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Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Trailer

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 25, 2021.

By Myke on May 25, 2021 at 9:05 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Just when you thought it was safe knowing there was some kind of announcement happening on the 27th of May, followed by a couple of leaks that VF5US would be available for free via PlayStation Plus, IGN goes ahead and finishes off the 1-2 combination with an absolute uppercut of a trailer! Wait are you waiting for! Go watch it now!

    More information here:

    Highlights from article:
    • New background music for every stage
    • New user interface
    • New opening cinematic
    • New lighting and shaders using RGG's Dragon Engine
    • Spectate online matches in real-time
    • Ability to build robin-robin style online tournaments
    • The private and public lobby system will support up to 16 players
    • Include new communications tools like stamps

    Release Information
    Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will be available free on PlayStation Plus for the months of June and July, and also available on PlayStation Now in June.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 25, 2021.

    1. shadowmaster
      It looks like a new revision with improved visuals to me and that is all I see based only on what I see in the trailer. I kind of expected more like new characters and new moves etc but we will see what the formal announcement reveals. I am sure the people who wanted a prettier version of FS are happy now because that is basically what I see so far. Hopefully there is more to the announcement when it comes out. At least it will get more eyes on the game again, the game really needed more people to see it for some time. As soon as they do I am sure many people will migrate to VF in masses.
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    2. Blahzie's Return
      Blahzie's Return
      Been coming here for so long without posting that I can't even get into my old account anymore.

      Anyway, the one thing I'm happy about is VF on the lips of gamers right now.

      However, I don't know how much I'm going to play this if it's exactly the same game I played 10 years ago. It's definitely going to need more than new music.
    3. OniwabanCL
      Hi everyone! I'm new here but I follow the website several years ago. I'm so excited about the new game, I've some doubts about some elements (like the UI but I know that it try to reminisce the old games, some physics like the hair or clothes) but in general the game look gorgeous.

      My biggest concerns are the fans, so many years waiting for a new game and people complain about the faces, the models??? Guys, you always expressed the love for the "VF's realism" and now with a new models and enhance graphics you complain about it (what is the problems with some people's eyes who say the game looks worst than VF5 vanilla??) Hey, for me the Akira's face looks like the same his old face but now with a more detailed anatomy (with a strange nose, I agree with that, it need some corrections) I don't want a VF with an anime style. Vanessa looks incredible, her face has a unique proportions, it's no longer a "generic 3D face with a different color skin". Aoi looks like a Japanese woman, etc

      Stop the nonsense wait until watch new gameplay and enjoy this day, those kind of complains only create problems and the only thing it create is another 10 years waiting a new game or the definitive dead of the franchise

      After the long post the only thing I've to say is.....The King is back!
    4. Ali
      Welcome to the forums. We can be critical and vocal but I assure you we are very nice and we definitely LOVE our VF.

      I am sorta glad that just checking Twitter and YouTube the impression I had is very positive.

      I have joined this site a couple of years ago, but I have been here from before and I know people were critical of VF4 and 5 (in addition to expansions!). VF in our definition is associated with high end graphical quality and gameplay and there are some questionable elements in the trailer that could have been fixed (maybe old build?) Or stay the same next week.

      I agree Aoi looks leaps ahead of her VF5 model and so does most of the cast. I don't totally agree on Akira though and I think he lacks the finesse of VF as his face looks like a Yakuza street punk. Some screens show him better. His render is definitely better.

      I agree, I have been waiting for this trailer since 2012 and thus I am glad.
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    5. KrsJin
      I rather like them, or rather I like the fact they actually light the area around them. I knew hit sparks of some sort were coming because I swear everyone who critiques VF for not being flashy enough always says "Needs hit sparks like Tekken" lol...

      I've seen a lot of JP players hoping you can toggle them on and off. That would be a nice compromise for fans, just might get ugly come tournament time haha.
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    6. RawrCookie
      Ummm... it is a bit odd feeling that i still didn't digest well after seeing the trailer few times. The trailer at least could show us the stages alone from a better angle and every character face at least once so can give better focus look at improvement and changes.

      Well, everything have pros and cons...

      The pros are...
      Finally SEGA release something for VF which indicates future support, effort in stage details and updates, new music or OST, sounds snappy... maybe animation appears more loose.

