All combos tested on Jean.

    Opponents back to wall.

    NH [4][K][+][G]

    [P], [7][K] (wall slump), dash up, [2][P], [7][K] 82pts (closed stance)

    [P], [3][P][P][P] (wall float), [7][K] 88pts (open stance)

    Also possible is [P], [3][P][P][P][+][K] (wall slump), [6_][K][G], [7][K] for also 88pts in open stance, but does not seem worthwhile since it appears the iageri must be buffered to come out on the first frame otherwise [7][K] will whiff.

    NH [P][+][K][K] (wall hit stagger, open stance) (these combos are guaranteed and cannot be stagger escaped)

    SS [P], [6][6][K], [6_][K][G] (or [6_][K]), [4][K][+][G], [3][P][P][P][+][K] (wall slump), [6_][K][G], [7][K] 157pts. Note: adding a 2nd iageri after [6][6][K] still makes the combo do 157pts of damage despite including an extra iageri! Also, adding a [P] before the first iageri reduces combo damage to 155pts.

    SS [P]. [6][6][K], [6_][K][G], [6_][K][G], [4][K][+][G], [7][K] (wall slump), dash up, [2][P], [7][K] 163pts

    SS [P][+][K][P], [6_][K][G] (or [6_][K]), [4][K][+][G], [3][P][P][+][K] (wall slump) [6_][K][G], [7][K] 147pts (I believe there may be more damage possible from SS [P][+][K][P] starter).

    Note on SS [P][+][K][P] combo: the [3][P][P][P][+][K] seems temperamental if it decides to wall slump or not. Also the SS [P][+][K][P] will either do a very high wall float or a low one depending on your timing. You want the high one.

    The [P][+][K][K] wall hit stagger is only producing a wall hit in open stance when opponent's back is directly in line with the wall.

    NH [P][+][K][K] (wall hit stagger, closed stance)

    SS [P], [6][6][K], [6_][K][G], [6_][K][G], [4][K][+][G], [3][P][P][P][+][K] (wall slump), [P], [7][K] 155pts.

    It seems as though it is essential to do a crouch dash towards Jean in closed stance when you set the position to opponent's back at edge of the ring. Either 1 or 2 crouch dashes are sufficient to get the wall hit stagger but the success rate seems very low at roughly 20%, in comparison to the 100% success of it being in open stance where a dash is not even required.

    Notes on closed stance combos: If [7][K] for a wall slump is attempted after [4][K][+][G] in closed stance it seems as though both dash up [2][P], [7][K] and dash up [9][K] are both techable.

    Sometimes it seems as though [3][P][P][P][+][K] will not cause a wall slump after using 2 iageri after the [6][6]:K;. Iageri [7][K] seems to whiff after the wall slump.

    NH [P][+][K][K] (wall hit stagger on Taka, open stance)

    SS [P], [6][6][K], [6_][K][G], [6_][K][G], [4][K][+][G], [7][K] (wall slump) dash up, [9][K] 159pts. (dash up [2][P], [7][K] does not work on Taka as the [7][K] is techable).

    SS [P], [6][6][K], [6_][K][G], [4][K][+][G], [3][P][P][P][+][K], (wall slump) [P], [7][K] 155pts (using iageri instead of [P] makes the [7][K] become techable).
    Note: If 2 iageri is used after the [6][6][K] wall splat, the [3][P][P][P][+][K] will not produce a wall slump.

    Notes on Taka: lazy [6_][K] in the combos cannot be used like for Jean, they must be iageri or the combos will whiff.

    NH [P][+][K][K] (wall ht stagger on Taka, closed stance)

    SS [P], [6][6][K], [6_][K][G],[4][K][+][G], [7][K] (wall slump) dash forward [9][K] 153pts.
    SS [P], [6][6][K], [6_][K][G], [4][K][+][G], [3][P][P][P][+][K] (wall slump) [P], [7][K] 155pts.

    Taka seems easier to get a wall hit stagger on in closed stance than Jean. The success rate after 2 crouch dashes seems to be something like 80% compared to Jean's 20%.

    Notes on wall hit stagger Taka closed stance:

    2 iageri after [6][6][K] not possible as [4][K][+][G] will not bounce. Still unable to do dash up [2][P], [7][K] after [7][K] wall slump. [6_][K][G], [7][K] still techable after [3][P][P][P][+][K] wall slump so [P], [7][K] is the max damage.
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