Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Apr 2, 2021.

By Myke on Apr 2, 2021 at 6:20 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    The game title of "Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown" has just been rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea for the PS4 platform, and, interestingly, the rating lists "Virtua Fighter esports" as the original title. With recent news of the PS3 store shutting down, and no current, stand-alone way to play VF5FS on a PlayStation 4 or 5 console, could this be SEGA's move to kill two birds with one stone? Officially bring the latest title in some kind of updated "ultimate" form into the esports scene, and playable on a modern console?

    Virtua Fighter x esports.jpg
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Apr 2, 2021.

    1. Ali
      VF5US being exclusive on a playstation console is the death sentence for VF and I won't mourn for it if that happens..

      PS: I have access to PS consoles, but I'd rather not see SEGA do the same stupid thing they did with vanilla VF5.
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    2. LordNightmare
      If this game will have quest mode, new items, trophies with a platinum trophy, reworked stages, kickass music, and a lot more then I will be extremely pleased and stoked!!
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    3. LordNightmare
      A new character would be killer too imo
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    4. LordNightmare
      I believe that the VF5US game will definitely be a PS4 port but that game will also be at many esports events hence it was named Virtua Fighter x esports before it got renamed to Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown
    5. Ali
      What I think is that, if it's a new update with changes to VF5FS then it will be released on PC, Xbox and PS4/5.

      If it's just a barebone re-release of FS (I doubt) then it will probably be on PSN only

      Both ways, it needs a PC release.
    6. Zekiel
      Then it's a waste of time to give it a new title. Simple quality of life is not worth the FGC's time to want to invest in VF again. They need to go ALL OUT for the revamp of this series.

      It's been 10 years. The more content to this revision the better. New characters, new music, new stages, new moves, modes, better graphics will draw players into VF esports.
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    7. MadeManG74
      I disagree, this might be an in between title while they work on a sequel. Don't forget we got SF2HDR before SFIV came out, got KoF UM titles before XIII etc etc.
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    8. Mech
      Kof got KoFXII before KoFXIII HEH

      Maybe they'll restore the graphics and sound to Vanilla quality.
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    9. Shoju
      I hope it's at the very least a new version of VF5 like R and FS were or a VF5 collection while they work on a brand new game. If the new announcement was only ever FS on new consoles that'd be really disappointing.
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    10. RawrCookie
      We can't predict literally what is it because it is a strange new move from SEGA to a game as fans we thought it would be abandoned by SEGA after all these years. I won't expect a reversion, new characters, balance or even items, as it would be an unwise move and wasted effort for a 10/16 years old dead game to bring attention and audience for it again, as if they would do this they would have done it 8 years ago in 2012 when every two years they release a new reversion under a new label of V5R and Final Showdown. Actually adding all these improvements and continue the sequel as VF6 is better marketing move, cause making any change to VF5FS under "Ultimate" is unworthy in my opinion, in fact it is consumed and milked enough.

      It may be like "Tekken Revolution" where it be just an adjusted simplified F2P game or VIRTUA FIGHTER5 FS packed with customization DLC under a new advertising name for new platforms. If it is not like that, then for me at maximum, I would like to see full best features and flexibility of choosing between available content that did exist in previous VF titles, nothing more, nothing less.

      But of course it will be better if it had a quest mode with improved and huge number of CPU to fight against, alongside the ability to add more players data from online like how TEKKEN 6 did it if possible to increase CPU numbers, also no DLC cause having the items at start without grinding & farming for them is stale & boring experince for mostly offline person like me. Having all VF5 Vanilla and R stages access and the ability to change their BGM each one individually opposite of what VF5FS was, also, the option to add your own music too like how TTT2 did. And can we finally have the『イメージデモ設定 』 translated as "image demo set" now? It's the intro scene for your character before starting the match, when you can make the character dance or jump or do any own move that particular character have; we didn't have this in consoles, it was in VF5 arcade version only, but they didn't release it in console even as DLC later. And last but not least, the choice to play in all previous VF5 balances revisions, as for me personally i favored old VF4 & 5 vanilla classic balance systems better than current V5FS heavy & juggly game balance, so being able to choose that as VF5V VER C or VF5R VER A & B, VF5FS VER A game balance based on everyone preference would be a really comprehensive or as how they say it "Ultimate showdown".

      We can only dream and imagine for now until a trailer or someone from the development team speak.
    11. VF2011
      Having all the options you listed would kill the game as everyone would be playing their favourite version. No company would ever offer all those options. If the game is going to be successful then it needs to be the same for everyone.
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    12. RawrCookie
      Not necessarily, first i mentioned that what i "wish" personally cause i am more of a vanilla person to play this option in offline not online, and i just got deep & excited while seeing how people are trying to revive old stuff from VF series, then i mentioned the game balance too with it. Maybe just three or two verisons is enough, vanilla one, FS 2nd and the last new reversion for it, if it does exists.

      Already every game balance version has an audience and fans, people can play and simulate multi systems, it is not impossible technically, also in memory reality people requested VF4 final tuned or evolution to be a bonus feature in the future VF game with online; so could this kill the game too since it is a different game balance within it? I don't think so, even for old multi reversions for the same game won't hurt neither.

