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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Aug 20, 2001.

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    Just a quick update.
    From around yesterday, in japan, the new version VF 4.1 has been released.
    The changed areas are ;
    1. Jacky's follow-up ppp attack after beat-knuckle combo is no more possible. By last K, an opponent is plunged right into the ground.
    2. All characters have got a few more new attacks in addition to the old version.
    3. Kage's 1K is weakened.
    4. AKira's 466P+K+G changed to 4P+K+G.
    5. Akira got stronger with new triple combo. I don't know exactly.
    6. If you keep pushing START+P+K when challenging, VF1 polygon characters will appear... Of course, the commands are VF4's. Kind of SEGA's sense of humour?? Thank god they didn't do VF Kids with that cheat code.

    and quite many other misc. changes there.
    Sorry, check it out for yourself for more info if anybody can read japanese.

    source :
  2. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    Yes!! Akira gets stronger, and we get VF1 poly models in the game?! I am sooooo stoked about these changes and the fact that beat-knuckle is toned down!

  3. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

    thats so fricking cool!


    <font color=red>nAndato</font color=red>
  4. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    List of changes from VF4 ver.A to ver.B. All translation errors or oversights are mine.

    When you put in your datacard into a ver.B machine, the card can no longer be used with ver.A machines.
    Start+P+K at challenge screen gives you VF1 models.

    b,f+P+K+G (new skill)
    df+P+K+G ~ P (new skill, 2 hit)
    b,f,f+P+K+G has been simplified to b+P+K+G (command modification)
    Something about being able to follow up b+P+K+G inashi with short shoulder... (unsure)

    Elbow-knee float is lower.
    Knee float is lower.
    db+K float is lower.
    From flamingo stance, f+K+G (new skill).
    uf+P+G catch throw damage decreased.
    Something else about the P+K low punch inashi from flamingo stance (shake a leg, baby!) being modified... (unsure)

    P+K,P,K no longer floats enough for PPP followup.
    P+K,P still floats enough for PPE followup against light characters, or PPd+K against medium characters.
    Pd+K no longer knocks down.
    Knee and df,df+P uppercut float potential increased.

    db+K can be interrupted by low P from enemy. (something else about db+K that I'm not sure about)
    (Sigh, Kage doesn't need to be toned down further! /versus/images/icons/mad.gif)

    If elbow palm connects, opponent stun time is extended (?)

    db+K+G no longer knocks down unless MC. (boo!)
    b,d+P+G ST is easier to struggle out of.
    (Bleh, just when I was started to like Pai)

    Uppercut (FC,df+P) (mC) to throw harder to connect.
    Easier to connect with the throw portion of b+K+G, P+G (I could only get this to work 30% of the time in VF4 test)
    Opponent can interrupt f,f+P clothesline with high punch.

    Uppercut (df+P) (mC) to throw harder to connect.
    f,f+P,P (mC)to throw harder to connect.
    P+K+G, K reach is shorter.
    b,f+K doesn't float as much.
    K+G command is now b,f+K+G
    d+K+G followed by u+K+G damage toned down.
    Knee (MC) float higher.
    df+K followup to XPD (df,df+P+G) no longer guaranteed
    b+P+G throw now does damage even if opponent quickrises from the fall (damn! that means the test version allows you to escape damage from Jeffrey's b+P+G by quickrising! I should go try this out at SVGL)
    Some other stuff that I'm not sure how to translate...

    Drinking is now P+K+G (formerly u+P+K+G)
    P+G nets you 4 drinks instead of 5.
    d+P+K,K,K is now d+K+G,K,K
    b+P+K+G now allows you to drink
    Dodge attack (d,n+P+K+G or u,n+P+K+G now has P+K+G ~ PPK followup)
    Some other stuff that I'm not as familiar with (I'm not a Shun player...)

    PPP no longer knocks down
    PPd+P does knock down.
    db+P+K no longer knocks down
    df+P followup to P+G no longer guaranteed
    f,f+P+K becomes b,f+P+K

    Pounce recovery shortened (?)
    f+P+K stagger window shortened (?)

