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Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Trailer

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 25, 2021.

By Myke on May 25, 2021 at 9:05 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Just when you thought it was safe knowing there was some kind of announcement happening on the 27th of May, followed by a couple of leaks that VF5US would be available for free via PlayStation Plus, IGN goes ahead and finishes off the 1-2 combination with an absolute uppercut of a trailer! Wait are you waiting for! Go watch it now!

    More information here:

    Highlights from article:
    • New background music for every stage
    • New user interface
    • New opening cinematic
    • New lighting and shaders using RGG's Dragon Engine
    • Spectate online matches in real-time
    • Ability to build robin-robin style online tournaments
    • The private and public lobby system will support up to 16 players
    • Include new communications tools like stamps

    Release Information
    Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will be available free on PlayStation Plus for the months of June and July, and also available on PlayStation Now in June.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 25, 2021.

    1. KrsJin
      I'm bummed at no rollback and it being PS4 exclusive, but am thrilled overall. A port to modern consoles with a facelift alone is enough to breathe some life into the game and sets up for the possibility of more to come.

      From what I've read it really sounds like had Sony not fronted the bill for this, the game may not have even came to be. It also very much feels like this is for the fans and competitors, as well as to gauge interest in the series.

      Thanks to Sony for making it free the launch month, I have some local friends and players who are already reading up on the game and plan to check it out. That little nudge for those on the fence might be all it takes to get a few more players into the game.

      Hella excited to play with returning players, those who never left and new players because of this.
    2. Jotamide
      Do you have a source handy for this? It could be a situation similar to Castlevania Requiem which was 100% funded by Sony but led to the Castlevania Anniversary Collection later which was multiplatform. I'd be ok with this port remaning exclusive if it could lead to a multiplatform VF6 with rollback.
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    3. b4k4
      The negativity from VF players, especially those who have been around for a long time, is kind of baffling.

      Is this an ideal release? No, of course not. We'd all love a polished VF6 with cross-platform play and good net-code. Instead it looks like we're getting a remaster that's exclusive to what is probably to most widely owned console on the market today. Not ideal, but not bad.

      The thing is, though, that we also know Sega has been hurting for a few years now. The last decade hasn't gone well for them, and they're banking on a few of their best titles to keep them afloat.

      So what does this have to do with VF5:US? In short - we're lucky Sega hasn't died and that we're getting a modern VF release at all. To me, this release looks like a "trial balloon." What do I mean by that? I mean that Sega/Sony are using VF5:US to see if there is enough interest in the VF series to warrant development of a new title.

      This is where the pessimists lose me. Presumably, if you're here reading this, you share the sentiment that VF is genuinely one of the best designed FG systems of all time. Possibly ever. VF is a goddamned treat to play against good players. I enjoy it more than any other FG, and I've been traveling and competing in majors (when I can) for various FGs since 2002/3. So here's the thing, if you're a VF fan, and you won't play a new VF title release, what kind of signal does that send to the bean counters at Sega and Sony? At the end of the day, they're running a business. If VF does well, they see that and the priority of a new VF title moves up the stack. If players won't touch it, it dies on the vine and we don't see another VF for another decade, if we're lucky.

      I'm not going to go so far as to say we have a moral obligation to give this game a shot, but if we don't play it, we're getting that much closer to the inevitable heat death of the franchise.

      If you have the means, play it, try to hype your local scene, and get the new players into it. Skepticism from old heads is whack. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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    4. nou
      Trailer was awesome, music was appropriately SEGA and it's out in about a week. Not digging Akira's new look but excited to see more and I don't have to wait in the meantime.

      LOL at anyone not owning a PS4.
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    5. Tha_FeauchA
      Mmm. Looked like you were saying because it's not VF6, there won't be any difference in gameplay.

      I think it's a little wild some are so disappointed before even playing the game and seeing a trailer that was 95% throws. We literally know nothing about the gameplay yet. Nothing of what has or hasn't been changed.

      I just think of how people loved VF5R, and thinking they'd react the same way if we were playing VF5 vanilla, and got a trailer of VF5R with 95% throws like this trailer was and talk about how it's the same, trash, etc.. Only to find out it's a whole different beast when playing it.

      Either way. Makes no difference to me what others want to say. This trailer was damn near all throws. We don't even know if wall splats are still there (I'm sure they are. Just making a point) . I'll save my judgment on how good or bad the game is after actually playing it.
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    6. SDS_Overfiend1
      Why? Because you don't have a next gen system?
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    7. SDS_Overfiend1
      About that last paragraph.... Skepticism is needed. Stop accepting bullshit out of desperation. Long time fans have every reason to voice their concerns. They Been in the trenches.
    8. WolfKing
      Everything's perfect!
      Bring it on! I will play it until the wheels fall off.
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    9. nou
      No, just for not owning one of the most popular consoles ever.
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    10. Ali
      It's super healthy for fans even the hardest ones (they tend to be the most vocal and critical) to give criticism and bad remarks about any new game released. The same thing happened for VF4 and 5 and later FS (I have only been here around those days and I was 2 decades younger and just a little kid).

