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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Oct 4, 1999.

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    By chance, does anyone here know where I can get a copy of the Virtua Fighter anime?
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    try going here...

    go to this link <a href=>VF anime cartoon</a>
    i got it from my own trusty old, and i do mean old, vf links page at
    i dunno if u can actually buy it from them or if they just have info but u can prob mail and ask them
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    Thats for trying to help. If anyone is interested I was reading an anime magazine and Virtua Fighter the anime might be brought to the US soon by an offical sub/dub company. Oh and If anyone knows, someone I know said when a character does a moves or combo in the anime they will go bback and teach it to you in the game, what I am wondering isa if this is true or not.
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    Re: Thanks

    This is a bit unrelated...
    But, I have an original cell, as well as sketch, from the VF anime.
    My girlfriend bought it off of Ebay for me, for literally a couple of dollars, while doing a search for Virtua Fighter. It is from the scene where Akira won a tournament or fight, and everyone is crowding around him congratulating him.

    I have it framed on my wall :) Though I have still never actually SEEN the anime.

    Jim C.
    Editor in Chief
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    Re: Thanks

    Actually, once per episode, they highlight a signature move for a certain character and give the background on the mechanics of the move, such as development in past for certain purposes. The best is the last eposiode where they give a detail account of how akira SPoDs Dural, and why the SPoD is better than the Tetsuzanko.

    SPoD = 82 damage, but (at the time of anime release) uncounterable
    Tetsuzanko (b,f,f+P+K, i.e. Iron Mountain or Body Check) = up to 80 damage+MC damage mods, but (at the time of anime release) could be thrown out of it or blocked and countered.

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