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Discussion in 'General' started by EvenPit, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    929654_20050901_screen002.jpg Ok I've been playing this game for 3 months & it is very clear while it is a great game, there are not a lot of individuals who are drawn to it. In other words it seems like the game is already dying. We all know it is hard to find matches these days, and while there ARE some new people starting to play the game it does not seem to be enough to give it "that push" that "other fighting games" get.

    If/when SEGA decides to create a Virtua Fighter 6 what are some of the things that you all would like to see implemented, improved upon, and taken away from the current VF FS to make VF 6 a real hit. From a marketing standpoint, and in my opinion one of the reasons FS is not a hit,- like it very well should be, is because I think there was not enough wide spread advertising for the game, and with it being a digital only download (now granted the price was fantastic for the amount of content you get in the game), but it seems people would rather pay for a well- advertised, physical, hyped up game promoted through GameStop, IGN, G4 etc. rater than pay and "PLAY' a game that's kinda under-advertised (if you will). Side note: I never even seen a TV commercial promoting this game ):

    Enough of me typing what do you guys think would make Virtua Fighter 6 be on top.
  2. Zekiel

    Zekiel Well-Known Member

    hmmm yea when it comes to the VF series sega has done a poor job in advertising it. Its not just VF5FS. All the games before as well. Its as if sega doesnt care unless its in japan. They put more effort into the arcad version then the console version. Thats why sales are either poor or average. In VF6 im wanna see if can make the gameplay surpass FS. Its going to be hard to do unless they create more unique moves for characters and add new features like they did in FS. To be honest i cant see gameplay surpassing FS but you never know. But definetely do more advertising and make the console version have the same features as the arcade version, that will be the full expierence of VF6 for other countries.
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  3. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    I agree surpassing FS in the gameplay department would be a tough task, but not impossible- removing or (dumbing down) certain aspects of the gameplay could also hied some benefit. (for ex: the tracking system). I believe if FS would have been a console release it would have gotten at least a little more reconnection moving up its popularity in the gaming community. I'm not sure how much of a hit FS is in Japan but if SEGA really wants to keep the VF series alive getting the product well advertised is top priority in my op.

    I would like to see new characters & move sets as well.
    And this might be a stretch: A story mode
  4. martianpulis

    martianpulis Well-Known Member

    Tone down the tracking system a bit. fix the down punch issue. make the stun escape gamepad friendly. tone down the speed of the game (?)

    Fix online play in a way that all are in one lobby. The only thing is only players in rank gets to earn/lose points, player matchers dont. In this way people will be more open to play anyone.

    Make the clothes damageable (?) like being able to tear away for example Sarah's clothes :)
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  5. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer"

    vf6 is in the making now and will come out with the new model chip (hope I'm using right term) sometime soon. VF is basically sega's tech demo which just so happens to be a really damn good game too. All the bells and whistles come out for this game. I imagine the new version is going to look crazy good I can't really imagine how great it will look visually.

    There is plenty for sega to fix, I hope they choose wisely in their design decisions. If I wanted to play FS in VF6 I'd just play FS. VF6 should be a different more refined game which builds on the core aspects of the series while adding new bits and cutting away the fat.

    Also story mode would help them a ton in the west, at least character endings, but DOA style story would bring a lot of fans in.
  6. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    Battle points should be exclusive for Player match mode & Rank Title should stay in Ranked.
    I do like the idea of an online Room where battle points would be earned.
    2[P] is definitely annoying.
    taking into consideration that this is a arcade game at heart i wouldn't be surprised if the pad is neglected completely (bad news 4 me).
  7. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    Thats good to hear that SEGA is already working on VF6 cause the US had to wait quite some time to get FS.

    VF has a good history of refining their graphics especially in the environmental department.

    Story mode would probably be SEGA's magnet for boosting the games popularity, however their budget does not seem to be the best & unfortunately that may limit on the amount of content that they would be able to stuff in the game. It would really be nice if VF6 is a console only version too.They'd make more money out of it & it would hopefully be properly advertised in both Japan & the US etc.
  8. Femto

    Femto Well-Known Member

    Me and a friend were talking about this the other day and from SEGA's side they can make it more aesthetically pleasing and add some more visual effects, but with out taking away from the gameplay.

    From a visual standpoint - brink back the after image effect from VF3 on moves.