      And even if my idea existed, i doubt that it will have any negative impact as your exaggeration, as most people by default will invest in the last reversion of game balance and only the nerdy/old school/pro folks will try the old reversions for the game as "nostalgic" experience in peak scenario.

      And If you are mentioning or meaning online gaming, it was already struggling with the unified game balance, and i don't think the diverse old game balances will kill anything, it will just gave us more options in offline playing at least, and if you are scared that it will kill the game then let it be a locked option for offline gaming only i guess, i don't have issue with this to happen.

      Since you mentioned success, for me the standard for a game to be successful, is to offer what most people want and widening options as possible to inculde more people playing it as how they desire or see fit(of coruse by the game own limits). Yes it may be unique, hard, and dreamy request but we just talking and wishing right now and highly it will never happen lol

      I remember many VF fans didn't stick to VF5FS as other old VF games as it didn't have quest mode cause they are more of offline players, same with the game balance, cause many disliked FS balance so they sticked with VF4EVO and VF5V game balances, so considering people who favor old balances system would be an advantage to the game not disadvantage if it did really exist in this new ambiguous project and name.

      But in the end, we even don't know the game yet and how it will be successful or not, let alone particular something killing it. All i care for now is the series is still alive and supported by SEGA again, but let's hope they don't ruin it and listen to us in what our communities want for example for wanting the game to be in multi platforms like PC, PS5, XBOX to support it, especially the overseas fans for the game. That's all for now.
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    13. LordNightmare
      I dunno man, I think that Ultimate Showdown will actually happen and be a lot different than Final Showdown with some new tweaks. At least that's what I'm hoping for
    14. gido
      If the game is going to be successful then it needs to be a new game..

      6 months waiting for news update only for a revisioned VF5? Seriously why wasnt this fully announced at the time? Nothing would've changed..
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    15. SUGATA
      Great news! Hope for
      PC release + Cross-play between ALL platforms!


      1) VF5FS - one of the best if not the best VF mechanics. So its possible remaster is already super news.

      2) We do not know what is meant by Ultimate-not "EDITION" word, i.e. it is far from the fact that the stupidly complete version with all the extras. So there may be NEW content.

      3) VFXesports-this is the GENERAL name of the PROJECT and not the game, the meaning of building a garden to call so that in 3 months to call VF5UE? So perhaps this is the General name of the reboot reboot of the series.

      4) For the entire history of the VF series, there has ALWAYS been a change in the NAME and without changing the number (VF4-VF4Evo, VF5-VF5R-VF5FS) = accompanied by changes in balance, techniques, modes, elements of mechanics and usually the introduction of NEW characters, modes, etc. So VF5Ultimate SHOWDOWN (not "Edition"! not "complete"!) - this has THE same VALUE as the output of VF4Evo or VF5FS in due time = i.e. almost a new game! This is once again based on the history of the entire VF series!
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    16. Ali
      I too lean on the fact that this will introduce new stuff and balances otherwise, it wouldn't have been teased the way it was.

      Don't get me wrong, I can play VF5FS for eternity and it probably will still be better than other fighters made after it, but I hope ultimate is not just a port.

      Also, 7 months (and counting) just to reveal a direct port ABSOLUTELY doesn't make any sense.
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    17. LordNightmare
      Btw, make Eva Durix and Siba as playable fighters please Sega!? Would be amazing imo
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    18. JCnextinc

      If it is the only Project and no REAL NEXT GEN VF sequel THAT would be desappointing .

      I was ok for a port or "HD" remake to come back on the E sport scene. Then build the hype THEN bring a new Next gen virtua Fighter ahead of its time.

      I don't want SEGA to waste energy for new stages or characters cause it would be the excuse to not make VF 6 and save money .
      I want Virtua Fighter to comeback as the legend it was. Not to be fucking Puyo Puyo Esport :(

      Hey SEGA..! VF was the last time you were on the top of the world. Quality excellency. Even Yakuza Games doesn't have such level of quality and perfection.
      Don't ruin this IP like you ruin all these legendary Ip's by saving money and stupid decisions

      Even if VF is kind of niche , VF is your legacy. your History your BRAND IMAGE and reputation.
      That's why segaAM2 has to make VF6 with the same standards VF always had:
      A technical Showcase. a Killer app. A game ahead of its time on every level.
      Why all companies are leveling up except SEGA ?
      Leveling up your standards will for sure lead you to success and money.
      Like Capcom did. Even average companies like from software. VF deserves better!
      Don't mess around SEGA
    19. Makusensu
      A project is confirmed when the publisher decides to announce it.
      At this point it just passed trademark and some age rating certifications, and it could be canceled before end of production, which is highly unlikely since age rating is usually done when a project is not far from master. And we are probably speaking of a port.
    20. Dragonps
      Not necessarily, Super Street Fighter 4 wasn't a new game and yet it did phenomenally well in sales and player reaction.

      I'm seeing may people complaining wanting a new VF but let me ask you one simple question:

      What could a new VF bring to the table that hasn't been done already by modern fighting games?

      Then ask yourself this, with a new VF does Sega cater to the casual crowd and lose the hardcore fanbase or do they appeal to hardcore fans and potentially lose any interest from casuals?
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