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VFR Beat Tribe Cup Chronology

Discussion in 'General' started by Modelah, Nov 19, 2014.

By Modelah on Nov 19, 2014 at 1:42 PM
  1. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    A look back to the past 19 years of Athena and Beat-Tribe Cups organized by VFR. A nice review before the 15th Beat-Tribe Cup event coming up this weekend!
    The pinnacle of Virtua Fighter 5 on 5 competition that gave rise to many legends
    Link to original page (Japanese)
    MVP & Best Bout taken from VFR's BT Cup site

    Over the years the BT Cup has grown to be a spectacular event that boasts live streams and a food court, but the tournament originally known as the Athena Cup and had rather humble beginnings as a small scale, feel-at-home competition.

    Gamespot Athena Machida was a roughly 30 square meter underground game center. Word of the first Athena Cup’s success quickly spread, and after years of steady growth has now become a major event that sees well over 600 people each year.

    It should be noted that the birthplace of the Athena Cup was Gamespot Athena Machida, and when the arcades’ name changed to Beat Tribe the following Athena Cup events were also renamed as Beat Tribe Cup tournaments.

    The Athena / BT Cup has seen countless dramas unfold and legends born, but what kind of evolution did it go through to become what it is now? Let’s look back at this remarkable event.

    Click here for an interview with Isamu Yamagishi, the organizer of the Beat Tribe Cup​

    Athena Cup Chronology

    1st Athena Cup: 12/03/1994, 9 teams

    Winner: Gamest Team
    (Kyasao, K.K. Yukikaze, Takeshi GYU)

    MVP: Kyasao Best Bout: Kyasao (KA) vs. Tana (LA) (8:17)

    This event featured VF2, and the teams were comprised mainly of players who lived near the game center. The tournament was played round-robin style, resulting in marathon battles. Singles tournaments were held 2 days later, and Kyasao was eliminated by Tana in the first round of preliminaries. Chekkori went on to win the singles event.


    2nd Athena Cup: 03/21/1995, 32 teams

    Winner: All-Japan Team
    (Kashiwa Jeffry, Deshi Sarah, Ikebukuro Sarah)

    MVP: Kashiwa Jeffry Best Bout: Kashiwa Jeffry (JE) vs. Kyasao (KA) (7:09)​

    Following the success of the previous years’ Athena Cup, 5 Sega Tetsujin Players including Bunbun Maru and Kashiwa Jeffry participate. The tournament culminated in an epic clash between Machida and Shinjuku players resulting in an event that would be remembered for years to come.


    3rd Athena Cup: 06/25/1995, 48 teams

    Winner: Kakatte-Koi~zu
    (Kyasao, Sho Kosugi, Masa’ani)

    MVP: Masa’ani Best Bout: BunBun Maru (WO) vs. Daimon Lau (LA) (10:25)

    Led by Daimon Lau, a corps of Kyoto area players joined the event, further evidence of the event’s popularity outside of Tokyo. This event was the battleground for one of VF’s best bouts; the epic showdown between Bunbun Maru and Daimon Lau.


    4th Athena Cup: 11/22~23/1995, 80 teams

    Winner: 2.1 Emon
    (Meidaimae Chakkii, Binbou Lau, Shakin Akira)

    MVP: Meidaimae Chakkii Best Bout: Kyasao (LA) vs. ZAN’ani (AK) (9:00)

    The number of teams increased drastically for this event. The first qualifying round took place at Gamespot Athena Machida, the second and final rounds were held at a live music venue in Roppongi. The event lasted 2 days.


    5th Athena Cup: 03/21/1996, 36 teams

    Winner: Meidaimae Daihyō
    (Meidaimae Chakkii, Binbou Lau, Shakin Akira, Meidaimae Wolfy, Meidaimae Kage)

    MVP: Meidaimae Wolfy Best Bout: Ōsu Akira (AK) vs. Dageki-man (AK) (8:10)

    This was the first 5 on 5 tournament, and also the first where the teams were divided into areas of origin. It would also be the last VF2 event, and the version played was VF2.1. There was a strong Kansai contingent that included players from Kyoto and Osaka, as well as others from Gifu and Nagoya. The event was an intense showdown between Tokyo and Kansai players.


