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Discussion in 'General' started by EvenPit, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Dragonps

    Dragonps Well-Known Member

    Ultimately we can go on forever regarding sales but the truth is VF never sold the kind of numbers overall that Tekken did. In any case because a game sells more doesn't necessarily mean it's better. I mean games like Fortnight and Apex legends have millions of downloads but I played them once and hated it.

    VF is niche and I don't mind that, in fact I rather like that I play a game that others deem too hard or not rewarding. It means I can educate them on just how fun the game can be on any level.

    We can sit here all day talking about how pretty the game should look etc I think we need to talk about the system more.

    So how about this for a question:

    What mechanics one from each VF game would you bring back for a potential 6th iteration?
  2. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Maybe if people told Harada to put Majima in Tekken, he might have agreed. But if that happened, Negan would be homeless.:p

    Why not all? It would give each player more possibilities, and the ability, to play a character in many/his or own way(s). Not to say that VF hasn't done that already.

    But the ability, to do infinite juggles from VF2, could stay in VF2. VF6 doesn't need that. And that wall bounce thing in VF3tb, that takes off a full lifebar, (hopefully that is a glitch. I think.) could keep away as well.
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  3. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Well-Known Member

    wall bounce thing in VF3tb, that takes off a full lifebar? What?
    Where's that? VF3tb wall combos aren't THAT strong not to mention to get good wall combos you need to do them at very specific angles which are pretty hard to get during a normal match, otherwise the combos simply drop thanks to the walls!
    the most you can get out of a wall combo is about 85% of the life far even VF4FT has some combos that do that kind of damage and are actually far easier to do.
    Despite VF3 introducing Uneven ground and Walls VF3tb doesn't have any kind of 0 to death combos or infinites like VF1 or VF2. Virtua Fighter games started being balanced with VF3.
    Have you even actually played VF3tb?
    Also come on VF5FS has some of the most insane combos in the entire series just look at this! this kind of thing is impossible in 3tb.
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  4. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Dude, you're telling me of all people that? Lol!
    In the train subway stage in VF3tb, if you hit an opponent, onto a certain part of the area, close to the train track area, your opponent will hit like an invisible wall, and bounce off far behind you, 100% damage. That silly cpu Sarah, did that to me the other day in VF3TB, within 5 seconds of the match. And then she did it again in the next round. That has to be a glitch.

    I'll check the vid in a while.
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  5. def

    def Well-Known Member

    Not sure if I should do a separate topic for this but I thought I post here.
    Quotes characters can say in a VF6
    -You'll be begging to run home to Momma after I'm through with you
    -I'm one of J6's best projects, I'll make sure they know that.
    -Come on, let's play (From tag team intro with Jacky in DOA5)

    -Give my regards to J6 (Kick's opponent/camera)
    -Next time, you won't be so lucky to live.

    Yes I know I'm kind of making her seem more hardened/grizzled whatever the word is but I thought with everything she's been through she would go in that direction.

    -I'll fight until my very last breath

  6. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Well-Known Member

    Weird, I have never seen anything like that while playing the game, in Sarah's stage you can run away and get hit by the train and be left with 1% of life but that's an easter egg which is impossible to do accidentally.
    But what you just mentioned is something i have never seen or heard about.
    I wonder if this is some kind of Dreamcast only glitch or something in all versions.
    anyways i would be interested in seeing what the glitch you mentioned looks like and if you know how to reproduce it.
  7. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Wait a minute. That sounds kinda close to what I saw. Well sort of.:holla:
    I'm going to search youtube, and see if I can find a vid on this glitch/easter egg.
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  8. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    yeah I'm pretty sure you're thinking of the train easter egg, where you need to run into the train as soon as the match starts and it does 99% damage.
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  9. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Well-Known Member

    Well, this is the getting hit by a train easier egg:

    you can see it at 2:43 but what you mentioned sounds different, the train thing is literally impossible to do by accident.

    Talking about VF3 and Trains here's another Easter Egg related to that train:
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  10. Ali

    Ali Well-Known Member

    Off topic,
    Any video/picture of Lau morphing into a photo realistic portrait in the select screen of VF3 Easter egg ?
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  11. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    Interesting that GamerBee was saying VF4 EVO is his top 1 fighting game during the most recent interview and he hopes VF can still release new series, even crossover is one option.
  12. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Well-Known Member

    I've Tweeted about that easter egg before.
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  13. Tumbling Dice

    Tumbling Dice Well-Known Member

    Could this glitch possibly be what you're referring to?

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  14. JCnextinc

    JCnextinc Member

    What? To you FF7 remake looks ugly ? Where is SEGA old iP revival policy..?

    Everybody is capitalizing on their old ips except the recordman of the amnt of legendary ips: SEGA!

    Every companies even if they don't have SEGA's History is making their old shit iconic but SEGA
    Then,or they're completely Stupid, or a big comeback would be possible with all these "Amazing SEGA" "Road to 2020" "GO SEGA 60th".

    For now SQUAREenix is above in terms of productions even if they sold less games in Europe for instance. I don't know about the rest of the world.
  15. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    Sega has had multiple IP revivals in the last few years.
  16. Thesch28

    Thesch28 Well-Known Member

    Those glitches are only possible in Revisions A and C
    They were fixed since revision D so they're not present in VF3tb.
    Although i wouldn't be surprised if vanilla 3 glitches happened in the Dreamcast port sometimes. That port is sloppy as hell to the point of some combos from vanilla reappearing there like Wolf's guaranteed pick up throw after giant swing which got removed in the arcade version VF3tb.
  17. MDog

    MDog Well-Known Member

    My confusion is over how remaking FF7 constitutes "taking risks" in any way. The absolute safest bet you could ever take
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  18. Ali

    Ali Well-Known Member

    It's a very safe bet and they technically waited until they have better resources/engines to pull it off tho..they could have done this 10 years ago but they waited for the moment.

    That's the other thing, call SEGA whatever you want, they usually don't cash their IPs with trash. They could have just released a crappy attempt at doing another VF cashed a bit on it and killed the series.

    @Thesch28 thanks for the Lau's Easter egg. It's super weird.
    I have never played VF3 ever, would be interesting tho, I think VF4 just took things to a wildly bigger and newer level.
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  19. Sonic The Fighters

    Sonic The Fighters Well-Known Member

    VF5 (VF5FS) was so good and aged so well, the game has stood 15 years.

    It's amazing, and people are still playing it.

    Maybe they knew it could stay relevant for so long. When i see how DOA6, T7, SC6 are still not better (by far) than VF5FS in 2020...

    And maybe it seems that it was clearly too early to have a VF6 for this generation and usuless, at least to make a new VF on the same level and to see real differences with VF5FS. (it would have been too expansive just for not seeing a real big difference with the last one).

    I can agree that VF6 was not 100% needed for this generation (PS4 - XB1).

    Maybe the mistake of SEGA in 2012, was to not release VF5FS for this current generation (2013 PS4 - XB1) instead of the PS360 generation. It was only 5 months, and at this time there was almost zero 3D fighting games for years.

    But now, it's another story and 10 years have passed since VF5FS ! And another new generation is starting again !

    It's time for our Virtua Fighter 6 announcement :coffee::love::ROTFL::holla::D:p;)(y)
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  20. SSfox

    SSfox Well-Known Member

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