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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Sep 25, 2020.

By Myke on Sep 25, 2020 at 9:37 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Announced at TGS2020 as part of SEGA's 60th Anniversary is a new project titled "Virtua Fighter x esports". Little is known at this stage, but details on the project will be revealed in a future update. What do you think it could be?

    Virtua Fighter x esports.jpg

    The official announcement via twitter:



Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Sep 25, 2020.

    1. Myke

      Unless we're talking about a first person viewpoint -- which we're not -- then I honestly can't see any benefit VR would bring to a 3rd person fighting game other than for pure gimmick / novelty value. VR really excels where you want the view port to move along with your head, giving you that enhanced feeling of immersion within a virtual environment. VF just isn't that kind of game. Imagine the camera moving whenever your head did? Wouldn't that be unsettling? What about when you're struggling out of a stagger and the screen is shaking for a full second!? :D

      But seriously, do you know of any examples where this has proven to be innovative to the point that you'd like to see it implemented in a new VF?
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    2. Ali
      Honestly, I don't really see anyway you can use VR to innovate in a fighting game. In a mini game inside a fighting game ? Maybe but that's not what VF is all bout. Maybe they can use VR in the next MK krypt mode.

      VF innovations would be improved animations and graphics in the technical side and maybe improved online functionality ?
      I think the making things simple, no gimmicks no cheap Tekken stuff would be in innovation in 2021.
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    3. Junosynth
      I don't haha. But I enjoy VR because it's so immersive that I would love to see it in fighting games. I'm not a game designer so I cannot think like one but I'm sure developers could figure out a way to implement it in a way that takes advantage of the platform.
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    4. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      VR works very well for racing games or space sims but for figthing games...

      I don't know, it seems a bit usuless.

      I think Tekken or DOA already have VR support (and nobody cares lol).
    5. Junosynth

      Lol Maybe. I need to check out the VR for those games to see how it is.
    6. Stl_Tim
      VR in Japan is legit. I played VR Mario Kart last year and it’s what we have wanted from the getgo. VF VR is way too much to create to be decent at best imho right now. Possibly in 5-10 more years then I would believe it has a chance. Interesting opinions from everyone on what could happen, but maybe it’s time to lock the thread until more news is released?
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    7. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      I agree with Tim. Given Sega's track record, I think we with be ripe for disappointment vying for VF6.
    8. Feck
      Why is the hype so low? I also don't understand why you guys are talking about the game being watered down ...when did Sega ever screw with VF?

      We shouldn't let DoA6 or Tekken 7 influence our opinion of what the next VF will turn out like.

      It's not another port of FS or a mobile game. It's VF6 with some rebranding.
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    9. MadeManG74
      Why don't you think it's FS ports? I think it's probably both. The name 'Virtua Fighter x eSports' sounds vague and broad enough that it's probably not a game so much as a project. I feel like step one will be reintroducing everyone with FS ports, while they tease and work on a sequel.

      I'm mainly saying this because of Puyo Puyo eSports and what that turned out to be.
    10. Feck
      It just seems completely pointless to release another port of a 10 year old game. The eSports branding implies this is a competitive game and VF isn't going to attract much of a competitive scene with another port of FS.

      I can't even remember when vanilla VF5 was released, its that old. Time to move on.

      They need a new game, we need a new game.

      Edit: I have no idea what Puyo Puyo eSports is.
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    11. Sozos
      Most reasonable post i read . I totally agree with Feck.
    12. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      And hype is not low at all lol.

      1,2m views + 20k likes on Twitter, for just a teaser of only few secondes...

      And we still didn't have confirmation for a new game or didn't see some gameplay or some footage either.

      That's pretty good hype for almost nothing (only a teaser) imo.
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    13. JCnextinc
      The problem is how autistic can be SEGA somtimes .
      If this is Japan first , it could be just like Puyo puyo E sport a lazy port of an old Game
      Counting on the fan base already there in Japan for bith games.

      VF5 fs remaster/ REMIX would be cool tho but as I said, SEGA think there are doing amazing Job for the 60th anniversary and Game Gear Micro...

      I'sure there will be a Sequel but is SEGA the same SEGA that always pushed the harware limits The SEGA with cutting edge technologies..? The Innovating SEGA?
      Have you watched footage of he latest AM2 games:(

      I know i could sound very naive,but The community have to push SEGA make sure Sthey will put MONEY and TALENT and NOVETIES in this VF sequel.
      (Even if the novelties are just technical and graphical. The game and the sytem is already godlike.. :love:.)
      Coming out with an Okish game would not be enough after waiting 15years since VF5 vanilla. the game MUST be very impressive to come back from the dead and appeal new generations.
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    14. Ali
      Have you seen AM2 games in between VFs ? They are similar to what what they are doing. The core team is still intact or so it seems and the leads of VF5FS are still with the team..

      SEGA is still able to pull impressive graphical feats... Yakuza 6 had amazing cutscenes made with an in game engine. I am just not sure how far they can go these days when games already look good at baseline.
    15. JCnextinc
      Bak in the days AM2 was the best studio in the wordl WAY BEYOND what can provide yakuza Studio.
      Most impressive 3D games are now facial animation from the Last of us 2 or the open world of a RockStar Game R D R. Rock Star games was making GTA2 when SEGA am 2 made SHENMUE. (lol)
      And 7 years later I was so disapointed to see Yakuza 1 on ps2 that was a low end Shenmue and wasn' ambitious like Shenmue the most expensive andthe most beautiful game at the time for years..

