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Discussion in 'General' started by rebelleon, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. rebelleon

    rebelleon Active Member

    It's time for a fresh start.

    Has anyone thought of bringing out new VF characters for the next game? Next game could surely use more.

    We got...

    Shoto: Akira & Jean (following Ryu, Jin, Jago, etc.)
    Sumo: Taka-Arashi (following E. Honda)
    Ninja: Kage-Maru (following Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Vega, Yoshimitsu, Raven, etc.)
    Muay Thai: Brad Burns (following Sagat, Adon, Bruce Irvin, Joe Higashi, etc.)
    "Bruce Lee": Jacky Burns (following Fei Long, Marshall Law, etc.)

    VF doesn't have a...

    - Boxer (following Balrog, Steve Fox, TJ Combo, etc.)
    - Capoeira (following Eddy Gordo)
    - Taekwondo (following Hwoarang, Kim Kaphwan, Juri, etc.)
  2. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    I dunno, with the Jean, VF has a very very complete roster.

    What might be kewl though, is for AM2 to add the ability to pick male or female versions of each character under customization mode. Kind-a like Soul Calibur Create a character. A female brad, or Akira, or lady Lei Fei, a male version of eileen LOL.,

    Also they could add more costumes for each character

    They could add alternative stages for each of the current stages.

    But for the most part VF is as perfect as it could realistically be. There is always somebody that's going to be unhappy with something. Kind-of-along-the-lines

    You can't please all the people all the time. Anything Sega/AM2 adds at this point
    would be to a game that is already at the top of 3D arcade fighters. They might risk making the game worse :(
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  3. emperorshadox

    emperorshadox Well-Known Member

    An old Shaolin Monk (The shaolin Abbot) a master of the Butterfly fist.

    This would be amazing.
  4. Cmoney

    Cmoney Well-Known Member

    In VF6 there should be a new super art called "the rave combo" where when it's performed will great damage to the opponent. A dynamic defense system should be put in make it more like a fast pace hong kong movie.

    As for the characters yes they need a capoeria character on VF (They should name him Theodore from Brazil) and they can add another Kickboxing to replace Brad cause Brad looks like he has HIV or something I don't like his design at all. And ofcourse VF6 needs a cinematic approach to its storyline. I hope AM2 doesn't stay stuck in the past by not adding cinematic FMVs to the character's storylines.

    Then they should have a rave meter which you can fill up by getting counterhits and deep combos to perform the Rave combos to put more flare into the game. They should have an old woman fighting in the game I don't know if there's ever been an old lady in a fighting game. VF6 would be the first to do it.

    They also need a Russian Sambo fighter that specializes in Spetnaz (Much Like Leon from DOA) and they should make him from the Middle East (Saudi Arabia or even India). And wish someone would make a fighting character that is skilled in Kali Escrema (Phillipino Martial Arts)
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  5. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    VF6 needs a Slim Taka. On second thought wait, he'd probably just look like Akira, lol
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  6. COOKpls

    COOKpls Member

    Give Akira a teleport
  7. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    Please keep it civil, guys. No need for personal insults.
  8. bloody roar had an older lady in it she turned into a boar .
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  9. Akira isn't shotokan he actually uses Baji Quan gungfu. Sorry about being so specific I have actually studied Baji/Pi Gua. And the only actual similarity to karate is the uniform. As far as I can tell. I'd like to see them make juggling more difficult and not as damaging. It's really irritating playing one of the supposedly strongest chars who's most damaging move is half as damaging as Sarah or Jerkys spam a launcher into backflip kick combos. ...
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  10. It would be nice to see a boxer with some stance changes, switching between modern boxing and the old school wrists forward bare nuckle stuff. Having someone who could switch between say boxing and just straight up dirty street fighting stuff could also be cool. There are tons of different kinds of Kung fu that could be great, I'd be far happier to see a catch wrestler,sambo,syestema fighter than more Kung fu or karate . Escrima limb destruction and joint manipulation would be a nightmare to implement in a fighting game but if any series could do it right it's VF. As long as they don't just start spamming in every art they can think of without actuall knowing how it works.
  11. MarlyJay

    MarlyJay Moderator - 9K'ing for justice. Staff Member Gold Supporter

    You mean Akira? Are you serious? lol

    Please, no more characters doing Kung Fu, or a style derived from Kung Fu. It's already basically half the cast, and what's done, is done pretty well.

    They should add Adam and Max from streets of rage. Make Adam a boxer and Max a super heavy weight wrestler. Bring Wolf down to his normal size. He used to be shorter than Jacky.
    (This will never happen.)
  12. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    Surprised that people want to see a 'Boxer' when we have Brad. I know it's not the same thing, but having a 'pure' boxer is very limiting to a moveset for a game like this (super limited kicks, grapples etc), when Brad has all the stuff I'd really want to see in the way of slipping, ducking and rolling etc with punch combinations.