    6th Athena Cup: 11/17/1996, 56 teams

    Winner: Yūshō-wa AtariMaeda~zu
    (Kashiwa Jeffry, Chibita, Maeda Akira)

    MVP: Chibita Best Bout: Jakage-Maru (KA) vs. Kyasao (KA) (2:45)

    The first Athena Cup to feature VF3, with its vast differences including the all-new escape button and stage undulation. Players seemed to divide themselves into old-school VF2 fans and new VF3 fans.

    7th Athena Cup: 03/16/1997, 92 teams

    Winner: The Gigolos
    (Kashiwa Jeffry, Koiwa Sarah, Styley)

    MVP: Koiwa Sarah Best Bout: Kashiwa Jeffry (JE) vs. Shinsekai Lau (LA) (0:22)

    Players from as far as Hokkaido came to the tournament this year. The event was held at Athena Games Square Ishikawa to celebrate its opening, and the larger floor space solved the problem of overcrowding. A highlight of the tournament was Kashiwa Jeffry’s amazing ringout victory 5 seconds into the last round of his semi-final match.


    8th Athena Cup: 06/22/1997, 60 teams

    Winner: Oume Shinrikyō
    (Segal, Mask-Do-Hijitetsu, Biisan Akira, Jakage-Maru, Dragon Jiji)

    MVP: Mask-Do-Hijitetsu Best Bout: Mask-Do-Hijitetsu (JA) vs. Bimbou Lau (LA) (8:50)

    Yanaga Sarah, the champion of the Morinaga Angel Cup brought players from his home region of Kyūshū. Players from the Tōhoku region also participated, making this the first inter-regional tournament for VF3 at the BT Cup. From this event forward, the tournament kept its 5 on 5 format.

    9th Athena Cup: 11/02~03/1997, 84 teams

    Winner: Yūshō-wa AtariMaeda~zu
    (Kashiwa Jeffry, Koiwa Sarah, Maeda Akira, Tower Akira, Astro)

    MVP: Kashiwa Jeffry Best Bout: Kashiwa Jeffry (JE) vs. Kage-kun (KA) (6:35)

    VF3tb had already been released, but strong fan demand saw VF3 being featured in this event. In a change from previous tournaments, regulations on team organization were relaxed so teams could field the same character if wanted. Actual match rules were also relaxed to the point of ‘anything goes’. The event was held at Gamespot Athena Machida and ran for 2 days.


    10th Athena Cup: 12/23/1997, 78 teams

    Winner: Susukino Team
    (Koarashi Mon Ichirō, Koarashi Mon Jirō, Saraman Uruo, Aoi Senkō-no Hide, Susukino Lau)

    MVP: Koarashi Mon Jirō Best Bout: Chibita (LA) vs. Koiwa Sarah (SA) (7:17)

    The 10th tournament was the first to feature VF3tb. The event was held at the flashy live music venue Club GIO in Ichikawa, Chiba prefecture. Teams from 7 regions around Japan participated, leading to a true inter-regional competition once again. The level of play from other regions of Japan really put the skills of the Tokyo hosts to the test.


    11th Athena Cup: 08/23/1998, 93 teams

    Winner: Inba Rengō
    (Sam, Yotsukaidō Rasa, Jin-J, Holstein W, Dan’na)

    MVP: Sam Best Bout: Sam (JA) vs. Hana Lau (LA) (2:32)

    This event marked the first time a team from outside Tokyo won the tournament, with Inba Rengō from Chiba taking the honors. The event was held at the Piaza Hall in Matsudo Chiba, and the tournament logo was projected on a huge screen in front of the local station.


