'Virtua Fighter Series' #4 on Sega's "Sega Ages" Poll

Discussion in 'News' started by MadeManG74, Sep 22, 2018.

By MadeManG74 on Sep 22, 2018 at 5:36 PM
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    Sega has revealed the results of their Sega Ages poll! Virtua Fighter Series comes in an #4.

    With the announcement of Virtua Racing being a part of the Switch's Sega Ages lineup, could there be more 3D arcade games in the works?

    Sega Ages Poll Results Cirlcle - 22.09.2018.jpg

    Here are the results translated below:

    1. Jet Set Radio series
    2. Shenmue I & II
    3. Panzer Dragoon Saga
    4. Virtua Fighter series
    5. Shining series
    6. Panzer Dragoon series
    7. Sakura Wars series
    8. Puyo Puyo series
    9. Cyber Troopers Virtual-On series
    10. Burning Ranger
    11. Skies of Arcadia
    12. NiGHTS into dreams…
    13. Golden Axe series
    14. Mushiking: The King of Beetles series
    15. Phantasy Star Online
    16. Space Channel 5 series
    17. OutRunners
    18. Sonic Adventure 1, 2
    19. Daytona USA series
    20. SpikeOut series
    21. Dynamite Cop (Die Hard Arcade) series
    22. Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    23. Virtua Racing
    24. Fantasy Zone series
    25. Dragon Force series
    26. Sega Rally series
    27. Phantasy Star (classic) series
    28. Guardian Heroes
    29. Out Run 2 (including SP)
    30. Wing War

    Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2018/09/2...an-poll-results-revealed/#O4OaGXBIIlGiYU3L.99
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Discussion in 'News' started by MadeManG74, Sep 22, 2018.

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