    - Give visual cues like a shadow effect when successfully input an OS from defense. Have one for Fuzzy Guard, CD Fuzzy Guard and the 2-choice options ETE, TEG and GTE. The game gives you options but from a spectator stand point it looks like JUST a TE or JUST a Guard.

    - This could tie-in with better hit effects that tell the player and spectator when a player was put in a CD Fuzzy hit state, 2-Choice hit state.

    As long as these could be done without taking away from the mind games it'd be awesome!

    - Make the back grounds have something going on and have easter egg stuff in paying homage to other SEGA games and older VFs. Hell have VF1 style graphics as a special option, like how you could use the VF1 character models in VF4 but let here be an option to use this for the stages as well as characters. VF has history. Show it!

    - new voice acting but leave an option to have the older voice acting in it via special inputs.

    - If the system of FS stays in i.e. less inputs, cut down the frames to VF4 levels. Guaranteed Throw situations at starting at -8, for example. If its the same framework as FS, Guaranteed Throw situation starting at -10, put back the option of MTE.

    - have another type of attack to replace 2P as the main low poke, but with the same funcionality.

    So yeah more visual cues and styling, just don't take away the core of VF being about 1-2 hit exchanges and using the many options you have to create a path to victory.


    -Leave in options like Music from the older series.

    Cut down on the number of revisions and kelp the world up to date with the revisions that do come out. That's one of the factors is every place not Japan being left in the dust to the newest versions.

    Some kind of story mode. Shit is useless to me but whatever, people gobble it up.
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  9. martianpulis

    martianpulis Well-Known Member

    About the speed of the game, maybe because its arcade by heart that's why this game is crazy fast. Comparing it to DOA5, I think it's at least 2 notches faster. The speed is awesome to look at and if you are NOT new to VF, a respected feature. But most NEW VFers are coming from other games that are ways slower. So, I think VF's speed overwhelms them. VF's speed is like MvsC fast but that game is 2D! In a game that players can get around and go at you in many directions, the speed is crazy.

    The key for VF6 is to create a new generation of VF players in such a way as not to alienate the vets.

    As for VF5FS dying, I thinks its up to us to be more accommodating, to keep it alive. If we see a kyu, fight them but don't demoralize them. Keep them encouraged to learn more of VF. Its how you play that will show how knowledgeable you are in VF not your rank. We can be VF ambassadors in a way :)
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  10. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    Now that i think about it maybe SEGA chose to make FS a digital only release is because they wanted to keep making improvements & pushing out those updates as opposed to keep having to make another console version over and over again.

    I would really enjoy a subtitle option for the game.
    Bring back VF5 commentary!
    Visual upgrades should be a given with any new release, but i do understand overdoing it would put a strain on the flow of the gameplay.

    Not trying to bite off of Team Ninja, but interactive backgrounds could be something to consider.
  11. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    I agree whenever i see a kyu and fight them i wont go all out, that does push people away from the game making them think/say "damn this game is hard" or "this game is weak, boring, broken etc." & i think rocking VFDC on gamer-tags could encourage people to do a little research, find the site, see and interact with the Vf community and the chances of them completely dropping VF would be greatly reduced seeing as this is the place to learn, get better & enjoy the game more.

    ("The key for VF6 is to create a new generation of VF players in such a way as not to alienate the vets.") Well said- its all about building up that fan-base and keeping it.

    Release date would be another thing that could make or break VF6. I recommend around the holiday season, you'd definitely get more sales.
  12. Femto

    Femto Well-Known Member

    As a fan base more bids need to come out and more articles talking about VF and why it's awesome. Final Showdown should be the starting point of fan made material in the U.S. such as what ChibiAya, Johoseph and other streams are doing.
  13. Genzen

    Genzen Well-Known Member

    Fixing the ranking system to prevent twats like BBS from progressing would be a start. Easy fix would be to use mostly the same system as is currently implemented, except, when your smiley face thing is less than green, all the points you earn from wins are not counted towards your rank, but instead, are applied to your smiley face.

    For example:

    Let's say it takes 100 DCs to go from green face to yellow face. Once you're at yellow face, the next 100 matches you win will grant you no progress to your ranking bar, but would work towards taking your face back to green. After eliminating the DCs/win ratio, the face would return to green, and you can then earn progress towards your ranking. Losses would never have an effect on your smiley face, but would always count towards your ranking progress (meaning you're probably likely to drop a rank or two whilst all your wins are only being applied to your smiley face but your losses are still detracting from your ranking progress).

