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    i vaugly remember reading things about:
    in japan,
    1. a guy getting so hooked on vf he starts to go there every day on his lunch break, and comes back late, eventually not going to work at all, just to play vf. eventually losing his job.

    2. 'gangs' of people pooling their money together in order to buy their own arcade machine and playing it?

    3. people stealing etc in order to get money to play.

    4. some guy in japan or korea playing an rpg so much he stopped eating (to go on long binges of playing) and eventually died. this was in some newspaper.

    does anyone know what im talking about/have more stories on this kinda stuff?
    do they do this for other games over there or just vf?
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    It's pretty crazy. I remember reading that the VF2 Sarah Tetsujin - Shinjuku (sp?) Sarah - had his wife and daughter leave him and eventually divorce because of his obsession. I think he also lost his job. Completely, imo, psycho. You need serious help if VF interferes that much with your life.

    Interestingly, a while back on Blast City there was a thread premised on "Would you rather make out with your girlfriend or play games?!" I don't have to write what the overwhelming majority responded with. The guy who started the thread was likely feeling a little sheepish for posing such a retarded question. ;)


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    When some Japanese guy purchased the last local copy of Super Nintendo Zelda his jealous neighbour burned his house down

    I'm just waiting for my sister
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    Re: Psychotic

    The guy in korea who died was playing Starcraft.


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