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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Sep 25, 2020.

By Myke on Sep 25, 2020 at 9:37 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Announced at TGS2020 as part of SEGA's 60th Anniversary is a new project titled "Virtua Fighter x esports". Little is known at this stage, but details on the project will be revealed in a future update. What do you think it could be?

    Virtua Fighter x esports.jpg

    The official announcement via twitter:



Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Sep 25, 2020.

    1. Ellis
      I do not think those are the sort of demographic we need.

      (I use Arch BTW)
    2. Ali
      It's a very interesting thought you guys bring up here that if a story mode is implemented it will bring the wrong demographic for the series.

      Personally I couldn't have said it better....Virtua Fighter can get all the success of needs. It doesn't have to sell 11 millions like MK11 to be successful and then get its gameplay diluted. You guys wouldn't have stayed this long in this site if VF5FS didn't play as beautiful as it does and instead featured a wacky cheesy Tekken 7 like story mode.

      No story mode... Just tune up the game, keep polishing the animations, bring in the great soundtracks and backgrounds.
    3. MadeManG74
      I wouldn't see them doing anything as dramatic as hit-sparks or SFX. If they were going to do a re-release I think they would change as little as possible outside of maybe QoL online options.
      Both because it's less work, and because it's less risky.

      A sequel is where they'll probably change things around more, for better or worse. I just hope we get a perfect port of FS or other VF games before they commit to a sequel.
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    4. masterpo
      To be clear, here. I would be happy with VF5FS as is brought to current gen and next gen consoles (with no change!). They've already brought arcade VF5FS to Yakuza/Judgement games. Sega just complete the port!:X3:

      My point is if SEGA simply ports VF5FS to current/next gen consoles (which is fine by me), the community will stay more or less the size it is now. You will see a temporary bump in players ( for maybe 8 months or so) and then community will fall back to about the size it is now. That's what happened when VF4 was released, VF4 EVO, VF5, and VF5FS. That's what would happened with a re-released VF5FS. Personally I'm okay with the size of the current VF5FS community. I play as much as I have time to now. I've 3 working PS3s so I can play VF5FS and my copy of VF5 as long as I want.

      But It appears Sega wants to get into the e-sports frenzy and attract a lot more permanent players. In order to do that they are going to have do something differently. They can't just keep doing what they've always done but expect different results! I hope and pray they don't dumb the game down, or water the game down , or simplify move sets, or take out mechanics that have always defined VF. AFAIC they could make VF even deeper than it is now.

      But if they are going to attract a bigger more permanent audience from which they can build e-sports heroes Sega has to address the reasons why VF is not as popular as other FGs. I personally think SEGA should leave the fighting engine as is. Its perfect! Leave the balance as is. Leave the roster as is. But add:

      • Offline Tournament Mode (that supports 8 to 16 man tournament) both for (1P, and 2P)
      • QuestMode/License Mode (1P)
      • Team Player Mode (1P and 2P)
      • Survival Mode (1P)
      • Backstory Media (Themes, Wallpapers, Fandom Sites, Social Media)

      Also I think it would help VF's current character's back story if SEGA added two new characters: Takayuki Yagami(from Judgment Game) ) with his Kamurocho Style KungFu, and Kiryu Kazuma (from Yakuza Game) with his Dojima Dragon style. All AM2 would need to do is connect the stories of one of the corporations from J6 to the Yakuza in Kamurocho and voila! that would be enough of a boost in VF's story mode to make it more popular and competitive with the Tekken, DOA, and SC backstories:).

      I think we can have them both: A strong balanced fighting engine and roster, as well as strong (single player/two player) modes. It doesn't have to be a either/or.

      If Sega hopes to get in the e-sports thing for the long hall, then they are going to have to do a little more than tighten up engine and refresh the graphics and make the game F2P with some micro-transactions. That won't do it:cool:
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    5. Ali
      I just wonder when do you guys think we will get more info of any sort ?

