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Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Feedback?

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Jun 4, 2021.

By Myke on Jun 4, 2021 at 10:40 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Now that the game has been out for a while, you've hopefully(!?) spent enough time playing it! We here at VFDC have an opportunity to pass on some feedback to SEGA, and to start things off we've got a stack of suggestions inside but we want to hear from you! What are you waiting for?

    el blaze polygon.jpg

    The following suggestions have been collated by @MadeManG74, @Jide and myself, but of course would love to hear what you think as well! What are you waiting for? Start sounding off NOWWWWW!!!!!

    Ranked Match
    • The option to record in training mode while waiting for a match.
    • The ability to change dummy character without cancelling matchmaking.
    • Stage select.
    • Once you’ve successfully matched with someone:
      • to show if the opponent is using Wi-Fi or not
      • Region Icon when matched with someone
      • Option to change to Ping instead of connection bars.
    • To constantly show your connection to the opponent.
    • Region filter on matchmaking
    • Bonus points for completing the first to 2 set
    • An option to set the CPU to the last character you played vs after a ranked match
    • Be able to filter by any rank when searching
    Room Match
    • Invite friends/anyone to your own room.
    • Search rooms via username.
    • Once there are too many lobbies(20?), some lobbies will not show and the user has to search again.
    • Option to filter out locked rooms (can currently filter "for" locked rooms)
    • Option to filter by region
    • Option to filter for "Friend's Rooms only"
    • Ability to play multiple matches simultaneously when more than 3 (4?) players are in the lobby
    • (Infinite) Instant rematch possibility when only 2 players are in the lobby
    • Option to lock ranking + W/L, currently no option to play without losing/gaining points
    • Stage Select between matches in a set
    • Region Restriction on room creation as an option

    • Add Combo Training, above and beyond what's available in the built-in command list
    • Add tutorial to teach additional VF offensive and defensive strategies beyond the basic Tutorial
    • Add Trial Challenges for advanced techniques

    Command Training
    • Bring back Time Attack with Leaderboards for command lists

    Free Training
    • To change character without having to go back to the menu.
    • To change the stage without having to go back to the menu.
    • Show player lifebar to train perfect tech roll.
    • Ability to record/playback options after Guard or Wakeup
    • Online Training Mode - For experts to teach beginners VF.
    • Add option to map the training "Reset Position" function to another button (defaulted to R3)
    • In Playback mode, the "Reset Position" function doesn't work!
    • Extra options for positioning in the ring: parallel to the edge of the ring
    • Ability to save current position as the "Reset Position"

    Offline Versus
    • Make Dural playable
    • Ability to save replays
    • Ability to undo character selection at the Character Select screen

    • Ability to set music playlist according to VF version and stage
    • Mix and match UI, e.g. retro life bars with new UI

    • Rollback netcode
    • Connection strength indicators (bars) can be misleading
    • More Single Player content (ala Quest Mode)
    • Ability to search and view replays online
    • Ability to pause and frame advance forward/backward while watching replay
    • Additional character edit slots


Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Jun 4, 2021.

    1. trollainas
      • Player vs CPU mode
      • Invite room button
      • Save, watch and share replays
      • No rank up in room battles
      • Demonstrations for all moves in training mode
    2. masterpo

      Offline VS

      • Tournament Mode - the ability to use Brackets without being online
      • Player Profiles - Someway to access & update player profiles offline
      • League Mode - Support for league (Team Battle) offline
      • Announcer from VF5

      Single Player
      • Sparring Mode from VF5FS
      • License Mode from VF5FS
      • Scoring Attack from VF5FS
      • Kumite Mode from VF4 (for Single Player level up)
      • Player Profiles & Statistics for Single Player
      • Tournament Mode where opponents can be either human or AI
      • Announcer From VF5

      Screen Settings

      • The Option to turn off Hit Effects
      • Brightness Control/Contrast
      Last edited: Jun 4, 2021
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    3. KrsJin
      That list covers everything I would want with the exception of maybe:
      • Let us toggle hit effects on and off or;
      • Make side turned hit effects differ more on normal hit and counter hit
      Thank you for collecting all of this!
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    4. King9999
      Wow, I haven't been here for a while.

      I feel like the game was rushed somewhat because they had what, 1 year? And dealing with Covid the whole time? I'm reading the list and I see stuff that should've been included day 1. And some game modes from FS are missing...Anyway, here are my requests (sorry for any overlap):

      • Rollback (a big ask, but necessary)
      • P2P
      • Need the rest of the costume options from Final Showdown (and maybe add more?)
      • Whenever new players join a room, there should be a way to show the health bars and rounds of players currently fighting so they know when a match is about to end.
      • Allow multiple matches to occur in a room at a time.
      • Improved tutorial (need it to be on VF4 Evo's level)
      • Restore the game modes from Final Shodown
      • For training mode, add an option to display inputs, frame data, and button presses all at once
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    5. SSfox

      - Solid Rollback Netcode. A MUST.
      - Quest Mode.
      - More customization/costumes.
      - Option to save more costumes, and also to name your costumes.
      - Add or simply remove *if possible* the limit of customization items. (it's 10/10 now)
      - Option to quickly change 1P character or 2P character during practice mode.
      - Option to invite in your Room/lobby.

