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Virtua Fighter x Yakuza

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2021.

By Myke on Dec 4, 2021 at 8:43 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    With Ryu Ga Gotuko (RGG) Studios at the helm for VF5US / VFes it should probably come as no surprise to see this collaboration between two popular franchises, but for the VF series that has seen very minimal reference to other SEGA IP (Sarah as Ulala!), this is kind of a big deal! The December DLC update is packed with great features, including this special collaboration with the Ryu Ga Gotoku (Like a Dragon) / Yakuza. This article contains all the details on character costumes and their stage BGM.

    vf5us x yakuza.jpg

    Announcement Trailers

    Japanese (Normal Narration)

    Japanese (Kage-maru Narration!)

    This is the first time we've seen content that wasn't featured in VF5FS, and depending on its popularity might be a sign of future things to come? Each character is listed with the Yakuza character's costume reference, along with the Yakuza BGM that will be used on that character's stage.

    Yakuza Costume: Kazuma Kiryu
    Yakuza BGM: Kiryu battle theme from Like a Dragon
    In VF, players typically face Akira after winning through several matches; this impactful track was selected as it seemed to match the mood of the fight against him.

    akira-kiryu.jpg akira-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Kaoru Sayama
    Yazuka BGM: Outlaw's Lullaby (Kiwami 2)
    A popular track amongst players that also compliments the feel for a female character.

    aoi-kaoru.jpg aoi-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Ichiban Kasuga
    Yazuka BGM: Random battle theme (Like A Dragon)
    This is the random battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays in Kamurocho. The track felt appropriate for the character's image.

    brad-ichiban.jpg brad-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Haruka Sawamura (as the pop idol from Yakuza 5)
    Yazuka BGM: Loneliness loop (instrumental)
    This is the "Haruka pop idol battle theme" from Yakuza 5. The track normally has vocals, but the instrumental version was selected to avoid distractions caused by the vocals.

    eileen-haruka.jpg eileen-screen.jpg

    El Blaze
    Yakuza Costume: Yoshitaka Mine
    Yazuka BGM: Fly
    This track was selected as it represents Mine's character and the overall image of Yakuza 3.

    el-blaze-yoshitaka.jpg el-blaze-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Ryuji Goda
    Yazuka BGM: Bad Fortune Flower
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 2 that plays during two of the three fights against Ryuji. This track was selected as it felt fairly fitting for Goh's image.

    goh-ryuji.jpg goh-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Shun Akiyama
    Yazuka BGM: Affected Fight
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 5 that plays when the player is controlling Akiyama. He has another battle theme in Yakuza 4, but this one seemed to fit more with Jacky's image.

    jacky-akiyama.jpg jacky-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Akira Nishikiyama
    Yazuka BGM: For Buddy
    There are several battle themes throughout the series when fighting Nishikiyama, but this particular one from Y0 felt like the best fit for VF.

    jean-akira.jpg jean-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Koichi Adachi
    Yazuka BGM: Standard battle theme
    This is the standard scenario battle theme from Like A Dragon. This track was selected as it seemed fitting for a character with good build.

    jeffry-koichi.jpg jeffry-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Joon-gi Han (from Like a Dragon)
    Yazuka BGM: Theory of Beauty
    This is the battle theme that is signature to Joon-gi Han.

    kage-joon-gi.jpg kage-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Makoto Date
    Yazuka BGM: Flirt with Bomb
    This is the track from the first Kiwami title that plays during the battle alongside Date after some gang hassles his daughter to collect a debt. This track was selected as it is strongly associated with Date all while fitting into Lau's character.

    lau-date.jpg lau-screen.jpg

    Lei Fei
    Yakuza Costume: Zhao
    Yazuka BGM: Chinese-themed battle music
    The Chinese-themed battle music from Like A Dragon that feels appropriate for the character's image.

    lei-zhao.jpg lei-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Goro Majima
    Yazuka BGM: Majima battle theme from Yakuza 7
    This is the Majima battle theme from Yakuza 7 (as was explained for Goromi, this is one of the several Majima battle themes). Not only is this track popular with players, it seemed fitting for Lion's image.

    lion-goro.jpg lion-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Saeko Mukoda
    Yazuka BGM: Battle theme in Yokohama
    This is the battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays during random encounters in Yokohama. This track was selected as the melody seemed to flow well with a female character.

    pai-saeko.jpg pai-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Goromi
    Yazuka BGM: Receive and Slash You
    Each time Majima appears in the series, an arrangement of his "Receive You The Prototype" track from Y2 plays during battle; for this DLC, the arrangement is from Y5. Of all the "Majima" tracks, this particular one seemed to best compliment a female character.

    sarah-goromi.jpg sarah-screen.png

    Yakuza Costume: Nanba
    Yazuka BGM: Homeless Can Collection Minigame track
    This is the track from Like A Dragon that plays while playing the homeless can collection minigame. Nanba is recognized as the homeless character and the bluesy feel to the track seemed like the right fit for Shun's Drunken Kung Fu style.

    shun-nanba.jpg shun-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: The Florist of Sai
    Yazuka BGM: Kamuro Again
    The random battle theme from Y6 when in Kamurocho.

    taka-florist.jpg taka-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Seong-hui
    Yazuka BGM: Geomijul battle theme
    This is the battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays when fighting members of the Geomijul, the organization that's led by Seong-hui. This track was selected as it felt fairly fitting for Vanessa's image.

    vanessa-seong.jpg vanessa-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Taiga Saejima
    Yazuka BGM: Hailstorm
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 5 that plays when the player is controlling Saejima. He has another theme in Yakuza 4, but this one seemed more fitting for Wolf's image.

    wolf-taiga.jpg wolf-screen.jpg

    Yazuka BGM: Tsuchigumo battle theme
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza: Dead Souls that plays in Majima's story when fighting Tsuchigumo. This track was selected since the theme plays in a fight against Tsuchigumo, a nondescript, non-human enemy, as well as having similarities with Dural's usual theme.

    vf x yakuza all.jpg

    So, what do you think of these character costumes and BGMs? Are there any other SEGA franchises you'd like VF to collaborate with?
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2021.

