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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Jun 26, 2001.

By Myke on Jun 26, 2001 at 9:23 PM
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    The Virtua Fighter Archive is ready to be shipped!

    Mr. Bungle writes:

    <font color=white>
    <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> is now the place to go to order your copy of the VFA.

    While I honestly wish I could distribute this for free as originally planned, I had to be realistic; I've left the the distribution in the hands of a very helpful person. I believe the prices offered are fair.

    By no means are there any sort of exclusive distribution rights - feel free to duplicate and give away the VFA if you're able and willing. I also have noticed that a few of you are from the same general region/country (two from the UK; two from Australia; two from France, several from Canada); if it would be cheaper or more convenient for one in an area to order one copy and then distribute from there, by all means, do so.

    Bottom line - do whatever the hell you want with it :)

    If you have no way to pay (no CC, etc) or any other concerns regarding cost, mailing, etc, please contact me - I really want everyone that wants one to get a copy.

    If you have any other questions, just email me.

    </font color=white>

    See the previous news post for Rich's contact details.


Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Jun 26, 2001.

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