      That's all for now.
      Last edited: Jun 4, 2021
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    6. Jeneric
      Legacy controller support so I might actually play it.
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    7. Gray_FoxRJ
      • Legacy Mode for USB Arcade Sticks to work
      • Quest Mode (Even through season pass) and more SP content

      Command Training Mode:
      • Play demonstrations of moves with a single button - like Dead or Alive - instead of having to open the command list and pressing triangle.
      • Allow to choose a move and set a count for it to be done.

      • More health bar options (VF4!)
    8. Gibon
      • The option to turn off hit sparks.
      • ALL of the FS customization items.
      • VF2-4 UIs.
      • New 3D artist to redo the faces.
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    9. Virtua Kazama
      Virtua Kazama
      I think you all nailed the most important ones on the head, it's hard for me to provide anything else needed.
    10. JackymusPrime
      Add all customization items from VF5:FS to Ultimate Showdown.
      Rollback Net Code
    11. Oioron
      The ability to toggle it on/off may create advantage/disadvantage during VS mode when both players are looking at the same screen. Players new and old who learn to rely on the new hit-sparks for hit-confirm will lose that ability if it's off. Conversely, a player who learned to hit-confirm without the hit-sparks may be at a disadvantage if the sparks are on.

      So instead of on/off, maybe they can subdue the hit-sparks effect a tad?
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    12. SSfox
      Guys please a bit off topic but anyone has link to see all VF5FS custimzation and costumes?
    13. OneEnviousGamer
      It's mostly Training Mode stuff, but whatever:
      • Demonstrations in Basic Training so that new players can visually grasp why they're being asked to execute a specific advanced maneuver and thus better identify the situation in real matches. Also just more tutorials in Basic Training.
      • An Endlag or "Ending" display in the stat window.
      • Allow Advantage on-hit to display if you land a stagger or launch!
      • More COM Reaction options in Training Mode, like "Guard, Normal Hit, or CH". OR, just have Guard be its own separate option and if set to On (or Random), all Reactions will occur following it
      • Allow players to choose a specific move from their training target's movelist and set the dummy to do that move repeatedly rather than having to manually record that move.
      • Expanding on the last point, allow players to put together a list of commands and moves on-screen not only to practice individual moves, but also train specific combos.
      • Probably too much to ask for, but this applies to fighting games in general: If VF wants its most difficult AI to feel like human players and not cheating bots, they need to give a variable 18-24 frame "buffer" before COM can react, instead of being able to consistently react to and defend against attacks on the first frame. That way COM takes part of the natural guessing game, and training against active COM feels closer to fighting a human opponent.
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    14. KrsJin
      True, was even worried about the dynamic on/off would cause for offline play. I like making them more subdued or distinct. Good call.
    15. Zack Q. Laster
      Zack Q. Laster
      Single Player:

      -Versus (Player vs CPU)
      -Quest (Like they did with Evolution and original 5.)
      -Tournament (Like they did with Evolution and original 5)
      -Ghost Battle (Kumite, fight in this endless mode like they did with -VF4, and you'll have to select your opponents when the match is done.)
      -Team Battle
      -Score Battle
      -Make Dural Playable in Arcade, versus, Training, Customizable
      and Ghost Battle, except online mode.
      -Watch Mode(With Various Camera selections)
      -Add Special Tournament (Like they did with VF4E. For example, Knockdown Clash, Hyper battle, Survival, Sea Saw, Ultimate Battle, Venus, Mirror Match, etc.)

      -Three more types(D, E, and S) needs to be added and return with all the costumes from a previous game, the final showdown.
      -Add VF1 model for Dural
      -Add more VF1 stages
      -Bring back VF3-VF4 Stage
      -VF2-VF4 Attire to Be added for ALL characters.
      -VF3-VF5R UIs
      -Unlimited Slots for ALL characters
      -Add more items from ALL previous games and versions(Including Pachinko versions)

      -Arcade History(VF1-VF4, Fighting Vipers and Fighting Vipers 2)
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    16. masterpo
      If Player 1 has Hits Sparks OFF and Player 2 has Hits Sparks on, Then Player 2 will see Hit Sparks for both Player 1 and Player 2, and Player 1 will not see Hit Sparks for Player 1 or Player 2. So an option to toggle them on or off, will let the player that wants to see them , see them for both players, and the player that does not want to see them, will not see them for either player. Its actually easier from a programming point of view to provide the toggle than it is to subdue the sparks;)
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    17. EmpNovA
      This is probably a pipe dream but I would love a PS4/PS5 arcade stick from SEGA with arcade parts in it. Something VF themed or even just a high quality stick that is readily available. One of the biggest problems in the FGC has always been finding high quality sticks.
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    18. akai
      Game Improvements:
      - Training Mode option to simultaneous display detailed information, input display, etc
      - Legacy Controller Support

      Future Seasonal/Regular Add-Ons:
      - Willing to support cosmetic updates: change game HUD to previous versions of VF, stages (for example Dural's sanctuary), etc.
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    19. Santanero
      Rollback is the main one. Next a Wifi indicator. Showing the connections. Buff up training mode, for example adding: CPU will block after the first hit. Things like that. You guys did a good job already with the suggestions.

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