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Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Trailer

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 25, 2021.

By Myke on May 25, 2021 at 9:05 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Just when you thought it was safe knowing there was some kind of announcement happening on the 27th of May, followed by a couple of leaks that VF5US would be available for free via PlayStation Plus, IGN goes ahead and finishes off the 1-2 combination with an absolute uppercut of a trailer! Wait are you waiting for! Go watch it now!

    More information here:

    Highlights from article:
    • New background music for every stage
    • New user interface
    • New opening cinematic
    • New lighting and shaders using RGG's Dragon Engine
    • Spectate online matches in real-time
    • Ability to build robin-robin style online tournaments
    • The private and public lobby system will support up to 16 players
    • Include new communications tools like stamps

    Release Information
    Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will be available free on PlayStation Plus for the months of June and July, and also available on PlayStation Now in June.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 25, 2021.

    1. def
    2. Ali
      I don't even know where to start
    3. charleypk222
      i just watch the arcade version here jacky from vf5 on ps3 the picture is not very clear but give a good idea vs vf5esport , idk but for me the old one look more realistic

      what your take on it guy ?

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    4. SSfox
      I like the new better, the old looks like he took a oil bath.
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    5. def
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    6. charleypk222
      thank i`m going to watch this , i also find this but i don't understand a word:) https://youtu.be/t9m5bSEpWUw
      i think that talk about dlc and improving the game idk ?

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      Last edited: May 31, 2021
    7. SSShinji
      SEGA wasn't joking about the "Absorb Netcode". US East Coast to the UK seems super playable. They couldn't even tell the delay. The game is looking AMAZING, the most beautiful 3D fighter period!! :D:D

      This is the best stream to watch so far. They are playing on the PS5 with lots of high-level players in the lobby.

      Guys, I'm super happy for VF. Thank you, SEGA!! :LOL:


      PS: Please make sure to check out the VOD if you missed this stream. It's definitely worth your time if you are new and interested in VF5 Ultimate Showdown.
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    8. DepressedHippie
      On the brightside you will have plenty of time to think upon your response because this game is going to be deader than disco in T minus three months time.
    9. FlawedFists
      The new designs make the characters look like dry clay. Those pictures of Jacky and jean look like they got tons of plastic surgery. Jean unfortunately doesn't look as cool any more, he looks constipated. I prefer the original, the skin looks more natural and less uncanny valley.
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    10. Ali
      It's personal preference for sure, but then vast majority think the models look better in US than in the versions before.
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    11. gido
      I think it's their eyes. Most of the characters have dark areas around the eyes, makes them look deprived of sleep

      I do like Jacky's strands of hair on his new design
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    12. SUGATA
      Source please? link or quote?
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    13. celsowm
      Is there a video showing what happens after "defeating" dural?
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    14. SSShinji
    15. Ali
      10 minutes to download.... Years and years of waiting for something new....

      I can't believe it

      Thank you SEGA
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    16. Zekiel
      Give me that japanese theme on the perfect arcade run
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    17. Ali
      Akira definitely looks much better in this game than in the screens.
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    18. GustavoHeisenberg
      Suzuki is a genius but I'm uncomfortable with folks pushing the idea that his sheeïtt don't stink. Come on guys, some things are not great, if not for everyone, it's the strong majority of people. Shenmue 3 is a stan game, it's not for fans (of the originals) or gamers in general.

      I know the stans dig shenmue 3, more power to them, but be honest folks.
    19. ICHIBANin10000
      Who is this clown? If we were to just follow " the majority" , the majority of gamers play Street Fighter V over VF. You really sound ignorant using the "majority" as your crutch. As for the "Stan" comment, thats just you projecting your homo-erotic point of view so into everything. It's not 2001, still making Eminem references.

      You can't modernize every genre of game and keep its integrity. Look at Ultimate Showdown. If Sega modernized , ie dumbed down the franchise any further, it would have lost too much depth and replayability. Basing this fighting mechanics on Final Showdown and giving us new graphics was the best compromise we could get.

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