Virtua Fighter: Victory Road 2017 - Australian VF League!

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By MadeManG74 on Jan 17, 2017 at 2:27 AM
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    The Australian Virtua Fighter community is very proud to announce that VICTORY ROAD will return anew in 2017! After an outstanding year of community growth and improvement in the inaugural 2016 season, the Victory Road league is returning, bigger and better than ever. Beginning in February, this time the league will be Inter-State, being run in NSW, Victoria and Queensland!


    Everyone is invited to join our excellent and friendly community for this amazing fighting game. It’s especially helpful for new players, as you’ll be able to see your long term results and improvement while veteran VF players can grow their skills and fight for the coveted top spots on the ladder!

    How to Join
    For anyone who wants to play, check out the local tournaments in your state!

    • Monthly tournaments at YSB (York Street Battles)
    • Tournament Organiser: @MadeManG74 (Luke)
    • Monthly tournaments at CouchWarriors Ranking Battles (CW Ranbats)
    • Tournament Organiser: @Berzerk (Daniel)
    • Monthly tournaments at Sonic Boom
    • Tournament Organiser: @Sleepmode (Orin)

    All ranking points will officially begin in February 2017. In the month of January, NSW, QLD and VIC will be holding an introductory team batte event known as "War Games". The format is simple: only two teams will formed with players evenly distributed according to skill level, and will compete in a winner stays on format. War Games gives everyone, old and new players alike, a chance to compete on the big stage and against players near their own level.

    More information on FG events around Australia can be found at OzHadou, although each TO will endeavour to create an event here on VFDC's calendar. Also, feel free to drop by and join in the discussions at the Australia VF Virtua Fighter Facebook group.

    Finally, if you want to join, don't forget to make an account here at VFDC! This will let you track your results right down to the game on the league page of the website, as well as join the discussion with other members.

    Victory Road 2016
    Don't forget to check out ALL of last year's videos, tournament results and ladder right here at VFDC:

    Experience the game series that pioneered 3D Fighting, the most balanced fighting game on the market, and one of the most welcoming communities in fighting games. Feel free to ask questions in this thread, to me in PM, or in person at your local event!
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Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by MadeManG74, Jan 17, 2017.

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