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Virtua Fighter x Yakuza

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2021.

By Myke on Dec 4, 2021 at 8:43 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    With Ryu Ga Gotuko (RGG) Studios at the helm for VF5US / VFes it should probably come as no surprise to see this collaboration between two popular franchises, but for the VF series that has seen very minimal reference to other SEGA IP (Sarah as Ulala!), this is kind of a big deal! The December DLC update is packed with great features, including this special collaboration with the Ryu Ga Gotoku (Like a Dragon) / Yakuza. This article contains all the details on character costumes and their stage BGM.

    vf5us x yakuza.jpg

    Announcement Trailers

    Japanese (Normal Narration)

    Japanese (Kage-maru Narration!)

    This is the first time we've seen content that wasn't featured in VF5FS, and depending on its popularity might be a sign of future things to come? Each character is listed with the Yakuza character's costume reference, along with the Yakuza BGM that will be used on that character's stage.

    Yakuza Costume: Kazuma Kiryu
    Yakuza BGM: Kiryu battle theme from Like a Dragon
    In VF, players typically face Akira after winning through several matches; this impactful track was selected as it seemed to match the mood of the fight against him.

    akira-kiryu.jpg akira-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Kaoru Sayama
    Yazuka BGM: Outlaw's Lullaby (Kiwami 2)
    A popular track amongst players that also compliments the feel for a female character.

    aoi-kaoru.jpg aoi-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Ichiban Kasuga
    Yazuka BGM: Random battle theme (Like A Dragon)
    This is the random battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays in Kamurocho. The track felt appropriate for the character's image.

    brad-ichiban.jpg brad-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Haruka Sawamura (as the pop idol from Yakuza 5)
    Yazuka BGM: Loneliness loop (instrumental)
    This is the "Haruka pop idol battle theme" from Yakuza 5. The track normally has vocals, but the instrumental version was selected to avoid distractions caused by the vocals.

    eileen-haruka.jpg eileen-screen.jpg

    El Blaze
    Yakuza Costume: Yoshitaka Mine
    Yazuka BGM: Fly
    This track was selected as it represents Mine's character and the overall image of Yakuza 3.

    el-blaze-yoshitaka.jpg el-blaze-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Ryuji Goda
    Yazuka BGM: Bad Fortune Flower
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 2 that plays during two of the three fights against Ryuji. This track was selected as it felt fairly fitting for Goh's image.

    goh-ryuji.jpg goh-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Shun Akiyama
    Yazuka BGM: Affected Fight
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 5 that plays when the player is controlling Akiyama. He has another battle theme in Yakuza 4, but this one seemed to fit more with Jacky's image.

    jacky-akiyama.jpg jacky-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Akira Nishikiyama
    Yazuka BGM: For Buddy
    There are several battle themes throughout the series when fighting Nishikiyama, but this particular one from Y0 felt like the best fit for VF.

    jean-akira.jpg jean-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Koichi Adachi
    Yazuka BGM: Standard battle theme
    This is the standard scenario battle theme from Like A Dragon. This track was selected as it seemed fitting for a character with good build.

    jeffry-koichi.jpg jeffry-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Joon-gi Han (from Like a Dragon)
    Yazuka BGM: Theory of Beauty
    This is the battle theme that is signature to Joon-gi Han.

    kage-joon-gi.jpg kage-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Makoto Date
    Yazuka BGM: Flirt with Bomb
    This is the track from the first Kiwami title that plays during the battle alongside Date after some gang hassles his daughter to collect a debt. This track was selected as it is strongly associated with Date all while fitting into Lau's character.

    lau-date.jpg lau-screen.jpg

    Lei Fei
    Yakuza Costume: Zhao
    Yazuka BGM: Chinese-themed battle music
    The Chinese-themed battle music from Like A Dragon that feels appropriate for the character's image.

    lei-zhao.jpg lei-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Goro Majima
    Yazuka BGM: Majima battle theme from Yakuza 7
    This is the Majima battle theme from Yakuza 7 (as was explained for Goromi, this is one of the several Majima battle themes). Not only is this track popular with players, it seemed fitting for Lion's image.

    lion-goro.jpg lion-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Saeko Mukoda
    Yazuka BGM: Battle theme in Yokohama
    This is the battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays during random encounters in Yokohama. This track was selected as the melody seemed to flow well with a female character.