      I do like Yakuza Engine and I'm Happy to SEGA making their own 3D Engine with such quality.
      But it's VF bro. VF! VF must be ahead of its time. It's a tradition and we had the Yakuza Engine to make a new VF iwould be disapointed

      And people would not be impressed :unsure:
    16. MarlyJay
      Still believe it's just some Sega run tournaments, but this time with prize money which wasn't possible in Japan before the whole eSports license thing. If it's a game I think Sega massively jumped the shark. It's really hard to declare a game esports and have it actually be so. How many new games have pulled this off without loads of money being thrown at it? Would make more sense to just announce the title of the game, whatever it is.
    17. Ali
      The most impressive character models this gen in my opinion are in MK11.

      Crazy amount of details.

      I think SEGA can still put that out if they try. I sorta agree with you fully. SEGA never did a cheap VF. They always pushed the limits with their VFs. Maybe that's why they were hesitant to do a new one for a long time.
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    18. MadeManG74
      I think we have different ideas as to what VFxES means; I don't think VF x Esports is the name of a new game, I think it's part of an overall project which could be many things. A port to start, a Sequel to follow and then tournaments or 'world tours' of the games.

      How can Sega get people 'into' VF again if there's no way to play any of the games? If they re-release Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown this year or early next year for a budget price and on all platforms, that's both some easy revenue and getting lapsed fans and new fans trying the series.

      At the same time they can announce Virtua Fighter 6 and begin working on that for a later release in 2021 or something.

      SNK did similar with SamSho V Special releasing an excellent port before the new game in 2019, and Capcom did it with SF2 CE and SF2HDR before SFIV came out in 2009.
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    19. JCnextinc
      I agree Final showdown port on every platforms is mandatory.

      But if SEGA want to push the game further than the niche it already was on previous consoles, especially in the west it won't be enough.

      What will bring new comers is a brand new Game.
      Then, the other question is how to make this new game a real success..?

      VF:SEGA AM2's technical showcase can not survive just with this niche
      VF can not afford to only count on competitive players' money
      VF has to be an AAA game.It has to be ambitious and ahead of its time like as it always has been except for final showdown.
      FS still has the best animations and physics but slooks as if it had a graphical downgrade (on textures shadders and lights and textures..) to get to HD era.

      If the next VF is just on the standards of Japanese 3D fighters like Bamco Games,it would be a desatser

      VF could be more appealing in the FGC and even in the mainstream if AM2 understands how to highlight VF greatness and beauty (_Clever Training mode like Guilty's _Quest mode trials _STORY MODE :cool: would make the Characters sexyier no doubt.)

      AM2 has to contiue improvements they made over the years ( Animations. Hit effetcs like sweat Saliva particles on counters hits; Water;Snow physics etc..)
      My biggest fear is to see SEGA AM2 not as good and ahead of its time as they was :(
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    20. masterpo
      Yea the entire FG genre is already a niche and could slowly become extinct. AM2 would have to put out a FG that takes the entire genre to the next level. What would that be? There are some definite things that would light it up if AM2 could pull it off. I have Five Innovations that Sega/AM2 could make to Virtua Fighter that would raise the bar for all arcade fighting games.

      • Adaptable AI for both (offline & online) AI that has from easy to legendary difficulty. AI that can adapt and learn from each player. An AI that will scale up in diversity of attacks, and diversity of strategies.AI that can fight online. When the online traffic is low, or if a player chooses, the player can select an AI as an opponent. The online AI opponents would be constantly learning from other matches online both from human to human matches and human to AI matches. This way a player could always have a fight online or offline and the AI would be challenging. Virtua Fighter 4 had an AI training partner. AM2 could adapt and improve this concept offline to help players work offline with advanced concepts.
      • Editable Move Lists The combat sport fighting games like the UFC games have had editable move list for years. It works! This feature needs to be brought to arcade style fighting games. Its the ultimate customization for a fighting game. I think one version of MK already had this at one point
      • VF needs to extend the ground game mechanic. Vanessa, AOI, Goh, already have pseudo, kind-of ground game mechanics. VF needs to formally add a ground game mechanic. Mila in DOA has some nice ground game animations. The ground game is a reality in modern Marital Arts VF needs to add a legitimate ground mechanic to in the Arcade Fighting genre.
      • Ditch Floating Animations Keep the underlying mechanics, but get rid of all floating animations. Replace floating animations with staggering, stumbling, crunching, and falling. This would add realism without removing the fun or fantasy aspects of the arcade fighter. Keep the launch mechanic, but have it launch a stagger, stumble, turn, crunch or fall animation.
      • Character back story tie in to a related full blown action adventure game or RPG game. I'm not necessarily suggesting to add a story mode to Virtua Fighter, but tying each character's back story to an existing or new (RPG or Action Adventure Game) would be huge. For example if Shenmue IV had a major connection with all of the VF characters, or if Sega tied the world of Judgment or Yakuza to J6 and the Virtua Fighter character backstories, that would naturally just add longevity to the VF as a fighting game and it would benefit the the Shenmue, Judgment, or Yakuza tie in as well. Both games would feed off of each other. Modern day video games do a lot to immerse the player in the game world. A deep story mode connection, or backstory is a necessary for FGs to grow and thrive. That's just part of gaming in 2020-2024. Players want to be immersed. Just look at Ghosts of Tsushima, Nioh, Sekiro Shadows dies twice, Judgment, Yakuza, all of which are a version of a modern day FG. Even though these games have a strong story component. They also have a strong fighting game component. An arcade FG needs a character back story that ties into a game like these. The Mortal Kombat Story Line, the Mortal Kombat movies, the Mortal Kombat manga, the Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks action adventure game, are all part of the primary reasons that MK has the longevity that it does. Virtua Figther needs an on going deep story tie in like this.
      If Sega/AM2 added these 5 innovations to the Arcade Fighting Game, that would raise the bar for all fighters and would insure that the FG remains relevant for many many years to come;)
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