Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Apr 2, 2021.

By Myke on Apr 2, 2021 at 6:20 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    The game title of "Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown" has just been rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea for the PS4 platform, and, interestingly, the rating lists "Virtua Fighter esports" as the original title. With recent news of the PS3 store shutting down, and no current, stand-alone way to play VF5FS on a PlayStation 4 or 5 console, could this be SEGA's move to kill two birds with one stone? Officially bring the latest title in some kind of updated "ultimate" form into the esports scene, and playable on a modern console?

    Virtua Fighter x esports.jpg
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Apr 2, 2021.

    1. GustavoHeisenberg
      Expect Burnout Paradise Remastered levels effort and you won't be disappointed folks. Nothing is going to be different
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    2. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      I hope for the best but I expect the worst :(
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    3. Ali
      Well at this stage, honestly the only thing that could turn this into a decent thing is at least updated menues, inclusion of VF5 vanilla and R stages in addition to new soundtracks and new updated stages. That's the very LEAST.

      A new character or two would be welcome.

      But really, just being on PS4 and not on PC and XBox is probably the dumbest thing ever and a very negative indication that SEGA will probably never learn.

      VF deserves better than a direct non-updated port.
    4. def
      I hope it comes to Nintendo Switch. It be nice to have a portable VF games asides from the game gear based on anime, VF2 Sega Genesis version in collections, and playing Dead or Alive 5 Plus. If it's available both physical and digital, I'll probably go digital for switch and physical for PS4. Either way, I'm going to buy a digital version for convenience and physical for "Future Proofing".
    5. def
      I am so hyped. I hope it releases soon.
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    6. Tha_FeauchA
      I'd love to be able to play this on my PS4 (without using PSN). I also hope it'll come with a good netcode.

      Wishful thinking, but. From my knowledge of VF being released on consoles, they go through about 3 or 4 versions in the arcades before doing so. I'm hoping all this time, they have been tweaking the game/system to have a proper release.

      I'm also honestly happy that news about VF isn't something along the lines of "We're done with the series. Thank you for all your support". That would hella suck.
    7. Kidvid711
      I believe your right. Look what SONY did to the PS3 version Marketplace. Who knows if the servers are going down too. They should come out with a PC version and make it Cross-Play between Consoles/PC. Who knows the life span for PS4. I will buy a PS4 again just to come back. Hopefully the game will have a longer life span for veterans to play.
    8. nou
      I'm going to against this line of thought and say, I hope it is F2P. KI and DOA5/6 went this route and it should be what fgs should've been doing.


      - F2P games don't require a PSN sub for online play

      - FS released as a game, with the cosmetics being in two separate packages, making the whole game $30 if one needed everything ($15 games, $10 each pakage)

      The reasons fighters get into trouble is because of the initial buy in and THEN the Season's passes which put the 'complete' package in triple digit range, even if it's overtime, which is still around 5 years (at best) of official support.
    9. Ali
      Nobody takes F2P seriously. Going by the market successful titles in the genre, all of them are not F2P. All of them had seasons. All of them retailed physically and digitally.

      VF will not turn F2P into a successful business plan.
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    10. nou
      F2P multiplayer is one of the biggest ways to get your game out there. People take F2P seriously as F2P games have been raking in money AND players more than any fighter ever released and in a shorter amount of time. It's worked in games that are much more demanding and have more going on mechanically than in fighters and continues to do so.

      Fighting games still have the problem that they've always had F2P or not, but having access to the roster, good online, tutorial and training mode give it a better chance of longevity and high player count.
    11. Ali
      I am just looking at the examples of the fighting genre not necessarily F2P in general. DoA6 isn't really thriving and neither did DoA5 though their F2P models were not the best ?

      Sure a base game with F2P that's functional with another priced entry for the other features could work, but I think either way, VF5US' success will depend on how good it is and how it's received by the fighting games fans in general. I don't think a Fortnite player will be attracted to VF just because it's F2P, but if let's say Maximalian Dood and other known youtubers posted a video about how good the game is then it will have a serious chance.

      I think VF should embrace it's depth and it's features. Tekken has been dominating the 3D fighter scene for far too long. I think it's time for the champ to come back in.

      A lone release on PS4 is a death sentence. This needs to be on PC, Xbox +/- Switch. That's probably a more important factor than whether there is a price of admission or a full F2P.
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    12. MadeManG74
      No, but I also wouldn't expect BIG changes for something like this. I'm thinking quality of life features, maybe new stages or other 'easy' updates, but wouldn't expect new characters/balancing etc.
      I get your line of thinking, but this kind of wait has also been unprecedented.
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    13. MadeManG74
      I would be genuinely shocked if it's really only on PS4. I figure that's just the listing that got 'leaked', but there would be multiple platforms involved.
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    14. Rivalus
      I'm guessing this will be multiplatform including switch and PC. Let's hope VF5US will integrate Quest mode from VF5 Vanilla and Rollback Netcode for online play. And a decent graphical option for PC.
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    15. Rivalus
      That's a nice list of features. Really hope it will be the ultimate version.
    16. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      F2P is not going to make VF a success.
      Dead or Alive 5 and 6 had F2P version too, still it dind't worked too much, the core audience remained the same, and the new people who came just because the game were free are already gone.

      What is important for Virtua Fighter is to NOT follow other fighting games trends.
      It means to release a complete game like they wlays did with VF1, 2, 3, 4, and 5,from D1 and not bother at all with updates, season pass, DLC characters, balancement and other esport garbage hat ruined the fighting games.

      These thing especially doesn't work for VF that is a work of art, where everything must work perfectly.

      Imagine what would happen if they release is as a starter pack with just the base characters Akira Pai et., then the first season with Taka Arashi, Aoi etc. and they already need to destroy the balance of the base roster, repeat for any other add on...
    17. Ali
      You know I really think changes in the balance, moves and overall gameplay reminiscent of VF5 to R to FS is more probable than designing let's say a new stage.

      I am actually more excited now than I was a few days ago.
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    18. VF2011
      I don't think the PS4 only leak is that big of issue at the moment. The leak is from Korea and Sega did mention in their VF x esports reveal that it would start with Japan. With Xbox having no presence in the asian market it's possible that they just aren't planning to release on anything but PS4 in the region.

      If this is just a rerelease of VF5FS then it also wouldn't be a problem as the ps3 store is going down and xbox players can still play on their current consoles, so Sega could just be making the game playable on sony's consoles.

      And I wouldn't be surprised if the game did have season passes, but I can't see sega releasing characters in the season pass, I'm thinking more along the lines of cosmetic items so we can customize our characters. Can anybody confirm if Sega made the puyo puyo esports game free to play, or did you have to buy it? That might give some indication of how they handle this.
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    19. nou
      Puyo Puyo Champions (Puyo Puyo Esports in Japan) is not F2P. The game did well enough to make Puyo Puyo x Tetris 2 though. So VF5:US does well, then that's the greenlight for VF6, which I'm hoping isn't true, but probably is.
    20. SSfox
      The ultimate question right now is:

      Is VF X Esport announced game = VF5 Ultimate Showdown? Or is VF X Esport is its own thing?

      Same, but at the same time Sony recently bought Evo, and it's been while Sony looking the ones that invest and pushing for fighting, all the events are mostly with playstation support and SFV CPT 500.000$ prize pools were from Sony pocket, i didn't believe the leaks back then about SFV being PS4 and PC only, so something like VF5US being PS4 only (and PC also?) wouldn't be too impossible.

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