      The cons are...
      No new characters, there is no new balance and moves which means the last tier list harsh gap is still existing, UI looks cheap and basic. The graphics had this fake glossy doll effect, and in some scenes more of like kinda "cartoonish", unrealistic in other words. Hit sparks effect looks like drawn out of heros comics. The faces looks weird, as if a fanboy designed them while he is training in a graphics software, the stages need better lighting dynamic and HDR effect, the trailer never showed features like quest mode or customizations which it seems will be more emptier than VF5FS package, also the game is built on Yakuza engine, not original or improved old VF engine, which is bad, the logo design looks old and plain.

      Dunno it feels for me not what AM2 legacy work should be, but more of SEGA lend VF project to another studio like DOA, Steet fighter or tekken developers.

      As i expected before, a pure, empty, online remaster, nothing more or less.
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    7. Ali
      We don't know if there is or there isn't balance updates, new animations or not.
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    8. KrsJin
      Pretty sure SEGA wasn't wanting to let IGN show too terribly much before their own reveal. I'd give it until Thursday's stream before going too in on that critique.
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    9. SSfox
      Pai looks great, i wonder if that part where she does her kung fu pose is in game or CG, it looks really good.
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    10. SSfox
      Characters full render portraits are available here:

      Edit: OMGGGGGG!!!! I think it's time to start to play Sarah


      Kage looks super cool too, it's the best Kage render ever imo. Shun looks great of course, and i love Jean render too.

      Overall they all look great.
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    11. Terracrush
      I know its been more than 10 years since FS but did they have age my girl Aoi that many years too? Anyways I'll be happy with new crowd coming to try it out. Nerfing Jacky and Lau's damage would go a long way too.
    12. smbhax
      Ah and the web site mentions modes: 'your favorite classic modes like “Ranked Match”, “Arcade”, “Training”, and “Versus”.'

      So there is at least Arcade mode (and probably that's it but who knows) for single-player, nice to have confirmation on that.

      No character customization mentioned.

      (If we're talking character renders, I prefer the cleaner look of the VF5 Sarah's render. But the VF5 renders clearly used different models than the in-game characters, and those in-game models did have some face problems, actually they were mostly worse than VF4 in terms of looking realistic (but of course lower detail). Anyway all I'm saying is, I'll wait until I can see the in-game models in detail and in action. If you go based on the in-game stuff we seem to see in this trailer, for instance, Sarah has kinda creepy dead, staring eyes in those very brief glimpses.)

      (To nit-pick these 5US renders for no particular reason other than I seem to have nothing better to do with my life for the next few minutes, Pai's pupils aren't quite lined up, Sarah and Eileen's hair is piled a little high, making them look like they have pretty big domes, and I'm not keen on the reddish-orange rims around Sarah, Eileen, and a lot of the other characters' eyes. But huh that's actually all I found. *If* the renders are much more faithful to the in-game models than VF5's were then maybe things aren't so bad as far as character looks go. : P Not counting apparent lack of customization, mind.)
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    13. SSfox
      Yeah it's nice to have Arcade mode back, i actually forgot it wasn't on FS, i would love Quest mode mostly -my all time favorite solo mode for any fighting game- but since it's not mentioned i'm not excepting it to be in mm

      I hope customization is in, unless they plan to sell it as dlc?

      Considering there is good chance the game is gonna be on PS+ it make more sens to have customization sold as DLC.
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    14. RawrCookie
      The official website product info and trailer was enough for me to state my opinion about what i mentioned tho, i just mentioned the fact that trailer should show more regardless of place or platform that showing it. Still this trailer shown stages details looks better with added stuff in background too.
    15. smbhax
      Could be right about DLC, there's still a lot we just don't know. Seems like it would be odd not to have shown off any costume customization yet but who knows.

      FS has Single Player - Arcade mode.
      Last edited: May 26, 2021
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    16. Krish
      We still don't know why this version must be called 'Ultimate'.
      Never fail me on Thur, Sega.
    17. Ali
      Not sure why can't Sega name it ultimate or whatever name that they come up with.
    18. MarlyJay
      It's called Ultimate because they thought it sounds cool.
    19. SSfox
      I hope they will make it easier to switch between costumes in the menu/ character select screen.
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    20. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      This is the best looking Sarah ever !

      She will never be this good in the game :cry:
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