    Lei Fei
    df+P+G throw changed (not sure how, since the command input for VF4 test is different)
    QCF+P is now QCF+P+F.
    uf+K+G (which is uf+K in VF4 test) has longer recovery time if guarded (so you can't abuse uf+K+G~PPP like Heruru does in the final.mpeg movie).

    d+K+G no longer knocks down, even on counter.
    f+K+G no longer breaks guard of standing defender.
    (hehe, I don't even know what Vanessa's like right now, so... whatever /versus/images/icons/wink.gif)
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for all the follow up details, FeixaQ .
  6. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    No problems, er... Anonymous. /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif
  7. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    i'll bet money we'll see more revisions soon. but at least sega does a good job of testing, listening to players and making changes quickly - in japan, at least.

    btw in the movies jacky was doing P+K,P,K, PPu+P, which does a good chunk more than PPP. jacky could also do PPK on lighter characters, for ~80+ points. wasn't that nifty?

    my sig won't apply anymore, but i can be happy about that.

    my only gripe about vf4 is the lack of stop animations. it was purely aesthetic in vf3tb, and not having them in vf4, where they have taken efforts to make the game look so good, looks so incongruous, so out of place - *SWOOSH!* limbs passing through limbs with glee!! - so damn ugly. TR's look..odd, too.

  8. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Damn, that's a lot of changes.
  9. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member


    Hey, the man does have a sense of humor after all!

    I was waiting for someone to point that out. It's gonna sound strange, but "BK Jacky" (i.e. a play on Burger King Jacky and his beatknuckle) would be a cool ring a pseudo-underground-Japanese kind of way I guess.

    I'd consider the nick if I played Jacky and used his BK a lot.
  10. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    VF1 fighters? cool, Laus faces looks fantasic in the first instalment(those eyebrows,that voice:"hehehehehe")....
    What about VF 4.2,4.3......Let's hope that Taka comes just have to love sumo :D
  11. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    credit goes to creed for those lines...
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you for posting this.
    uf+K+G has longer recovery time huh? This hurts a lot for Lei
    user like me since I use it often. This was one of the most
    useful Lei move... this IS a bad news for me!

    >QCF+P is now QCF+P+F.

    Do you mean QCF+P+K???

    Please let me know where you found this???

    Lei Fei
    df+P+G throw changed (not sure how, since the command input for VF4 test is different)
    QCF+P is now QCF+P+F.
    uf+K+G (which is uf+K in VF4 test) has longer recovery time if guarded (so you can't abuse uf+K+G~PPP like Heruru does in the final.mpeg movie).
  13. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Rich refuses to take credit for having a sense of humor, how hardcore is that?!

    CreeD: Man, me and my girlfriend had a big fight yesterday.
    Mr. Bungle: Slap the dumb slut!
    CreeD: ......
    Mr. Bungle: LOL

    (the above transcript is fictional and may not be reproducted, retransmitted, or rebroadcast without the express written consent of the NBA)

    <font color=blue>CreeD</font color=blue>
  14. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    So does the VF1 model code work with Lion, Shun, Aoi, Lei-Fei or Vanessa? I would've like to have seen Taka as VF1 model, heheh.

    Wha, they changed Pai's d/b+KG sweep? I guess it could get a bit abusive due to its speed, I would guess that's the reason they changed it. I hope the stagger window is of a decent length.
  15. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Not mentioned whether the VF1 code works with the VF2/3 characters.

    Apparently Pai's db+K+G has been nerfed to the point where the opponent has a slight advantage even if the fast sweep connects. I hope it's not as bad as the recovery time on Jacky's second low kick in VF4... that *would* be bad...
  16. Vicks Biru

    Vicks Biru Well-Known Member

    VF1 Models? On the character select screen or in real gameplay itself? Will someone ps elaborate more on it... I don't get it.

    <font color=black>Yowai...yowai sugimasu wa!</font color=black>
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wow! lots of changes indeed!! This makes Ver.A look like test version itself. BTW, is there any change about the stages? I wish they took that high fence out of Pai's stage.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    You can play VF1 model with VF4 skills, I heard.
    And 2 or 3 characters don't seem to be available.
    Somebody said he happened to get some item box but it's not working at the moment and saw a Blue Rabbit on some player's back. -- what the hell is this????
    Currently even in japan it's not been revealed yet. Somebody got a new info about this?
  19. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I read something about a treasure box and other such stuff, but I didn't know WTH that was about. *shrugs*
  20. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    I've seen the videos. And some of the character costumes have been "tweeked" with a few colour changes (Jacky's black leather biker costume has now gone to red etc). Is this an extra option or is this now the new colour scheme? Also. what's Vanessa's fighting style, I thought it was Muay Thai but i'm not sure.


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