Virtua Fighter 6 Character Ideas

Discussion in 'General' started by rebelleon, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. I.M. Amazon

    I.M. Amazon Member

    A "proper" boxer would be an intriguing prospect. Much like Tekken's Steve, it would be an opportunity for Virtua Fighter to experiment with its control scheme.

    As for the apparent overlap with Brad, I would anticipate a character more in line with Fatal Fury's Axel Hawk, rather than more modern characters like Dudley or Steve. A larger, longer-ranged slugger would be fairly unique.
  2. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    And AM2 TaiChi animations , mixups, inashis, sabakis would look dope.:ROTFL:
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  3. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    How about a taido fighter?
    But wait, maybe they could incorporate taido, in Aoi's fighting style. Because strangely enough, she kinda looks like a taido fighter.
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  4. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    We need some more Korean fighting styles.
  5. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Big idea for Sega/AM2:

    Put a Hatsune Miku look alike Jpop singer, who is a martial artist taking part in the tournament, to stop J6, because they tried to sabotage her music career, ruin her concerts, and tried to turn her into a Dural.:holla:

    And if they do that, VF6 will gain tons of new comers, because of her story, and the fact that she looks like Miku. Tekken has nothing on this idea.:cool:
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  6. Futaba

    Futaba New Member

    A J6 female agent with the style of Assassination/Koppojutsu (similar to Nina/Anna Williams). Make her a super lightweight, but a glass cannon at that.
    Give her combo enders that knock opponents into the air and slam them into the wall for decent damage.
    Give her a wall splatting move that can be fast inputted for better speed and property. Make her able to wall splat for a second time
    Also give her unparalleled mobility with the ability to jump off walls (like Kage)
    Execution heavy character, but rewarding, like Akira
  7. Sonic The Fighters

    Sonic The Fighters Well-Known Member

    Sarah Bryant is already the "J6 female agent".

    And Nina Williams is the copy.
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  8. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Exactly. And Sarah is a more full complete character, than both Nina and Anna put together.

    Glass cannon? Interesting idea.
    But that's more of a fake depth thing, for cartoony fighting games, like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, SF3 Third Strike and Street Fighter 5. If they did something like that in Virtua Fighter, then Virtua Fighter wouldn't be a Virtua Fighter game anymore.

    did that glass cannon thing with Yuki in Last Blade 2, and Last Blade 1 fans, still hate SNK up to this day, for doing that to their poor waifu girl Yuki. Like literally.

    Sean and Ibuki in the SF3 games, are good examples of glass cannon. They were cool in SF3 New Generation and SF3 Giant Attack 2nd Impact, and SF2 critics found them cool as well. But capcom decided, to make them both, crappy boring glass cannon characters, in SF3 Third Strike.
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