    Allow a function to black-list players and/or filter players by various criteria. I don't ever want dick-bag BBS to show up as someone to play, and I pretty much always avoid people with anything other than green faces. I'd like to be able to black-list fuck-face over there, and sort my search results by smiley face quality.

    I'd like the option to unlock or earn the costumes for characters, as an alternative to having to pay for them. The option to buy them should still be there ('cos for some people, $20 is worth more than 100s of hours in a 'quest mode' thing, but not everyone has an extra $20), but I should be able to unlock stuff through playing the game. Every, say, 50 games, should unlock a random piece of costuming for that character. If that character is completed, a random piece for a random character will be unlocked. This way, I can play online with the community, and slowly increase my wardrobe. I might then also be inclined to try other characters if/when I see an interesting new costume piece unlocking. "Ooh, 'short mini-skirt for Sarah unlocked... I might just take a peek'. "Jackie Chan facepaint unlocked for Shun? I have to go try that out!". Etc etc.

    Ability to join rooms whilst games are in progress. Most of the time, when looking for a room, nothing shows up, unless the room is just idling. Makes it hard for people to try to group up and get a community going - being able to join in whilst people are playing means that the rooms will see more turnover, and the gameplay will not be interrupted.

    Less lag-friendly stuff. Not really sure what I'm asking here - I'd just like things such as 2KK with Pai/Shun to be less abusable. They're obviously easy to handle offline (crouch the second hit lol@scrub), but online, the lag doesn't allow it a lot of the times. I'm sure there's stuff I do with Jacky that I shouldn't be able to do (Beat Knuckle > Spin Kick comes to mind), and I don't intentionally abuse it, but 'cos it's so effective, it just kinda gets integrated into my play. If it didn't work, I wouldn't use it.

    I like the throw game the way it is. Only a few directions but only the ability to escape one direction makes it feel less about how good one is at inputting commands, and more about how good one is at making the right choice. It also makes it easier to keep the throw-games of each character more balanced, rather than someone ending up with nine-million directions, full-length ring-out throws, and a bunch of catch-throws to boot. I don't have a problem with certain characters having stronger throw-games (Wolf's should be better than Eileen's, for example), but keeping the throw-game simple avoids unintentional 'overpoweredness' from occurring.

    Might add more later.
  14. Wakke

    Wakke Active Member

    While VF5:FS is a great game, it is undeniable that is looks dull to the untrained eye. People who are not intensly familiar with VF are not thrilled by watching a match, and if you don't change that, it will never be a big hit, imo. If they fix that while keeping the deep fighting system, they win. For starters, we need to get rid of juggles. It's a relic from days of yore, and it looks ridiculus, really.
  15. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    Genzen: I really like the Blacklist idea, & there are really some salty DC players out there as well.

    As for the costumes I would also like for there to be unlockables. 20$ for all the customizations is ok but the items you would unlock would be exclusive items like really something special that comes with a winning pose or starting pose animation that'd be cool.
    (like a full body monkey outfit 4 Eileen, or full Wolf outfit for Wolf etc.)
    And the ability for others who do not have all the customizations to still be able to see yours would be nice.

    Uploading replays directly to Youtube Facebook Twitter heck even VFDC, something like that would be cool as well
  16. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    no doubt I do think people are more drawn to the flashy explosive- fireball type fighting games but keeping it as "down to earth" & as realistic as possible is what makes VF VF. Granted that might have been its downfall.
    Graphics and flashy animations can go a long way definitely, but we wouldn't want to get to corny.
  17. Femto

    Femto Well-Known Member

    VF has never been realistic. The animations for certain moves are taken from real life but the fighting has been in the video game realm. Juggles have been a staple since VF1.

    Actual knowledge from players is a must and people should start with FS. If VF is deep and balanced, you guys should be able to give a 5 min. breakdown of why it is such when asked about it from anyone, whether they play fighters or not.
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  18. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    I ment realistic as in no one having super powers, flying, "shooting fire outta their hands" etc. I agree, you have to have at least some knowledge of the game assuming you're wanting to fight competitively or just for fun 4 that matter.
  19. Wakke

    Wakke Active Member

    I'm talking about the opposite of flashy effects: I'm talking about making it look more like real life.
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  20. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    oops sorry i misread you

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