    12th Athena Cup: 05/02/1999, 87 teams

    Winner: Fuchin-kan Segāru
    (Yami Yodare, Shibuya J, Muscle Sarah,Mask-Do-Hidetetsu, Segāru)

    MVP: Yami Yodare Best Bout: unannounced

    Held at Club GIO in Ichikawa, this would be the final Athena Cup before the tournament was renamed as the Beat Tribe Cup. The level of play had improved dramatically, with Kage players Yami Yodare and Nyan’Ani stealing the show on several occasions. This event was the first time players could choose what stage they wanted to play on.

    Beat Tribe Cup Chronology

    1st Beat Tribe Cup: 01/16/2000, 73 teams

    Winner: Kanisupo Kizoku
    (Yami Yodare, Shibuya J, Muscle Sarah, OyaMaster, Susukino Lau)

    MVP: OyaMaster Best Bout: Odapan Jeffry (JE) vs. Kokuō (KA)

    Honoring the legacy of the Athena Cup, the first BT Cup was held at Ichikawa’s Club GIO. Kitanara Sentai Goripon V rose to the finals with team member Dokugasu Ōji valiantly battling his way to the final match of the tournament only to lose to the previous year’s champion, Yami Yodare.


    2nd Beat Tribe Cup: 10/01/2000, 68 teams

    Winner: W Sensei
    (Yami Yodare, Shibuya J, Tokyo Megane, Maldives, A. Inoshishi Fī)

    MVP: Chibita / Yami Yodare Best Bout: Chibita (LI) vs. Yami Yodare (KA) (11:41)

    The dream match between 2 of the best players at the time, Chibita and Yami Yodare, was finally realized at the final round of this BT Cup and was so epic it is still talked about today. Yami Yodare and Shibuya J became the first players to win the tournament 3 times in a row.


    3rd Beat Tribe Cup: 07/29/2001, 64 teams

    Winner: Giant Swing Forever
    (Segāru, Mask-Do-Hidetesu, Hainin, The Guerilla, Yūki-kun)

    MVP: Hainin Best Bout: Chibita (LI) vs. Kurita (TA) (5:55)

    The final tournament to feature VF3tb. The final match was a tense showdown between Mask-Do-Hidetetsu and Ani’Aki, and the game loved by many players over the past 4 years was given a grand farewell in the best possible fashion.


    4th Beat Tribe Cup: 05/05/2002,112 teams

    Winner: Shizuoka Ocha-no Kai
    (Mukkī Akira, Hakusshon Lau Maō, Gorō Nisen-sai,Gamecentre Arashi, Hana-hi)

    MVP: Mukkī Akira Best Bout: Mukkī Akira vs. Koryū

    The first BT Cup to feature VF4. The event was held at Differ Ariake and attracted over 1000 people, the largest number in the events history. People who had played since the VF2 and VF3 tournaments, along with new VF4 entrants, made for a fierce competition amongst the VF community.


    5th Beat Tribe Cup: 05/05/2003, 181 teams

    Winner: Taiko-beya
    (Nada-ryū Gō, Ōsu Akira, Dai-Ginga, Yōrō-Kage, Ichirō Dai)

    MVP: Dai-Ginga Best Bout: Dai-Ginga vs. Armadillo Otōto

    Moving on from VF4, this event featured VF4EVO, and the number of teams reached a record breaking 181. Bold teams of 2D gamers including the likes of Tokido-ya Nuki took on some of the well-established BT teams and won, giving this particular event the feeling that a new generation of competition had well and truly arrived.


    6th Beat Tribe Cup: 03/21/2004, 173 teams

    Winner: Taiko-beya
    (Nada-ryū Gō, Ōsu Akira, Dai-Ginga, Yōrō-Kage, Chō-Minami Akira)

    MVP: Yōrō-Kage Best Bout: Yōrō-Kage vs. Hainin

    A team from Korea, led by ShinZ, was invited to the tournament. ShinZ participated in a wild card match and although he lost to Chibita in the finals, made a strong impression on many players. Following the Meidaimae team, Taiko-beya becomes the second team to win 2 tournaments back to back.