    pai-saeko.jpg pai-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Goromi
    Yazuka BGM: Receive and Slash You
    Each time Majima appears in the series, an arrangement of his "Receive You The Prototype" track from Y2 plays during battle; for this DLC, the arrangement is from Y5. Of all the "Majima" tracks, this particular one seemed to best compliment a female character.

    sarah-goromi.jpg sarah-screen.png

    Yakuza Costume: Nanba
    Yazuka BGM: Homeless Can Collection Minigame track
    This is the track from Like A Dragon that plays while playing the homeless can collection minigame. Nanba is recognized as the homeless character and the bluesy feel to the track seemed like the right fit for Shun's Drunken Kung Fu style.

    shun-nanba.jpg shun-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: The Florist of Sai
    Yazuka BGM: Kamuro Again
    The random battle theme from Y6 when in Kamurocho.

    taka-florist.jpg taka-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Seong-hui
    Yazuka BGM: Geomijul battle theme
    This is the battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays when fighting members of the Geomijul, the organization that's led by Seong-hui. This track was selected as it felt fairly fitting for Vanessa's image.

    vanessa-seong.jpg vanessa-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Taiga Saejima
    Yazuka BGM: Hailstorm
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 5 that plays when the player is controlling Saejima. He has another theme in Yakuza 4, but this one seemed more fitting for Wolf's image.

    wolf-taiga.jpg wolf-screen.jpg

    Yazuka BGM: Tsuchigumo battle theme
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza: Dead Souls that plays in Majima's story when fighting Tsuchigumo. This track was selected since the theme plays in a fight against Tsuchigumo, a nondescript, non-human enemy, as well as having similarities with Dural's usual theme.

    vf x yakuza all.jpg

    So, what do you think of these character costumes and BGMs? Are there any other SEGA franchises you'd like VF to collaborate with?
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2021


Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2021.

    1. OvertPan
      Very cool. Will pick this up when I buy a PS5, returning to the later VF games. Can't wait. ^_^
      charleypk222 likes this.
    2. linkishot
      The costumes look pretty good on these characters. I'm digging Wolf's outfit. Glad to see they added some popular old costume pieces at the same time, too. I do t think I'd be able to resist buying this.
      charleypk222 likes this.
    3. JCnextinc
      Improving faces was apparently too difficult . I can understand

      But I wish we'll have a lot of face customization (like beard eyes noses etc..) to make models look better .
      Wolf's Frankenstein forheadand Jaw or Shun con head or long nose is the proof that it's not impossible :D

      These new costume DLC's are cool and really cheap.
      I'would love to have VF 4 VF 5 models (and faces ) in a legendary pack costumes 4 and 5 for instance.

      But I'm super happy they brought back Final Showdown FX and transparent walls.

      Wet Clothes (when you roll in puddles )
      Saliva drops
      Sweat effects
      Steam while breathing in cold stages
      Different weather effects
      Snow fog effects

      All these effects were so amazing at the time. But it was AM2 genius.

      I'm not sure Ryu Ga Gotoku studio really understands how good AM2 was. And what was their philosophy and tradtions. Especially when old legends are leaving or have left SEGA
      But they can learn.

      RGG You can do it. GAMBATE..!
      Last edited: Dec 4, 2021
    4. SDS_Overfiend1
      I wouldn’t pay a red cent for this bullshit. Give me my customization items from FS and I’ll make most of these. Smh…. I’m not pay again for items that should've been there Already. This should be free.
      Last edited: Dec 5, 2021
    5. charleypk222
      what a great news :);) thank sega
      Shinobi and Tha_FeauchA like this.
    6. akai
      I have not played any of the Yakuza games, but I can imagine Brad with the Goromi outfit...
    7. Tha_FeauchA
      Great stuff. Looking forward to December 8th.
      charleypk222 and Shinobi like this.
    8. MadeManG74
      This costumes really impressed me, they're very comprehensive and detailed!
      Also just as happy to see the old items returning too!
    9. RawrCookie
      So this is why they took so long to announce or release...? Gotta say Yakuza costumes are cool, sadly not all characters got the hairstyle of Yakuza characters too except some only.

