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Virtua Fighter esports arcade experience (in Japan)

Discussion in 'Arcade' started by supergolden, Jun 9, 2021 at 11:15 PM.

By supergolden on Jun 9, 2021 at 11:15 PM
  1. supergolden

    supergolden Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone, long time no see.

    So today I went for a run to the local Round One in Takatsu, Kawasaki to check out Virtua Fighter esports.
    Overall it was great fun to get in some matches again! I'll definitely be heading back again soon.

    Card System
    • I have no idea where my VF5FS character cards are, they were probably thrown out years ago, so I went and got a new aime card to start from scratch
    • aime card works with many different games, whereas with VF5FS you needed character cards only for VF
    • One aime card stores your stats for multiple VF characters and other games too
    • aime card cost 300 yen
    • aime site is in English too, and easy to login with SNS account so glad I won't need to remember another username / pw
    Round One
    • At around 10:30 AM on a Thursday, very few people in Round One
    • No one else playing VFes (in this arcade)
    • I selected arcade with online battle possible with anyone in Japan (you could limit to only people in the same arcade if you wanted to)
    • You could also choose training mode while waiting for online matches
    • Even at 10:30 AM, it quickly and continuously matched me up with online opponents
    • You get to loose three different online matches before needing to put in more money
    • You can request rematch after each fight (whether you win or loose)
    • This cabinet had option to connect your own USB controller
    • I can't remember the last time I played VF, still I won 9/12 matches and got promoted up to 7 kyuu (maybe lots of new players, rusty players, or it matches with people of similar skill level)
    • It was a lot of fun to play and I didn't notice any major lag
    • I haven't played the game for years, and never was super technical with my control, so even if it played a bit differently from local comp I wouldn't have noticed

    ALL.Net P-ras MULTI バージョン3cabinet
    (you can choose other games besides VF too to play on the same cabinet)

    VF esports.net website, ring name, intro text, and match history

    Me at Round One
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Discussion in 'Arcade' started by supergolden, Jun 9, 2021 at 11:15 PM.

    1. Myke
      Hey @supergolden, long time!

      I've heard reports from others in Japan that there's some noticeable input lag with the arcade hardware. So when you mentioned that you felt there was no lag, are you referring to the delay-based online play, or input delay, or both?

      Or, since you admitted to not having been a very technical player, nor played the game in years, you're really not sure?
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    2. supergolden
      I had also read Japanese players comments about lag, so I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. It felt like playing VF5FS in the arcade did. At first I even thought I was playing someone in the same arcade, only to look around the cab to see an empty beatmania machine o_O

      I did without problem:
      • Basic combos with El Blaze
      • Fuzzy guarding during Lau's PPP string to duck under third hit
      • Throw, Punch, Elbow counter moves as expected no problem
      What I didn't try:
      • Just frames like Jacky iaigeri, Akira knee, or Kage DPoD
      • Crouch dash cancel movement
      I had some input misses though those were because I haven't played anything on a joystick in a decade or so. Certainly better experience than playing VF5FS on PS3 in Japan (which had noticeable lag regularly for me). Looking forward to playing again VFes in the arcade again soon, and hope the comp doesn't go anywhere!
    3. smbhax
      Excellent report! : D

      Slightly off-topic, but did you happen to notice what the other games in the cabinet were?
    4. Tekken_Sux
      kinda lame it doesn't have two joysticks.
    5. smbhax
      For Vs games, Japanese cabs are generally placed back-to-back with a networked partner cab--so the opponents are facing each other, with the cabs in between.
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    6. supergolden
      Here is a list of the games available on ALL.Net P-ras MULTI バージョン3 , including Dead or Alive 6, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, BLAZBLUE, and others.
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    7. MadeManG74
      Nice insight, thank you! Interesting that you can choose to play only people in the same arcade, that's quite nice.

      I don't know if this is a silly question but was it a head to head style cabinet? I'm guessing you can still play vs someone on the same cab/linked cab without online, right?
    8. supergolden
      I went out to the local Round1 during lunch today and played a game of VFes.
      Some more thoughts

      • Playing in a no smoking environment is great (as much as I loved playing VF4 & VF5 back in the day, I didn't like the feeling that I was getting second hand smoke or smelling like a chimney for the rest of the day)
      • While arcades used to be open until at least midnight, now this one at least is closed at night so my only chance to get out is during the day somehow (thanks to pre-Olympic COVID lockdown)
      • Again not many people there during daytime, I was only one on the row of machines playing
      • For online battle you get three flame icons, and when you run out game over
      • Losing a 3/5 round match loses one flame icon
      • Winning 9 or 10 matches will also lose a flame icon (which is different from all previous VF in arcade, where you could stay on as long as you kept on winning)
      • You have to subscribe to VFesports premium monthly fee of 440 yen to be able to customize your character. In VF5FS, you got items by completing various quests and unlocking them.
      • While waiting for online opponents, you can choose arcade mode or training mode. Arcade mode ends if you lose or beat the game, training mode you can do for a fixed amount of time. I've only done arcade mode and haven't played training mode yet.
      • I don't think there is a way to save or download replays, which was a good feature of VF5 and I miss.

      • I waited no longer than one minute to get matched up with a new opponent each time. Didn't even have time to beat one CPU opponent 2/3 rounds
      • So far it is doing a great job of matching me with opponents of similar rank and skill level. In VF4 & VF5FS you were at the mercy of whoever was at your arcade, and sometimes it could be difficult to find someone to rank up against
      • I made it to 2級 so far and still have 70+% win percentage. Most of the matches are fun and challenging against people who have obviously played VF before. Not getting placed against anyone spamming P, though so far comp isn't as hard as I remember VF4 or VF5 being back in the day.
      • The game is still really enjoyable to play, and much less lag then I felt on PS3 VF5FS here in Japan
      • I was surprised a few times when I tried to land delay knee in Blaze's 3+PPK combo, only to have the K come out as a standing kick instead of the knee. I think this is probably just me being rusty more than lag.
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