Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Version A Brad Combo List

Discussion in 'Brad' started by Libertine, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Libertine

    Libertine The REAL Top Tier! Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    I'm still in the process of collating combos, finding stance requirements, and attaining damage values. If anybody has combos to add, finds corrections, or can fill in missing information, then please feel free to post that information here.

    Before posting combos, be aware that this site's combo lists are all inclusive. This means that if you find a combo that works on one character, I'd appreciate it if you listed every character on whom the combo will work. If you find a combo but lack comprehensive information regarding it, then it's probably best to post it in the thread General/Staple Brad Combos instead.

    You'll find that some cells in the combo list are colored red and contain a question mark. This means that I'm unsure if a combo will work against these characters. Again, please feel free to let me know if these combos do or do not work in this thread.

    Lastly, here's a couple of important notes in terms of how to read the combo lists. They will always list stance requirements for a launcher after its execution. I have not been listing combos in this manner up until this point, but it will be standard practice moving forward. The other note is that combo damage values take into consideration only the last hit in a series. For instance, the damage values listed under Ducking [P][+][K][P] combos take into account only the second hit in the series, even though the series is a natural combo.
  2. G_A

    G_A Well-Known Member

    First, great work. :)

    Now, there is a problem on HighKick Combos.

    There is twice the line : [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] → Evade Towards Brad's Back → [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] → BT [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    And different data for each line.

    And I made a edit some weeks ago with some results of my testing here. Normally Akira should not need evade. For the other results... well I probably didn't get the good timing if you are sure of your results.
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  3. Libertine

    Libertine The REAL Top Tier! Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    The 89 damage version was missing [6_][P], as well as the combo under it. Thanks for catching that! The corrections have been made.
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  4. G_A

    G_A Well-Known Member

    About Taka, for correction :

    P+KP4P > 9P+K > 44P > BT 2P > 3P+KP works from Open position.
    P+KP4P > 9P+K > 4PK6 > Ducking K+G works on both positions. (can be started by slipping P+K on both positions either)

    For info SlippingP+K/PP+KP4P > 9P+K > KP6 > Ducking K+G does 76 DMG on both positions. Not worth mentioning I think in the combo list.

    To be added :
    Ducking K+G > 4P > Ducking P+KP and Ducking K+G > 6P+K > 3P+KP does both 70DMG on both positions.
    And as I posted on Taka's topic, when Taka is crouching 2P+KP6P > 3P+KP does 67DMG on both positions.
  5. Libertine

    Libertine The REAL Top Tier! Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    I landed the BT 4P against an opponent the other day after this launcher when I stared making this combo by accident. I hit it, but wasn't expecting it. Long story short, I was shocked to see that it actually worked, and missed my combo. Will update. I guess you need to do it with the fastest timing. Guess the same thing for the other stuff you've posted. Thanks for letting me know.

    Also, I had no idea about the [2][P][+][K][P][6][P] combo. I'll try to add that too.
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  6. G_A

    G_A Well-Known Member

    Eh, huge update. :)

    Just to be sure that I got understood, I managed to do P+KP4P > 9P+K > 44P > BT 2P > 3P+KP only from opened position on Taka. On closed I missed the combo.
    Or did you managed to do it on closed when you checked ?

    On other subject, is Ducking P+KP > 44P > *BT* 2P > P > 3P+KP considered as tournament reliable against Middle Weight and Heavy Middle Weight ?
    I have a hard time to get the bounce from *BT* 2P regularly against characters from these classes. Sometimes I am too fast, sometimes the opponent doesn't bounce, sometimes it's ok. For the lighter classes I have no problem.
  7. Libertine

    Libertine The REAL Top Tier! Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    Nope! I'll go change it back.

    No it isn't. I'd just use [3][P][P] -> [9][K]
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  8. G_A

    G_A Well-Known Member

    Ok, I guess I will stop trying then :)

    About my previous combos for Taka from Ducking K+G, forget them.
    Ducking K+G > 4P > 3P+KP does... 71DMG on both stances. Eh, some rounds are lost because of 1 DMG point :D
  9. Combolammas

    Combolammas Sheep Content Manager Goh

    Tried that 1P CH, 2P, 2_3P, 9K on Jacky. Works both stances. What I did was delay 2P with 333P+K+G and it seems reliable. I use a similar trick in a couple of Goh combos.
    EDIT: Also, what the heck is wrong with that ducking K+G vs Taka? Closed DCK K+G, 9P+K hits but open it doesnt... except if you delay the K+G from ducking slightly in which case 9P+K hits from both stances properly. The exe is still 15f. Not real practical meaning since it doesn't seem to do that vs low punch from open.
    As far as I see closed DCK K+G, 9P+K, 4P,K~8, SLP K (slip towards Taka stomach/Brads back) for 87 and open DCK K+G, 1P+K, P, 9K for 73
    Stupid big difference IMO.
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  10. G_A

    G_A Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm 6_K > 3PP > 6_P > 46K+G against Goh ?
    I can't find the timing.

    That said, 6_K > 9P+K > 44P > BT 2P > 6_P > 46K+G doesn't require evade on Goh too.
  11. Riskbreak

    Riskbreak Member

    Checked and it works only up to Vanessa weight, pretty sure it's an error.
  12. Libertine

    Libertine The REAL Top Tier! Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    I've removed the wall stagger elements from Brad's wall combos in the combo list, since they can be created without them. The moves that guarantee launchers are now included in the category notes instead. I'll have to test these combos for their damage values as well as add combos for the new categories: [4][6][P][+][K] and [4][6][K][+][G].
  13. KrsJin

    KrsJin Well-Known Member

    What are the best options for combos off back turned [P][+][K] crumple? Thanks!
  14. Libertine

    Libertine The REAL Top Tier! Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    I haven't experimented much, but using (back turned) [P][K] is the only reliable way to make a combo for now. I'd be surprised if you manage to hit your opponents much with this move, though.
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  15. Cozby

    Cozby OMG Custom Title! W00T! Content Manager Sarah

    Stn Cozby
    Brad can get BT [P]+[K] > BT [2][P] > [6_][P] > [3][P][+][K][P] or [9][K][+][G].

    From BT [P][+][K] > [P][K], Brad can [9][K][+][G] in closed stance vs midweights
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  16. KrsJin

    KrsJin Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. Figured this pretty rare in actual matches. Was hopeful for that rarity and this type of crumple you could get more.
  17. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    Wow the last post was in 2015... Well not anymore. I found this combo vs Eileen and El Blaze that is super duper easy to do and grants us 104 points of damage:

    [2_][3][P](CH) > [3][P][P] > [1][P][+][K] > dash > [4][4][P] > BT [2][P]> [4][6][K][+][G] or [6][6][K]

    Works in both stances.

    edit: Added Blaze as possible opponent.

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