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Virtua Fighter Trademark Renewed

Discussion in 'General' started by Sudden_Death, Aug 12, 2016.

By Sudden_Death on Aug 12, 2016 at 1:56 AM
  1. Sudden_Death

    Sudden_Death Well-Known Member

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Discussion in 'General' started by Sudden_Death, Aug 12, 2016.

    1. MadeManG74
      Supposedly this happened with Shenmue a month or so before the E3 Announcement of Shenmue III.

      Also that dude on NeoGAF said in 2014 a new VF was on it's way.

      Also, Tokyo Game Show is next month.

      I don't give a fuck, I'm letting myself get hyped. Fite me irl.
    2. guesxy
      I would even take a VF5FS re-release, having turned on PS3 in a while, will gladly take it on PS4! But as far as what this means rumour wise, i agree I let myself be hyped up! So SEGA, shut up and take my money :D Give us a 6!
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    3. Dragonps
      TGS is next month....oh flipping hell I can't contain my excitement!
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    4. MarlyJay
      Is the trademark not just renewed so no one else can release stuff called Virtua Fighter?
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    5. celsowm
      A Virtua Fighter Collection (before Virtua Fighter 6) would be cool too !

      - Virtua Fighter 1,2,3,4,5... A man can dream :D
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    6. Dragonps
      True companies do this all the time to stop their IP's going into the public domain, but it just has to be VF6
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    7. MadeManG74
      Most likely yes.
      But there is precedent for this happening with Shenmue III two years ago too.

      Also, I would also be stoked if this was just FS on PC.
      We're doing well getting new players to try the game this year, but so many kids bin their 360 & PS3 when they get a new console, they can't play at home. Having a PC release or even PS4 release would make things easier.
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    8. def
      SO F-ING HYPED!!! I really hope something come out of this. I remember a few months ago, someone from Sega said that if enough fans demand it, a new VF would be considered. And shortly after that, a petition was made.

      I was just playing VF5: Final Showdown on PS3. Playing it makes me want a new game of any sorts whether it's VF6 or a port of an older title.
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    9. ClarenceMage
    10. H_Magnus
      This please. I need every single VF game with a proper Steam release.
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    11. celsowm
    12. MadeManG74
      ^I always take 4chan with a grain of salt, but FS on PC would make sense and would be VERY welcomed.

      As I said, it would probably result in a healthy influx of new players.
      I would probably give away a copy of the game each month at my local tournaments.
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    13. oneida
      oh shit i forgot about steam gifts! yeah my whole friends list is getting it
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    14. def
      If the tgs 2017 is true, it sounds like it won't be released till 2018! :( But would still be :) about it happening if true. Would there be an arcade version with possible US release like Tekken 7?

      I would love to see the following if added if possible:
      -Sweat, dirt physics like in Dead or Alive 5, water physics was already done in VF5.
      -Tears in clothing (a more realistic approach to Dead or Alive's destructible outfits)
      -Scrapes if possible
      -Depending on hair styles being worn, have option to have them come undone.
      -An aquarium stage (just imagine the graphics!)

      There should be a VF game in the style of Dead or Alive Dimensions (maybe the story is a recap of previous games, would be good for new players) that brings back old stages and outfits and such.

      Doubt it, but would love a portable VF game. Despite owning it on PS3, I bought a PS Now version at least a few times to play on Vita and it translated well the controls I'm referring to.
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    15. DK
      I gotta remember to friend you then :LOL:
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    16. celsowm
      I was wondering what kind of mod would be created for a possible VF5 FS PC...
    17. whitegrass
      It's cool if Sega porting VF games to PC, I am considering upgrade my display card is VF release in this year
    18. Rynex
      Be sure if there will be a 6 that AM2 is reading your comments. VFDC is the number one Site for the west and Sega knows it.

      We need V.F to be the most demanding and realistic Fighting game in its Physics and improve again the animations like they did in V.F5 AND F.S

      _Bruises and scratches
      _big bruises black eyes(like art of fighting) in certain cases (very long fights with a lot of big counter hits in the face for exemple)
      _Wheather time selection.(imagine very windy stormy stages with clothes hair effects,water and I WANT THE SNOW BACK! the rising suns etc..
      (For f.S on pc include all stages from "R" Vanilla)
      _New ground animation K.O if only hit on the leg.
      _And a story mode (iknow iknow) for new comers and to be more sexy for casuals.Even street fighter now has cinematics.
      _Fighting in stages like VF3 roof dunes subway stairs and all those non flat rings(but I know it's impossible or too difficult)
      _And very important:translation not only in english but in at least Spanish French German Portugese Russian. The game is deep and here in Europe if you suck too much in english you can't even complete a character movelist in the dojo or understand the tutorial :/
      Think about it Sega please!
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    19. oneida
      VF Kids 2

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