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Virtua Fighter eSports Special Cup

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by akai, Dec 15, 2023.

By akai on Dec 15, 2023 at 11:07 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Update in Progress: 135 players actually participated

    Referred to as the first offline open tournament (challenge cup qualifiers were online, but the finals was offline).

    SEGA's summary of event - https://info-esports.sega.jp/vf/detail/4982/


    The Special Cup is a one day offline PS4 tournament for VF5US. 152 participants registered for the February 10, 2024 event with an additional 32 spots available on the day of the event. The day is not only focused on Ultimate Showdown, but participants and spectators can also play the recently released VF3TB online. There will be two streams for the event: 1) a course on VF3TB online; and 2) the VFeS (VF5US outside of Japan) Final Tournament for the top 8 players.

    5 hours before the main stream for VF5US / VFeS, Yodoriba Jacky will be giving a course on VF3TB

    VF5US Final 8 Tournament:

    The Special Cup is an offline PS4 tournament for VF5US (known in Japan as VFeS). It is a free offline tournament for 256 players, to be completed in one day, Saturday, February 10, 2024 at the Tokyo "Lighthouse" at SEGA's head office. Tournament detail and application is through VF Camp. Translation (mostly through google translate) is posted below for your convenience.

    ■Tournament Name
    SEGA official "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports SPECIAL CUP"

    ■Tournament Overview
    SEGA official "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports SPECIAL CUP" VIRTUA FIGHTER esports SPECIAL CUP is a tournament in which players who meet the qualifications and abide by the terms are eligible to participate.

    In this tournament, the top 8 players that advanced through the preliminary rounds will be granted the right to participate in the final tournament of SEGA's official "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports SPECIAL CUP".
    (Held on the same day as the qualifying round)

    The winner will be awarded a crystal trophy.

    ■Tournament Details
    This division is open to all players aged 12 and over on the entry deadline, regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs.

    • Date: Saturday, February 10, 2024
    • Location: Tokyo "LIGHTHOUSE", 11F, Sega Head Office, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku
    • Event Format: Offline
    • *Preliminaries for the earliest group are scheduled to start between 10:00 and 11:00.
    • Participation fee: Free

    Participation Conditions: The right to participate will be granted to athletes who meet the qualifications and have made the specified entry.

    Advance Entry Limit:
    224 people
    Maximum Number of Entries on the Day: 32 people
    Total: 256 people
    *For those who did not apply in time for the advance entry period.
    Please use same-day entry. If we reach the maximum limit on the day, you will not be able to participate in the tournament.

    Tournament Format:
    • Preliminary round: 4 groups of up to 64 people per block will be divided by lottery and a double elimination tournament will be held. A total of 8 players from all groups, 1st place on the winners side and 1st place on the losers side, will advance to the final tournament.
    • Final tournament: A single elimination tournament will be held with a total of 8 players.

    • Winner: Awarded crystal trophy
    • All participating players: Awarded the new title “NO VF NO LIFE”
    *PSNID will be collected at the time of entry​
    Distribute original stickers (type to be determined)

    Special Event: "Virtua Fighter 3tb Online" free play cabinet installation
    Live Streaming: Final tournament only

    ■Eligibility for Participation
    ・General players who are 12 years old or older on the entry deadline
    ・Agree to the “SEGA Official VIRTUA FIGHTER Esports SPECIAL CUP” Entry Terms and Conditions
    ・Ability to communicate with management, referees, and other players in Japanese
    ・Minor players must have the consent of their parent/guardian before entering.
    ・Ability to receive communications from tournament management or referees by phone or email
    Also, be able to communicate in Japanese
    ・Those who do not include expressions that violate public order and morals or third party trademarks in their player names.
    *If we determine that the management is not appropriate, we may request changes. Please note that if we do not receive consent for the change, your entry to the tournament may be cancelled.
    ・Those who can follow management instructions and abide by the rules set.

    ■About the Entry
    This competition is an individual (one person) entry competition.

    ■Entry Period:
    Qualifying: December 15, 2023 (Friday) – January 28, 2024 (Sunday) 23:59
    Announcement of Participants: Participants will be notified via email after January 30, 2024 (Tuesday).
    Please note that the items will be sent in order, so there may be differences in arrival.
    *It is not necessary to reply to the email. But if you wish to cancel, we would appreciate if you reply back to the email.

    ■Tournament Participation Fee: Free

    ■SEGA Official “VIRTUA FIGHTER esports SPECIAL CUP” Regulations
    Title used: PlayStation®4 “Virtua Fighter esports”
    Number of players: 2 players
    Adopted version: Apply the latest version at the time of the tournament
    Controller: Please bring your own DUALSHOCK 4, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®4 Pro licensed products are recommended.
    *Controllers that cannot be used with PlayStation®4/PlayStation®4 Pro are not allowed.
    *Use of macro function, continuous hit function, etc. is not allowed.