    7th Beat Tribe Cup: 02/13/2006, 168 teams

    Winner: Daibutsu Punch
    (Jin, Kōfu Megane, Punch the Senpū, Koedo, Itoshun)

    MVP: Koedo Best Bout: Itabashi Zangief vs. Koedo

    This was the first event to feature VF4FT. A new generation of VF players including Jin and Koedo left their mark on BT Cup’s championship history. The end of an era for 2 Tōkai area teams seemed imminent, with an influx of promising new talent.


    8th Beat Tribe Cup: 02/12/2007, 180 teams

    Winner: Free Soul
    (Sen’ningiri, Mask-Do-Hidetesu, Minmi, Himagami, Ed)

    MVP: Sen’ningiri Best Bout: Sen’ningiri vs. Itoshun

    This event marked the last appearance for a VF4 series game, and also the 20th tournament combing the Athena and BT Cups. The epic struggle between Kage players Jin, Koedo and Sen’ningiri was reminiscent of a VF3tb tournament.


    9th Beat Tribe Cup: 05/03/2008, ??? teams

    Winner: Monte Go-shasei
    (Fuumin, Jaga, Anaguma, Shizuru, Gigusu)

    MVP: ??? Best Bout: ???

    The First BT Cup to feature VF5, the first release of a new game in the seriesfor5 years. Many players were unaccustomed to new characters El Blaze and Eileen, and the new offensive/defensive move maneuvers. A team from the Kansai area posted their first victory as tournament champions.


    10th Beat Tribe Cup: 05/02/2009, 142 teams

    Winner: Daibutsu Punch
    (Jin, Kōfu Megane, Punch the Senpū, Koedo, Itoshun)

    MVP: ??? Best Bout: ???

    This event revolved around VF5R, with new character Jean and returning VF3 character Taka. Daibutsu Punch won their second BT Cup, with Koedo using Jean as his new main throughout the tournament.


    11th Beat Tribe Cup: 07/18/2010, 145 teams

    Winner: Itabashi Newton
    (Itabashi Zangief, Kamaage, Kissa, Paburusu, Zettman)

    MVP: ??? Best Bout: ???

    After many years of holding the event at Differ Ariake, the tournament moved to Newton Leisureland in Chiba. At this event attendees could rent karaoke rooms at the venue during the tournament.


    12th Beat Tribe Cup: 10/09/2011, 141 teams

    Winner: Meimon Ekoda
    (Shironuko, Kazubō, Nidaime Ekodāman, Dragonwolf, Aopai)

    MVP: ??? Best Bout: ???

    The first BT Cup to feature VF5FS. The venue was Tokyo Leisureland Pallet. In line with streaming, play-by-play commentaries accompany the matches. In addition, the winning team was awarded with the special title of ‘Gokoshō’ (5 Tiger Generals) by Sega.


    13th Beat Tribe Cup: 10/07/2012, 144 teams

    Winner: Team Laser
    (Fuudo, Paiderman, Gorgeous Eileen, Mask-Do-Hijitetsu, Magnum)

    MVP: ??? Best Bout: ???

    A team led by pro-gamer Fuudo won the tournament. VF5FS cabinets had started to be withdrawn from arcades, and at one point the tournament was in danger of being cancelled.


    14th Beat Tribe Cup: 10/13/2013

    Winner: Family Gyoza Go-nin Mae
    (Kozou, Mukku, Keisuta, Puuta, Kanzen Nitaku)

    MVP: ??? Best Bout: ???

    This event celebrated the 20th anniversary of VF. The number of players using Taka was particularly high in this tournament, a character also used by 2 members of the winning team, Kozou and Mukku. From this tournament NicoNico became the official stream broadcaster of the tournament.​
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Discussion in 'General' started by Modelah, Nov 19, 2014.

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