Virtua Fighter 4 Cabinet Design Question

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by strangelove, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. strangelove

    strangelove Active Member

    After you get defeated of defeat Dural you get to see the credential of Vf4, conception team and others people who worked on the realisation of the game...near the end you see a line entitle ~Cabinet Design~ Just what cabinet are they refering to ? as for Vf1-Vf2-Vf3, the machine cabinet were dedicated mainly because US screen refresh rate is different from for Vf4, it is sold as a "kit" and can be installed into any US cabinet.My question being wich cabinet the final credential are refering to ? Also is there such a thing as Vf4 cabinet Marque ?

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  2. eagle

    eagle Member

    Maybe might have a marque and answer your question about the cabinet design.

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