Virtua Fighter Evo 2018 Results & Wrap Up

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    Virtua Fighter made it to the stage and stream of Evo 2018, and it was a community driven effort.

    With an outstanding turnout, great matches on display and a great collaboration the event is something to be proud of for all involved and proof that the Virtua Fighter community can make great things happen.

    Congratulations to the top four for the tournament:
    1. Homestay Akira
    2. AdamYUKI (@adamYUKI)
    3. Gentleman Thief (@Lucky_GT)
    VF evo top 4.jpg

    Full results and brackets here.
    VFDC League event page here.

    Check out highlights of the tournament right here, thanks to VFDC's own @Myke

    You can catch the full Top 4 for the tournament here:

    Pool play is currently being edited for YouTube upload by Escaping Workforce, but for now the archives are available here:

    We hope the success of this event inspires more Virtua Fighter action at locals, monthlies and majors around the world! But Virtua Fighter returning to Evo was never a guaranteed deal, and only came to be thanks to the community's dedication...

    It all began with Mr Wizard, the self-proclaimed 'Head Honcho for Evo' making this announcement;

    After VFDC user Blackstar caught wind of this, some discussion for the tournament was begun, and that's where this thread was created:

    Kori Maru (@Kori_Maru) , who would become one of the tournament organisers (TO) for the event, commented;

    The discussion continued.

    With Jason Elbow (@Jason Elbow) and Kori Maru both volunteering, the planning could begin. The tournament, however, was still missing experienced tournament organisers for running the brackets. After putting the call out for help, the team was eventually met with an answer from the man behind Escaping Workforce.

    Escaping Workforce is a twitch ( and YouTube Channel that has run countless FGC programs, including online Virtua Fighter tournaments in the past. After reaching out to the team via the Virta Revival Discord, we had a man on the ground who could lend his experience and his stream to the event!

    The word spread quickly among the Virtua Fighter community and among Evo attendees, and before long the team had to start considering capping the attendance to ensure the tournament could be run on time with the staff that was available. The decision was made to cap the tournament at 40 entrants, which was quickly hit after the announcement.

    While there were a lot of requests to increase the player cap to 64, we knew it couldn't realistically be done without some more help. Enter: DropKick events. Montage and Phoxx of the Dropkick Events team in SoCal came forth with a game-changer. Not only did the team increase by two experienced and VF-loving tournament organisers, but they also set up a Matcherino page to raise pot bonuses. With this, the cap was raised to 64, and by the day of the tournament over $400 had been raised as a pot bonus for the top 3.

    Dropkick's Montage said:

    VF Evo Crew on the ground.jpg

    With huge names from around the USA, Canada, Japan and all around the world entering the tournament, the stage was set for an amazing showdown at the biggest Fighting Game Tournament in the world.

    The team and community all came together to deliver a fantastic tournament. Kori Mari remembers:

    Dropkick's Montage had fond memories of organising the tournament with a dedicated group of people from around the world and the stunning tournament play;

    VF Evo Group hjp.jpg

    The community stuck together playing many hours of casuals after the tournament too, check out Cobratron's YouTube Channel for all the videos of casuals;

    The success of Virtua Fighter at Evo was immediately preceded by a successful tournament at CEO (Community Effort Orlando), and will be immediately succeeded by another gathering of VF players, the legendary New York Gathering on August 25.

    Tournaments for Virtua Fighter still take place all around the world, and there's no end in sight. I do hope that this spirit is kept up and more Virtua Fighter events are supported for the year's to come. Whether it's online, locals, monthlies or majors, there will always be room for Virtua Fighter in the FGC.

    Support the game and keep loving Virtua Fighter!

    To everyone who participated, watched or even found out about the tournament after the fact, please do give us all your thoughts and comments below! We'd love to hear from you!
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Discussion in 'News' started by MadeManG74, Aug 21, 2018.

    1. SDS_Overfiend1
      Damn Homestay...Made it look like Americans just needed to Stay home. I saw an Akira that used every tool in every situation...UNFAIR.
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    2. Myke

      Would you mind providing some feedback on the event?

      For those who were watching the stream, it appeared as though there were audio issues for the players (i.e. the monitors had no speakers) and that some (or all?) displays exhibited some lag?

      As a spectator I saw a few dropped combos and strange decisions made which I initially attributed to nerves, but perhaps lag was a factor? Or having no audio? Or all of the above? Either way, the playing environment didn't appear to reflect ideal tournament conditions, which was unfortunate given this is EVO we're talking about, and many people pay good money just to be there.

      But in any case, please share your experiences so that future events can benefit from any lessons learned. We don't have the track record, or sheer numbers, enjoyed by other FG communities, to smoothly run an event like this at a major. So when a new faces step up to help out there will invariably be teething problems. Let's try to be supportive, and appreciative(!), that this event even took place out of seemingly nothing.

      So on that note, I too want to say a massive thank you to @Kori_Maru15 and @Jason Elbow for volunteering to help, and to the Escaping Workforce and Dropkick Events guys for lending a huge hand on the logistics front. Last, but not least, thanks to my bald brother @MadeManG74 for orchestrating things from afar, and providing the necessary glue to keep everything from falling apart leading up to the day of the event!

      Despite the aforementioned issues, I really enjoyed watching the event, there were many memorable moments (CHEEKS ARE TIGHT!), and to witness Homestay absolutely WRECK everyone was simply a treat! He's such a great ambassador of the game, and it was pleasing to see him represent the game at the highest level on the EVO (side) stage.
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    3. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      For the love of vf. My pleasure!
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    4. Tha_FeauchA
      Can't front. I'd be pretty salty if I saved up to go to Evo for VF and the monitors were laggy and had sound issues (or whatever the case may have been). Even though I could only make top 32 if there were 32 people entering, I'd still want to at least play on good equipment.

      Ya live and learn, though. I know it can't be easy to set all the stuff up and how something minor can cause malfunctions.

      I definitely want to try and make it next year if there is a VF side tourny. Even though I don't like flying
    5. TexasLion
      There was a local VF tournament here in Colorado years ago at a gamestop and the monitors were lagging the game big time. I was the only one to complain about it but it was throwing off my whole game. So yeah I definitely know how it feels to play on laggy monitors, but Evo is the last place I expect to have to deal with that issue. Hopefully that'll never happen again.
    6. MadeManG74
      Please ensure that if you did play on a laggy monitor or weren't happy with the equipment to feed it back to Evo staff. @Kori_Maru15 do you know if there is a feedback channel? If not, just tag Evo and Mr Wiz on twitter to give some constructive feedback.

      If we don't let them know they won't change anything.
    7. MadeManG74

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