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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Feb 4, 2002.

By Myke on Feb 4, 2002 at 5:48 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    I'm pleased to (finally) announce the opening of the following sections on VFDC:

    <ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Media</font color=orange> - an index to VF media sites
    [*]<font color=orange>Events</font color=orange> - an archive of past, present and future VF related events
    [*]<font color=orange>IRC</font color=orange> - information on how to chat with other VFers
    [*]<font color=orange>Links</font color=orange> - an index to VF related and various other sites
    [*]<font color=orange>About Us</font color=orange> - just in case you don't know what the site is about
    Comments, suggestions and feedback are welcomed. If you run a VF site, let me know so I can put it in the Links section.


Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Feb 4, 2002.

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