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Virtua Fighter at Tokyo Game Show 2022

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Sep 13, 2022.

By akai on Sep 13, 2022 at 7:10 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Virtua Fighter will be present at this week's Tokyo Game Show 2022. Three JeSU-pro licensed players--Shiwa, Barugo, and Bita--will be present to play with attendees. While the VF exhibitions will not be streamed there will be a SEGA NEW special broadcast on Friday, September 16, 8:00-8:50 pm.

    It is unclear if there will be news pertaining to Virtua Fighter, but the special program "is filled with the latest info on the newest SEGA and ATLUS titles."

    In addition, Aoki confirmed that he will be present at the Tokyo Game Show.
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Sep 13, 2022.

      I not expecting the resurrection of Christ but VF6 would be nice

      But so many great announcements in the last 12 hours, would've been great for the VF brand to be amongst the hype this week, even with Tekken 8s unveiling.

      I'm happy to play dress ups for now - Streets of Rage DLC c'mon SEGA wooo!!!
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    2. Tha_FeauchA
      I'll just say that VF moving in any direction is better than it not moving at all.
    3. 40i4
    4. akai
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    5. Shinobi
      Maybe they will announce another pack of DLC costumes. But, it is rather peculiar that the only SEGA games in the show are going to be Sonic Frontiers and VF5US. Why would they bring a nearly two year old game to the show, if they have nothing new to announce?
    6. ToyDingo
      The fact that Aoki is going to be there piques my interest. I refuse to get my hopes up for anything more than another DLC costume pack (I'm okay with that honestly). But...we'll see...
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    7. Shinobi
      The bad thing is that Bandai Namco just announced Tekken 8, so, even if VF6/Next exists, I think that SEGA won't announce it, out of professional courtesy.
    8. akai
      Update: No VF info from the SEGA NEWS Live Stream.

      Two days left for the TGS. There was some excitement over a tweet from the official VF twitter account about "tomorrow" which based on the time and location it was posted...the "tomorrow" refers to Saturday and not Friday.

      Again, this might not be a tease of VF news to come, as it is common for the official VF twitter account to tweet about special occasions in Japan (Silver Week in Japan).

      There was also this quote tweet from Aoki in reply to Kurita on Friday evening (Japan time). Kurita mentioned in his tweet "I quietly left the venue while expecting a bright future for Virtua Fighter"...

      Aoki's responded that he will be there in both Japanese and English. Maybe he is oblivious of how his tweets will be interpreted, just practicing his English on his personal account, or maybe he is very good at trolling/baiting his followers...

      My supply of hopium is near its end...but I think I have enough for two more days ^_^';;.
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    9. joanot
      Yeah, that last Aoki tweet sounds like we are getting a VF6 tease… damm hope he isnt trolling lol, wasnt expecting anything VF related this TGS.
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    10. Hobo-Jho
      Hopefully Aoki has interests on making VF5 the "Ultimate Showdown". I mean why bring back a game and not polish it? Don't get me wrong...outfits are cool and all, but it takes more than that to turn some heads. I'm assuming VF6 isn't in the works for the time being, so why not make some adjustments to the game?

      • Restore vanilla attacks or add new moves.
      • Give everyone back their OM and DM attacks.
      • Throw in tournament events like SFV or Tekken does.
      • Altered stages
      • Dural and her stage
      • VF5 VF5R VF5FS UI
      • Hit spark options??
      Outfits should be the last thing to focus on and if they consider it, I would love to see characters rocking Streets of Rage, Phantasy Star Online, Shenmue, Shinobi, etc outfits.
    11. Shoju
      Are the original AM2 developers still there or could they brought back? If not who there would be capable of making a brand new game? Seems like they lost of their developers when they scaled down.
    12. Kiuju
      Given how the game is now, I am happy with more costume, bgm, and UI packs. I think gameplay features like playing as a previous version of an existing character is a waste of effort for a very old game.

      Would rather time spent making something new.
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    13. faster 10 lightning
    14. Ni8anttana
      I really really wish that we get a 6th installment but it's honestly too late for the time being, also it's better we keep our expectations lower in that regard i say!^_^
    15. masterpo

      Well, my friend nothing from TGS yet on VF5US or what's next., I haven't seen anything not a peep

      So I guess:

      I feel like a dopium :mad: for having hopium :oops: when it looks like
      the answer is nopium, :( so I'm gonna wash off all my VF hype with soapium:cry:

    16. akai
      My supply of hopium is out, but I have a cup of nicely brew coffee to tried to keep me awake after watching strong players compete against each other in the Tokai Cup!

      Definitely disappointed, but now I get ready to play some online VF5US which I do enjoy and still have lots of stuff that I can improve and work on :).
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    17. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      i didn't expected VF6 news, but at least some VF5US DLC news.
      It's strange they had nothing to show for TGS.
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    18. masterpo
      Well TBH, from what I've read and somewhat understand the FG developers don't want to step on each other's announcements and releases or they want to give each other a little room.

      SF6 is getting all of the limelight right now., Then it will be Tekken 8's turn., So maybe we'll get some real news about the next VF after Tekken's danger zone.:(
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    19. ToyDingo
      That's what I understood too. But honestly, I don't get that way of thinking. I can see not wanting to release games at the same time. But announcing them? We aren't hamsters, we can focus on more than one thing at a time.

      Seriously, SF6 was announced in June, then T8 was just announced last week. Everyone is excited for both. So why not throw VF6 in the pile? 3 iconic and awesome games announced in the same summer? What's wrong with that?

      If this is true (I've heard this from multiple outlets) then I just don't understand Japanese culture. Which....makes sense....as I've only spent like 2 months of my entire life in Japan.

      It was an awesome 2 months though.
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