    About Arcade Controllers
    Each player will be allowed to bring their own, but we will check the controller if necessary.
    It may be carried out by the management. Also, please refrain from lending/borrowing equipment between players as this may hinder the progress of the tournament.

    Characters Used:
    All characters available during the tournament can be played.
    During a match, players who won the previous match should continue using the same character.
    Players who lost the previous match can change their character.

    Round Time/Victory Conditions:
    Qualifying: 45 seconds per round / First to 3 rounds per match / First to 2 matches
    Final Tournament: 45 seconds per round / First to 3 rounds per match / First to 3 matches
    Finals: 45 seconds per round / First to 3 rounds per match / First to 5 matches
    Usage mode: Offline Versus
    Player Side: Determined by rock, paper, scissors
    *Pairings will be decided by lottery by the management before the tournament.
    Stage: Random

    ■Special Notes regarding Participation in SEGA's official "VIRTUA FIGHTER esports SPECIAL CUP"

    Regarding Rematches during Offline Matches and Other Matters
    ・If the match is interrupted due to some problem, the management will consider the conditions for resuming the match.
    The decision will be made with the agreement of both competing players, and if no agreement can be reached, the decision will be made by the tournament organizer.
    - In the case of a rematch, the number of battles won first, the stage, the round, and the number of alcohol consumed by Shun Di will be carried over.
    *The wall destruction part will be reset.

    〇 About Live Streaming of the Tournament
    The tournament will be streamed live on the internet. If exposure is not possible, please refrain from entering.

    〇 About the Venue
    ・Enter and exit from the venue is free, but please follow the instructions of the staff.
    ・You can eat and drink inside the venue, but space is limited and we ask that you share your space with others.
    ・Eating, drinking, and smoking outside of designated areas is strictly prohibited.
    ・Acts that cause a nuisance to residents near the SEGA headquarters are prohibited.

    〇 Those who wish to Spectate at the Venue
    For entries for those who only wish to spectate the event, please fill out the information on the website below. For those participating in the tournament, spectating is free, so there is no need to enter this information.

    ■Contact Information
    SEGA “VIRTUA FIGHTER esports” tournament management office
    Email address: segaesports_event@sega.com
    *It may take several days for us to respond to your inquiry. We would appreciate it if you could contact us at your earliest convenience.
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Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by akai, Dec 15, 2023.

    1. akai
      Quick summary for those actually interested in participating in the the Special Cup:

      It is a free offline tournament to be completed in one day at the head office of SEGA at the "Lighthouse".

      The main restrictions for those outside of Japan is travel expense and being able to communicate in Japanese. Application deadline is January 28, 2024.
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    2. akai
      156 players participating in the offline tournament with 32 additional spots available on site.

      Final 8 will be streamed:

      Addtional prizes and items to be handed out at the event:
      - Top 8 gets a jacket in the style of the VF eSports pro players
      - Stickers

      During the event VF3TB online will be available for peope to play. Yodoriba Jacky will also be giving a course on VF3TB, 5 hours before the mian stream for VF5US / VFeS
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    3. akai
    4. Razinoff
      I have to ask: Why?

      I mean at the release of the game they did a season and a half of regular esports events.
      But then they decided to take a one year nap only to come back with a special, SPECIAL!, cup, in Sega's HQ, with Aoki there, with open bracket and all...

      What's so special about it? "Well, apparently a third party has released their third VF toy now. I guess you can buy that!"

      Just, why even bother?
    5. akai
      1st - Shiokara (AK)
      2nd - Porori (TA)
      Top 4 - ChinJ (ChinpanJ) (JA)
      Top 4 - Densetsu SP (JN)
      Top 8 - Aki (LI)
      Top 8 - Reorao (GO)
      Top 8 - VIPism (BL)
      Top 8 - Kashin (TA)

      Pictures from VF Official Twitter account

      Attached Files:

      Last edited: Feb 12, 2024
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    6. akai
      From the group shot above and watching players' reactions during the matches, I think that is good enough reason for some fans & players of VF to have the "Special Cup".

      As for hosting the event for SEGA as a business and to consumers of their product...I have no idea!
    7. 40i4
      I had great fun watching it. Especially Vipism matches were pure fun. I'm glad it happend. I'm waiting for next one.
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    8. Combolammas
      Isn't Reorao Goh? There's a Goh in the top 8 and that's Reorao's character so I'm assuming there's an error there.

      For the record here are the starting times of the different sets

      1:56:50 (First round at 1:51:55, but there was some problem. I think Akira forgot to button check.)
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    9. akai
      Yup typo on my end. Thanks
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    10. akai

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