    I don't see what a pure boxer would add to the table that other characters don't already provide with a more well-rounded experience.

    I'm not sure what I would add to VF6 in terms of fighting style and what they would add to gameplay. I'd like to see Siba make a return, maybe with Silat? It could be an offensive, fast attack based character, someone who focuses on strings quite heavily.

    Capoeria would be interesting, but do we really want another stance heavy character?
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  13. Sorry about that no I dident meen akira , I was referring to wolf (burning hammer) vs jerky and angry boobs with her kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk+g. Combos
  14. Jason Elbow

    Jason Elbow Well-Known Member

    Jason ELBOW AKT
    I think they should add a Capo fighter. Pretty much everybody has a stance (even Jeff the only one without a parry, sabaki or a counter). I think capoeria fight would be a welcomed addition to vf. And i agree with Mademan a boxer would be to similar to to Brad. Maybe a Silat user?....
  15. MarlyJay

    MarlyJay Moderator - 9K'ing for justice. Staff Member Gold Supporter

    I'd like a boxer. I think a character with a purer focus on hands would be great. It isn't just the slipping and rolling, It's the style of footwork and lateral movement that is more distinct to boxing and Brad doesn't quite capture it for me. Steve Fox in Tekken is an amazing character and i'd like to see AM2s expression. I love that we get to see BaJi Quan in VF, Tekken and DOA.

    One of the Silat styles would be a great add, especially after the Raid has put it out the.

    I'd like to see some shoutouts to other franchises. Throw the SoR characters in there. Adam already has his style listed as boxing/streetfighting so make him a boxer ;). On a more personal note it'd be nice to have a black male character who isn't a nutter in the cast. So yeah, put Adam from SoR in.

    But the thing i'd like to see the most is completion of each characters moveset, and evolution of the system. No arcade style fighting game has done grappling right since the tobal series. VF could make headway there. Also, There is a ridiculous lack of infighting in VF. Stuff like Lei Fei's Hai Shiki stance leads to a leg magically keeping the other person away, when really the lead legs would pass each other. There is another layer of depth there just waiting to be exposed.

    Also, fix silly stuff like stupidly delayable attacks with no changes to frames or anything please. (I'm looking at you, Taka [4][P][+][K] [P] )
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  16. Toto

    Toto Member Gold Supporter

    Sarah is essentially a Taekwondo character for me.

    I'd love to see a Wing Chun character: fast but short range, highly linear, weak throws but real fast.

    A silat character would be interesting: maybe a sabaki that is highly damaging but leaves you at a neutral frame advantage (similar to limb or fist destruction?)

    Greco-Roman wrestling could be interesting...but wrestling is a bit over-saturated in the game.

    Ape style kung fu (as oppose to monkey). Maybe dragon style kung fu? Super hard hitting but slow.

    Krav Maga maybe? Or a RBSD (reality based self defence) character to complement Vanessa?

    Sambo is a possibility? Good throws, limited but good striking, maybe a unique move during side step ala Tekken (to simulate the free movement characteristic of Russian systema with its roots in Sambo).

    So many possibilities!!
  17. Server--Ghost

    Server--Ghost Member

    I think a fresh start and more destinct styles.
    1)Make Sarah pure Tae kwon do or remove her and replace her with TKD user.
    2)Seperate Brad Burns style, make him a kickboxer with all the steve fox bob and weaving etc (more boxing focused) and add a new pure classical Muay thai fighter.
    3)Remove Wolfs luchador type moves (eg.frankensteiner) to make him and el blaze more distinct
    4) Replace lion with an old lady who practices praying mantis
    5) Make Vanessa black and muscular (no white hair, one white hair charcter is enough)
    6) Replace Taka with someone with more personality (eg hawain sumo or somthing)
    7) Make Akiras black costume default so as to not confuse newbies into thinking he is a Ryu clone
    8) remove jeffery, style and personality are rubbish
    9) Make Jean Kujo look a bit tougher put him on the front cover will attract a wider audience I reckon then Akira. Also serves as a good starter character
    10) Add Capoiera different enough to current styles
    11) a new boss as durel is rubbish
  18. Server--Ghost

    Server--Ghost Member

    wing chun would be cool
  19. Jason Elbow

    Jason Elbow Well-Known Member

    Jason ELBOW AKT
    I disagree. Dural is a pretty cool boss.
  20. Server--Ghost

    Server--Ghost Member

    I guess my other points must be decent. I've heard mixed views on dural. Maybe a story mode to give more personality. That way both camps are pleased.

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