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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Sep 25, 2020.

By Myke on Sep 25, 2020 at 9:37 AM
  1. Myke

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    Announced at TGS2020 as part of SEGA's 60th Anniversary is a new project titled "Virtua Fighter x esports". Little is known at this stage, but details on the project will be revealed in a future update. What do you think it could be?

    Virtua Fighter x esports.jpg

    The official announcement via twitter:



Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Sep 25, 2020.

    1. MadeManG74
      I'm thinking it'll be an enhanced edition of VF5FS on PC/Consoles that has a low price tag and focus on competition/online.
      Would be a low barrier entry for new players and relatively low cost for Sega to get VF back in the spotlight, and then they can decide if they want to do a full new installment.
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    2. Ali
      I think it's either a new entire entry or a very enhanced version of VF5FS given its exclusive release on Japan first probably to test it and test water.

      - I don't think it's a simple VF5FS port as they would have just said that.
      - I don't think it's just a simple tournament event as it's corona days ( SEGA can be retarded... But come.on not this retarded) and they would just have said that. If this was an enhanced version of VF5FS then I am happy.
    3. Ellis
      I hope its no console-exclusive shenanigans,
      i am tired of "fake-pc-consoles", and needing a box with ms or sony on it just cus either is gatekeeping vf would be anoying now that consoles hold even less worth over pc.
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    4. Titantony
      Sega better stop playing with my emotions yo

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    5. Shinobi
      I don't think that the announcement has anything to do with the PC version of FS. This VF X eSport Project is a different beast. SEGA wants to enter the eSports' arena, so, a new game is required to gain people's attention.
    6. Junosynth
      Hell yeah! Bring back multiple throw escapes!
    7. dcrypt
      Having any kind of polished VF4/5/6 on steam would be dope :rolleyes:
    8. Tocuh
      It'll be a new game, a real "reboot".
      As for singleplayer there will be 3 modes, a full cinematic story mode, something like the quest mode from 4Evo and kumite.
      Online mode will be ranked and for fun. Plus there'll be event tournaments like you can only play with certain characters or no throw-escape.
      Kenshiro (hokuto no ken) will be available as pre-order bonus, while Baki Hanma (Grappler Baki) will be part of a character DLC, same with Taka (just for the lols because he was absent between 3 and 5R).

      Oh and the game will be developed by Netherrealm Studios as hinted by Ed Boon some time ago. :ninja:

      (I don't believe this myself and am not sure if I would like it, but hey, why not? :ROTFL:)
    9. Tricky
      If it is anything other than a new game all the goodwill casuals have given this game will be lost. Not to mention the damage to the rep of the series that would happen. It's a VF6 a la MK9.
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    10. MadeManG74
      I hope it would be both.
      Release a big enhanced port of VF5FS at a low price point to get people playing the series while announcing and working on a sequel.
    11. shadowmaster
      I am not holding my breath on this. It will most likely be something else in my opinion. Let's just hope that it is an actual console game that is actually decent.
    12. Ali
      I don't think it will a watered down gameplay wise Virtua Fighter game when esports is what the premise all about.

      Guys, we went from 0 acknowledgement that the series exist to an announcement of a new "project". This is huge.

      Even if this isn't a new game, its a big step into getting a new one and we don't know .. it might actually be a new entry after all.

      At 2:03 the lady asked " I thought it was going to be a new title ?"

      Did the CEO say " good thought " ?
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    13. Technocrow
      WOW! This is probably the most exciting news I've seen on this website since I've joined! Given social distancing, I hope they're putting in work to have good online with proper rollback netcode. I'd be happy with VF5FS with a few tweaks on modern platforms including pc! I wonder what's in store
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    14. smbhax
      As a guess, the simple explanation sounds like FS with a fleshed-out, cross-platform online ladder/tournament system.

      Going slightly more extensive, maybe a player ranking and reward system similar to what Japanese arcades had, with all the various treasure chests and medals and whatnot that you see coming up in old arcade tournament videos.
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    15. gido
      Hey remember when we all got hype (well for me atleast) for that "Akira" silhouette when it really turned out to be the new Sega Mascot? :LOL::LOL:

      Yea...I'm getting a bit of PTSD :LOL: what you all are saying very much a possibility. It may just be a remastered version of FS. Restarting could be their way of saying restarting FS with newer gameplay mechanics and of the like.

      What made me come to my senses was because they didnt really hint anything "new". It was literally Virtua Fighter x Esports with the VF5FS intro in the teaser trailer...

      My guess is that they want to see how much support they will get from this remastered version of FS as if they are still not comfortable on making a full new game. Hence why they were so reluctant to announce anything big and keeping it in Japan..

      If the support is huge global we could see a new VF. But im still just happy my childhood 3d fighter is back..
    16. Tricky
      That would be the best timeline
    17. Sidna7
      I really enjoyed Maximilian's thoughts on this.
      It's funny how he called it seconds before the announcement and then freaked out :)
      ...but the most interesting aspect was his breakdown on SEGA's statement.

    18. JCnextinc
      That's the problem with a reboot with last entries characters

      It's so silly to have one side timelines problems,and on the other side ZERO Story mode..!
      Come on it's just a Fighting Game! Not a movie or an RPG Law can heal , VF 6 could take place any time they want. Street Fighter uses different timelines and it's OK.

      But STORY MODE should be added as a lot of content for Solo players AND casuals.
      Even if it doesn't mean anything for competitive players it helps a lot.

      And it's a great way to highlight character design ,diversity of the roster and HOW GOOD these elements are in VF!
      Look at casuals playing tekken who barely knows about VF ,saying that Tekken's character have more personality better design Even if the crap mostly looks a Korean/chinese game lol... But with story mode they look less ridiculous and ugly than they are. And for exclisive Tekken with no other game to compare,players they look great
      Just imagine the same effect but with VF characters.. :cool: .
    19. Tricky
      I think they can fit the current story in with a reboot fairly easily. Just have the new characters enter sooner. They'd have to change Goh and Jean's story a bit since Jean shows up only cuz Goh was a failure in the previous tournament. It'd be easy to fix.
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    20. smbhax
      Basically this is Sega seeing that years after they dropped it, FS still has a hardcore following online in Japan, and deciding they want a piece of that action after all.
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