      Wonder how much it gonna cost cause i don't want this route of DLC to continue, please lol

      I wish that too, but meh it is nearly impossible; especially that i don't expect them to give any better faces after they came with these original faces tbh lol

      If they will never do it, at least they can release the original VF5 models as a skin like how they did with the retro skin. Their faces looks better in my opinion, but this is extreme request i think for them.

      But i think they know that they are messed up doing them, i came cross a lot of many Japanese streamers and VF players saying the same thing, especially female characters like Eileen. I also asked some about it and agreed.
      SDS_Overfiend1 and JCnextinc like this.
    10. nou
      This collab is fantastic, I marked out at the costumes, but we get to play with the OST from the Yakuza games :ninja:

      The only nitpick is using Akiyama's Y5 theme, and not the amazing Speed Star from Y4.
      Shinobi likes this.
    11. SUGATA
      You will do) b/c those items will be with this dlc.

      @mike please add this full notes of this dlc to topic start post:

      YakuzaSeries Collaboration Pack.” It will launch on December 8.

      The downloadable content pack includes:

      • Character customization items (approx. 650). - “ popular character customization items from previous titles” (means items from past VF games)! Trailer on 1:02:

      • Character costume types (19 in total).
      • Yakuza series character costumes (19 in total).
      • Yakuza series background music (20 tracks in total).
      • Virtua Fighter 3 arrangement background music (20 tracks in total).
      • Spectator stickers (40 in total).
      Chanchai, ShinyBrentford and Shinobi like this.
    12. SDS_Overfiend1
      650 items spread out amongst the cast or per person? I'm not trusting Sega sorry.
      smbhax, Jay David and RawrCookie like this.
    13. SUGATA
      VF5FS has 600-700 items per character, altogether 14000 items.
      I hope this news is just not full description and means 650 items PER character.
      smbhax likes this.
    14. akai
      I think It's ~650 additional items added to the game, not per character.
      Tricky likes this.
    15. Tha_FeauchA
      Also want to add that I wouldn't mind paying for this too. These last couple VF games have been very generous. VF5FS with all those items (if bought in packs) was only about $45. This game was FREE when it released. I don't think a little $5 or $10 here and there is too much to ask. If it gets to the point where they start charging for frame data to show up on your screen during training like Tekken did, then I'd be concerned, lol.

      It's almost a miracle that VF5US is even a thing and that it seems like it's a halfway point to VF6. I'll gladly support them if I can since VF is my favorite fighting game and up there with my favorite games in general. Getting updates for this game and what we've been getting has been awesome so far.

      That's just my personal take. No matter how petty I think others may be, or how dumb someone may think I am for wanting to support this franchise, we're all at the very least entitled to an opinion.
    16. Pharmacist
      Nicely done by RGG, the outfits seem to fit the characters, as for BGM I would've preferred some other OSTs, like Recive and stab you for Lion from Y3, Funk goes on for Akira from Y1, The end of drama for Brad from Y1, independence for violence for Jean from Y3, but overall I can't really complain.

      The only thing that I would like to have is a jukebox like in Tekken 7, so you could select your own OST.
      Last edited: Dec 5, 2021
      Chanchai likes this.
    17. RawrCookie
      As it says in the picture stating 1st DLC details; it has the same sentence of 2nd DLC "Character customizations items 2,000 types" so it is no way that each character got 2,000 items in 1st DLC. It was collectively not per character.


      As you see in the 2nd picture, it has the same sentence of the same 1st DLC.


      And if they were 650 there is no way that Aoi added hairstyles are only 3 new hairstyles including few colors, it would be more i guess. You all can check the trailer again to notice that.

      Last edited: Dec 5, 2021
      smbhax and SDS_Overfiend1 like this.
    18. SDS_Overfiend1
      That's why I asked. It was sketchy because Aoi hairstyles were still limited to the options on the legendary. Not to include the various hairstyles that have hats and masks included. They make it sound real good until you get your hands on it.
      Last edited: Dec 6, 2021
      MadeManG74 likes this.
    19. Myke
      OP updated with the Japanese trailers, including the version narrated by Kage-maru's Voice Actor Takenobu Mitsuyoshi!
      JCnextinc, akai, Shinobi and 2 others like this.

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