      Famitsu ?
    6. MadeManG74
      It's anyone's guess at this point. I'm not expecting anything in the immediate future, it could be months before we see any more news.
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    7. ShinjukuATM
      I think it doesn't matter if the game is hard or easy to play for casuals. If you create a big player base with good marketing, influencers and whatever there will be opponents for every skill level. It's a versus game after all, the game is as hard as your opponents skill level. With thousands of players online, not only veterans, there are always some asses to whip for noobs...If it's a new VF I hope they level up the stage design. I think iconic places like Santa Monica Pier, Jackson Hole, Hamburg Harbour, Portofino, Cape Town and so on would be cool. The character design is fine. There is a lot of customization anyway.
    8. beanboy
      I think sega made that ad that way, as a safe way to keep hype going for months, and to buy them some time, until they decide what their next move is. If that was their intention, I will admit that is a smart move. But personally, I hope we get some more news very soon, like in the next month or so.
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    9. JCnextinc
      A game Historically as ambitious as Virtua Fighter can't f2p .
      However a version of final showdon could be free for more player to come and revive the series.
      You'll had to pay for costumes and a enhance patched version of the game if it's a VF fs remix
      Then build the hype during tournaments and bring VF6. With all vf 6 needs to be: The technical showcase of 3D fighting games.
      With killer graphics physics.
      _CUTTING EDGE TECNOLOGIES! VF was ALWAYS ahead of its time and has always brought new technical aspects and novelties. (60 fps/texture mapping; First wet clothes;Dynamic Snow;motion capture; facial animation like smiles; saliva sweat effects muscle deformation/ uneven grounds etc..)
      AM2 research & development have to continue in that way!

      It's SEGA MA2's image SEGA's reputation SEGA's technical showcase and everybody are now looking at them.
      A lot of people like I see or read,like in one of James Chen stream , absolutely don't believe that SEGA could afford a new game and put the money and the quality on the table. They have to prove them wrong.
    10. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      Yeah isnt one of the main reasons Sega releases a VF is show off new tech like hardware and game engines?
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    11. MadeManG74
      Innovation has always been a big part of Virtua Fighter, but there's probably more they could do for the fighting game genre in terms of content delivery and ways to play etc more than just pure graphical power at this stage.

      Don't forget that innovations like VF.TV and the player cards, costume customisation and Twitter integration were all pioneered by Sega and VF first. I could see them doing more along those lines for a sequel than just graphical showcasing.

      Again, I don't think a sequel will be the first part of this project though.
    12. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      One step they could do? Have actual Cut scenes ala VF 3. Add them and expand the VF mythos.
    13. Ali
      As solid and amazing as VF5FS still is, I just don't see SEGA using a game this old to get into or promote a next project.

      I firmly believe we are in for a new game. Now it could have a smaller budget for all it's worth... But I think it's a new game
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    14. MadeManG74
      Why wouldn't they do both?
      Use VF5FS as the first step of a bigger project.

      See: Street Fighter 2 CE and SF2HD before SFIV
      SamSho V Special before SamSho '19
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    15. Ali
      I think they would have been more straight with it vs this.

      I think they would.have just said VF5FS eSport edition or something...

      You have a point and two solid examples... But I think it's a new the reveal one of the girls randomly said she thought it was a new title... And the SEGA ceo said " good thought". If this was a VF5FS re-release they wouldn't have been so mute about it.
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    17. charleypk222
      here my 2 cent is more easy to speak voice for me because i`m french peace
      Virtua Fighter x esports 30th anniversary
      Last edited: Oct 6, 2020
    18. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      Blackstar just said it. VF esport is a problem ?

      LOL no, VF invented esport for fighting games ! It has always been esport and it's still esport in Japan...

      It was just a different name for "esport".

      Great talks.

      Btw, Bstar do you think SEGA is a less dumb company now ? :holla:
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      Haha! Yeah.....slightly less dumb now at least, we'll see how things go
    20. Junosynth

      I think the next step/evolution/innovation should be VR for a fighting game and Virtua Fighter is the perfect fighter for it. Not necessary playing from a first person perspective but move it to VR for more immersion to start. Keep it the same format but make it VR or at least VR compatible.

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