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Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned now has Rollback Netcode!

Discussion in 'Virtua Fighter 4' started by JED-VF3, Feb 10, 2022.

By JED-VF3 on Feb 10, 2022 at 11:56 PM
  1. JED-VF3

    JED-VF3 Member

    Hey guys, It's Jed. At the request of @MadeManG74 , i'll be writing a short post on something major that happened to VF recently.

    Some new advancements in Naomi 2 emulation have recently been made by Flyinghead, the same guy who brought rollback netcode to VF3tb last year. VF4, VF4EVO, and VF4FT are now all supported by Flycast which has built in Rollback Netcode, Training Mode, and some nice QOL features that make getting into VF4 much easier and more fun in 2022.



    How do I get started?

    Setting up the emulator and jumping into games is pretty easy, you can download the latest emulator builds here: https://github.com/blueminder/flycast-dojo/releases

    Underneath there is a short guide showing you which files you need, and if any help is needed there is plenty of people willing to help in the Virtua Fighter discord.

    Where can I find players to play with?

    The VF Discord has a dedicated VF4 matchmaking channel that has only grown over the last few weeks, this is where the VF4 online community resides at the moment. The discord also has a VF4 strategy channel to help people learn the game, and other channels discuss it with each other. There is now over 1300 people in the server, Here is an invite: https://discord.gg/M4aqT96

    I really hope we can continue growing the VF community; whether that be VF3, VF4, or VF5. Virtua Fighter 4 will likely be hitting Fightcade with VF3 very soon which will see a large increase in VF4 players and make setting up just a tiny bit more convenient. Until then, if anyone has any questions please feel free to send me a message.

    ___________________________ https://discord.gg/M4aqT96 ___________________________
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Discussion in 'Virtua Fighter 4' started by JED-VF3, Feb 10, 2022.

    1. DomAug
      I'm surprised at how easy it was to set up thanks to you guys making it that easy. VF4FT is a blast.
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    2. JKTwice
      From the VF Discord: gonna be hosting some VF4 casuals and I want to gauge interest through the times people are able to get on. If you are at all interested in playing with us, fill out the form here. You will need to sign into your Google Account (so that people can’t answer more than once and skew the poll). https://forms.gle/aiSdAam5fAcisqKk9

      And yes, FT isn’t the only game with rollback. Vanilla and Evo get it too. Just don’t get a automatically downloaded savestate.
      Last edited: Feb 11, 2022
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    3. beanboy
      VF4 Final Tuned! Sick!:D
      Thanks for the info.
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    4. SUGATA
      Awesome news!
      So, how is rollback netcode in VF4TF?
      Could you compare it with delay based VF5US PS4-PS5 netcode on practice?
    5. JKTwice
      flyinghead, the guy who develops Flycast, has made performance optimizations to the emulator which does help Rollback performance.

      Delay is worse than this by a large margin. Rollback may not be a end-all solution to the woes of online play, but the ability to set a specific delay helps tremendously with the consistency of a match, something that Delay netcode doesn't often do for you.

      From what I've played, you will need two things to ensure great play: A decent PC and a rock-solid internet connection. I fear with how intensive NAOMI 2 can be on lower-end systems that this will shut out a significant portion of players wanting to jump in, however the only API currently available for use with NAOMI 2 emulation is OpenGL which is notorious for not being as kind as DX11 or Vulkan, which are coming soon. After that, the performance is great. Playing on the VF Discord the only times I really noticed slowdown were on more intensive stages and with a certain Griffybones I experienced basically no issues at all. It was like playing offline nearly with a tiny bit of lag (which does suck for VF I'll admit).

      In short, it's pretty damn good. American play will get a huge boost from this and cross-continental play is actually bearable.
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    6. SUGATA
      Could you test the connection in rollback Final tuned with _the same person_ who you play in VF5US on PS4-PS5 for clear direct comparison plz and post your results?
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    7. ItsameBS
      I get a Frozen SEGA logo. Any idea of what I did wrong?
    8. JKTwice
      Your files are set up wrong if this happens. This should only appear on Dreamcast games.

      Below are thumbnails as to how your file structure should be in the ROMs folder.

      Screenshot (232).png Screenshot (233).png Screenshot (234).png Screenshot (235).png
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    9. BlackGeneral
      This dispells the excuse that "games have to be built with rollback in mind". I'm interested in trying this.
    10. MadeManG74
      I don't think that's quite true, since this is emulation of a very old game it works in a different way to including rollback on a current game that has it 'built in'. I believe rollback on fightcade uses save-states to some extent? Or otherwise is built into the emulator.
      Reverse engineering a game to have rollback without an emulator doing the work is very expensive and difficult, and if I'm to be brutally honest, probably not worth it. Check out some articles on MKX adding rollback, it was a LOT of developer hours.
    11. BlackGeneral
      Thanks for that insight. I expect companies to not ve completely forthcoming about the "why" something can or cannot be done.
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    12. StrawHatRaider
      So glad Flyinghead implemented this, I'm definitely going to try this soon. Wanted to implement some kind of rollback myself. I still wanna look into it for the console versions and other PS2 games!
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    13. shad
      Yes, It would be very interesting to have more feedbacks and videos testing.
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