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Virtua Fighter 3 will be playable on Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Discussion in 'General' started by celsowm, Sep 20, 2023.

By celsowm on Sep 20, 2023 at 9:54 AM
  1. celsowm

    celsowm Well-Known Member


Discussion in 'General' started by celsowm, Sep 20, 2023.

    1. Thesch28
      I would've preferred a standalone release with online on all platforms but this is still pretty cool, I'm glad more people will get to experience the arcade version of VF3tb.

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    2. celsowm
      WOW VF3 TB version !!!
    3. Thesch28
      Image comparison Between the Model 3 version and Dreamcast version, in case anyone thinks the footage from Like a Dragon 8 wasn't the Model 3 version.
    4. beanboy
      I agree. That would have been way better.
    5. JCnextinc
      I don't think it's agood Idea to put VF3 for a mainstream game like Yakuza

      Casuals make jokes and find the game ugly it's like RGG studio doesn't understand.
      VF3 was atechnical prowess , a model 3 marvel for us connoisseurs.
      But it didn't aged well.

      Ryu Ga Gotoku , is (again ) messing up with VF series in my opinion

      Make a standalone , a remake , a compilation.
      A fighter megamix 2 with the same uneven stages!
      But please show some respect for the franchise :zzz:

      How a raw version (without online , without content , witout any graphical improvement) would improve VF popularity..?
      I don't like what's RGG is doing right now.
    6. Thesch28
      I mean, they need some mini games, why not VF3tb? at least it's the arcade version, "messing up with VF" you got the Dreamcast port of VF3tb for that type of experience.
      I'm just happy more people will get to see the arcade version.

      A standalone port on pc with good online would be ideal but this is VF, you can't ask for much.
      Namco doesn't even re-release old Tekken games in any way shape of form, why would SEGA care more? from a business standpoint of course.
    7. JCnextinc
      With model 3 arcade version You made a point.
      I'll give you that.

      But again , it's a good thing only for us and SEGA nerds.
      Mainstream won't like it.
      Have you seen how people make fun of this game when they see it?

      I love it.
      I would love to see uneven stages in some form of shape in another game.
      (Like back in the days when AM2 made Fighter Megamix with Virtua Cop female character who had Aoï moves..! ( so we had a game for chrismas ):)Remebemer?
      But Yakuza fans are not the target in my opinion

      They could add an online feature to make the game more appealing.
      Why they don't..?
      Because they don't care for the franchise like OG AM2 would.
      Last edited: Nov 9, 2023
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    8. Hobo-Jho
      It would've been better if they placed all arcade versions of the franchise in ultimate showdown. I really wish we got at least one last update of some decent content.
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