      People criticized VF4 and 5 for their graphics (later everybody considered them the best looking fighters ever ?), We criticized the designs and tons of gameplay choices. We have always been very critical of VF5 initial exclusivity and later how slow it was for us to get FS.

      I have been around forums of major fighters and I have seen that the oldest and hardest fans are very vocal and critical irrespective of whether they truly buy the games or not.

      I am happy with what I am getting and I think it's reasonably a great start to get the series back, but I don't understand the exclusivity part. Yes the PS4 is the most popular console in the market right now, but there is a not so small people in the community who Are based on PC. All the other fighters showed on PC. There is no major fighting game that has missed the PC release.

      Exclusivity is bad for franchises and especially for franchises that are trying to increase the fan base. This will release next week. It has received NO PROMOTION from Sony whatsoever and that would have been the only positive thing of being a console exclusive. Sony could have brought this massive buyers but that didn't happen and would probably not happen.

      From a technical stand point, this looks graphically better than the 16 years old version (or 9 years old) and it does seem to bring in new touches if main streamness to it and that's fine as I didn't think it overly done and it's actually subtle.

      There is also uneven polish when Aoi looks almost next gen level and Sarah looks like early PS3 and this could be due to different builds used in the trailer. It doesnt bother me.

      I am glad we are getting this globally next week. I am sad that a good majority of people won't because they don't have a Sony console. I am sad because Sega recently started expanding it's franchises into Xbox and PC (tho Stadia ? Stupid again!!).
      Will people petition for this to go multi platforms ?

      Honestly, this shouldn't be the case.
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    11. Tha_FeauchA
      Couple of things I noticed is Pai's stage is open now. And whatever stage Wolf did his 360 throw thing to El Blaze has water puddles and patches of grass. It's also nice to see the floor lights on Brad's stage isn't blinding anymore. There's a bunch of cool stuff with all the stages in there. The more I watch this trailer, the better it gets for me. Here's hoping they removed the taco stages! lol. I can't see enough of Lei Fei's stage to tell.
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    12. VF2011
      The stage where Wolf does the throw is Lau's stage. Lei Fei's stage seems to be the taco.

      The one that stood out the most to me was Kage's stage which now seems to be under some pine trees.
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    13. nobody
      Those puddles in the Great Wall stage are missing the character reflections.
    14. gido
      I see it as this..we all want VF to do well we just have different views and it's extremely healthy that we actually indulge in these conversations. and yes unfortunately Sega, my very first console system, has been hurting so this is them trying to get back on their feet within the modern FGC.

      With that being said..their marketing sucks. I'm so lost on what they are doing in terms of giving out information and updates that its very frustrating. Just last fall, we get the announcement of VFxEsports. Okay great VF is back. But apparently it was only coming out in Japan at the time? Fast forward 8-9 months to present....Holy shit we're getting VF5US next week! Is it still Japan exclusive? Iono..but I was literally not ready for this announcement this morning. I was expecting something like that for thursday, which I really dont know what to expect now but hopefully some actual gameplay footage..

      Their communication skills are just horrible and all over the place which automatically can cause some to lose interest fast and I don't blame them. This modern day Sega is just not getting it. I'm not sure what the cause of this miscommunication between them and the fans but its just no there...sorta like Capcom now.

      Now by all means I'm not a hardcore professional VF player, I could be a harsh critic towards Sega and their decision making but that's because I genuinely want them to do well. Anyways I'm just a casual with an opinion. I loved VF ever since I was a kid with VF2 on the Saturn so I'm definitely going to get this once it drops. I also really love the new stages, Kage's being my favorite, especially his design himself. Some other characters are hit or miss but that's typical complaint. I'm really just anxious to see what we'll get on thursday. hoping for gameplay.
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    15. smbhax
      If it has single-player and they've fixed being able to attack-spam the AI to death, I'll play it. ^_^
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    16. ToyDingo
      The last time Sega was good at marketing was during their Dreamcast days. Pretty much before and after that (outside of Japan) they've been terrible.

      This is just Sega being Sega. I saw the release date for VF5US and damn near jumped out of my chair.
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    17. MadeManG74
      Nice! I think there's a few people coming out of retirement for this, haha.

      After watching it a bit more;

      THE GOOD
      • Character Models
      • Stages
      • Animation
      • Iconic moves are in
      • The new music is catchy
      THE BAD
      • Hit Sparks
      THE UGLY
      • PS4 exclusive
      • The UI
    18. Tricky
      I'm late to the discourse here. I did a char notes vid and noticed Akira looks very different in the website render than in the trailer. I'm willing to bet the website is actually the final build of Akira not what we saw in the trailer.

      I point out the differences at the very start here.

      Also my general thoughts on the trailer/predictions -> was the first vid before the website was found
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    19. NightAntilli
      Not gonna get a PS4 for this. Sorry. Still waiting for a PC release. Even Sony's exclusives are coming to PC nowadays.
    20. MadeManG74
      The game is meant to be out in a week, I really doubt they are going to change the graphics in that time.
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