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Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Trailer

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 25, 2021.

By Myke on May 25, 2021 at 9:05 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Just when you thought it was safe knowing there was some kind of announcement happening on the 27th of May, followed by a couple of leaks that VF5US would be available for free via PlayStation Plus, IGN goes ahead and finishes off the 1-2 combination with an absolute uppercut of a trailer! Wait are you waiting for! Go watch it now!

    More information here:

    Highlights from article:
    • New background music for every stage
    • New user interface
    • New opening cinematic
    • New lighting and shaders using RGG's Dragon Engine
    • Spectate online matches in real-time
    • Ability to build robin-robin style online tournaments
    • The private and public lobby system will support up to 16 players
    • Include new communications tools like stamps

    Release Information
    Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will be available free on PlayStation Plus for the months of June and July, and also available on PlayStation Now in June.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 25, 2021.

    1. Jotamide
      Ctrl+F "rollback" = phrase not found

      No one's asking the real questions huh? If it ends up being free on PS+ people will download it, press some buttons, maybe jump online 1/2 times, and then move on to the big fighting games that are playable online coming out this year.

      This is not how you grow a scene or attract new players. The way it's looking right now, VF5US is for the Parsec warriors and people with locals. Too little, too late from Sega.
    2. Junosynth
      Taka looks a lot better too. Looks like they smoothed him out even more now.
    3. Myke
      BTW, do you think this is a new Dural stage?

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    4. Mech
      Hey it exists
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    5. SSfox
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    6. Myke
      Actually, after reviewing this more and freeze framing through the video several times, I'm beginning to think that these are both Normal Hits since the opponent doesn't seem to be getting interrupted the frame prior.

      If so, then the size of the spark might indicate the damage of the move (bigger sparks = bigger damage), and instead, we might expect to see different colours for the other hit types. So if Yellow is reserved for Normal Hit, I'm going to guess they'll go Red for Counter Hit and Blue for Side Hit.

      Also, noticed how the floor lights up underneath them during the hit:


      This will probably be another indicator for hit type.
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    7. celsowm
      or maybe the new (and this time, exclusive) training stage
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    8. VF2011
      Sarah was hit especially hard with the ugly stick. The hair is bad on her, but it's even worse on Vanessa. It's especially noticeable since when the guest characters were in DOA5 their hair looked great.

      It probably won't matter once we're seeing things in motion, but I just can't get past the terrible first impression.
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    9. smbhax
      Looks like a remake of Kage's VF2 stage in there @ 0:38.
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    10. Sonic The Fighters
    11. SSfox
      I hope the netcode will be very solid, and ranking will be well made, like each character having its own rank, i hate it in SFV that all characters are same rank. Like if you reach Platinium with a character you'll be Platinium with even characters you have never touched, like so nonsens wtf!!

      Sarah looks super pretty in her face model in UI, she didn't look that good in the trailer, i wonder if it was the angle effect thing?
    12. smbhax
      Possibly a really significant thing here is that Sega has now integrated the Virtua Fighter 5 fighting engine into the Yakuza engine (as opposed to simply containing a port of VF5FS in an arcade bubble in Yakuza 6), which is their kind of do-everything engine that is being continually updated.

      This would seem to mean that they now have all the tools in place to do a full, new game in the VF series, if they want to.

      And heck, maybe it will mean some cool 1-on-1 fights in upcoming Yakuza games. ; )
    13. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      Yo Sarah and Shun Di faces look perfect in the lifebar !
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    14. Tha_FeauchA
      It did say that the images in the video were still under development. So some of these things have a chance of changing.

      It may be petty, but. I'm not too big a fan of the hit sparks for every single hit. Even during Lei Fei's throw, there was a spark for every hit. I think it'd be better if they reserved those sparks for counter hits only.

      One thing I love is how soon it's going to be available from this trailer release. Always sucks when you see something new and you have to wait a half or whole year. So that's going to be awesome. I'm really looking forward to this.

      Also, those stages look great. And wondering if the bound hits and wall splats are still going to be the same. We'll all find out soon.
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    15. SSfox
      Yeah totally, i'm looking at those now, No gay but Jean looks too hot as well lol , All characters look good here, i feel that only Goh that looks pretty much exactly like he looked in FS (which isn't necessarily bad thing), i wonder if those face thumb are cg or took from ingame models.
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    16. celsowm
      Akira is totally next-gen-ish here: [​IMG]
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    17. SDS_Overfiend1
      After watching the video a second time and paying more attention to detail... I’ll say this. Shit look weak. Period. They didn’t improve a damn thing except adding a tekken like design to the Character portrait on the life bars along with updating the background. What’s amazing is how dull the lifebar portraits look. In 9 years this the best you can come up with? I’m not accepting this deposit sorry. PS5 and Series x exist and this is what we get? A PS4 game? Y’all can lie to yourselves all day... Final Showdown was a visual upgrade. In This game the characters look old, mushy and tired in the face like they are fed up with VF5 themselves. I tried looking at Vanessa to see what my Dude Myke see..... She ugly af bro lol. If she had white eyebrows she would look like Shun. Health bars are probably the only thing in 4K and they look basic. Sorry VF family. I hate to be the killjoy of the post. But after 9 long years. I expect better. I didn’t even get hype seeing this. I think I’m over it.
      Last edited: May 25, 2021
    18. nobody
    19. charleypk222
      hello everyone
      i will share my opinion ,i feel very sad after watching the trailer this look very underwhelming , i`m heart broken , let hope a few new move maybe 1 or 2 dlc character in the next update idk :(
      dam i`m just hoping to be wrong , thank you
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    20. Junosynth
      I also was hoping for a bigger jump for the revised game but hey I Love VF and would rather take this over nothing! Also this just could be a small placeholder to keep us busy/interest up again until VF6!

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