    1. Adam Gibson
      Adam Gibson
      Hard to believe this is the same guy who sang the Daytona theme
      beanboy, joanot and smbhax like this.
    2. beanboy
      Dude, I say the same thing. Lol!:D
    3. RawrCookie
      At this point either SEGA needs better translator or better writer to clarify DLC content text lol People may be tricked with them putting big number with no further details as how some did here.

      But i remembered something, even if they are 650 per character, do we have to pay for all of other characters items too? I mean i don't play all characters, i use only few that i need to customize. I know it may be a good offer to get all of characters items in low good price like 9.99$ along side BGM, stickers, but i would like to get only the characters i want for their price, not to pay for full price for most items i don't use. This could be better but this is my opinion and this is for future bigger content DLC they may release, cause we know they won't stop doing it since they gave it to people free in PS Plus even though personally i couldn't get VF5US from PS Plus like others; i got it in full price.

      So.... Dunno what to say more.
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    4. Mister
      I was hoping to get my White Wolf back, but apparently the 600 custom items don't include the color change skins, the wolf hat and tattered pants. #sadMister
      MarlyJay, MadeManG74, Ellis and 3 others like this.
    5. SDS_Overfiend1
      So it seems the Yakuza option is not a Type. It’s standalone like VF1 customs. I don’t think you can mix and match colors either. With the yakuza customs. Type D is back. I didn’t either notice it was missing cause I didn’t even bother knowing this was E-Sport cash grab. The hair options is a still underwhelming though.
    6. RawrCookie
      I saw that! What a stupid move they did there lol

      I was actually kinda excited for new Yakuza costumes to mix between and wear hairstyles with them because they are newer and more funky & unusual than the reused folklore & basic costumes we already had for so long... and yeah the hairstyles are only 3 added.

      What a shame lol This is their new strategy, releasing mini extra content drop by drop like EA SIMS steps which unfortunately is what many games are into these days but we already knew that since they released the 1st DLC. But just it is "Esport" doesn't mean it should be treated like that.

      In the end of the day i thought this was supposed to testing people with Virtua fighter series and popularizing it to bring more audience, but how you are going to make it legit or decent enough for VF6 expectations across the board without giving your full potential and features or even producing new things in current ESPORT to make a good comeback or a better feature, but what we get instead is VF5US released bare-boned with no good offline modes, delay-based netcode not rollback netcode which is the standard for fighting games now, not enough customizations options and items, only 4 customizations plates and above all that the freaking useless customizations point system still exist lol

      Just bunch of more and more of BGMs with not even the option to set your favorite BGM for stages individually... but everyone seems defending this somehow cause it is just PS Plus free and support it blindly claiming we will get VF6 as an excuse. This is getting ridiculous lol

      Anyway for those who wanna closer look into the DLC items, i found those two videos...

      Famitsu showcase of all characters fighting while wearing YAKUZA costumes.

      A Japanese steamer posted video showcase some of characters customizations items.

      Anyway Enjoy SEGA scam y'all :)
      masterpo likes this.
    7. nou
      I just need a PSN card and this is mine! I'm ready for the Yakuza greatness and VF3 arranged music. :ninja:
    8. SDS_Overfiend1

      Im not above calling a company out but.. This is way below underwhelming. The fact you can't even change the yakuza custom colors is complete bull. I don't care about music because I only play "R" tracks. The extra items they claim to give up was the items the D-Costume come with plus a few additional hairstyles without the plethora of colors FS offered. This is sad. I would've gave them $10 for a full unlock of my character personal items including his weak Yakuza outfit that is so generic I think he had it in doa. Smh. These dorks on this website can eat it up and think Sega is doing them a favor. I wont.
      RawrCookie likes this.
    9. masterpo
      Yea, I think RGG just took advantage of very loyal VF fans. This games appears to have been a cash grab from the beginning, disguised as a game to test the waters for a VF6 edition. Waving VF6 as a possibility to the small but very loyal fan base, it appears that RGG is going to use VF5US to squeeze 100's of dollars out of the community a few customization options at a time, just like DOA 6 attempted with the the DOA community.:mad: while wagging the possibility of a VF6 to keep us coming back:cautious:. This Virtua Fighter e-sports is exactly the game I feared, a money grab with watered down Tekken Style Hit Sparks what a shame:oops:

      I did buy the DLC this time, but if I don't see an acceptable future road map for the VF series, RGG/Sega won't get another penny out of me. I'll consider VF5FS as the last legit version of Virtua Fighter, and I'll move on.:meh:

      RawrCookie likes this.
    10. akai
      Since everyone posting here is about liking or disliking what is being offered to dress-up your virtual doll...I assume "dorks on this website" includes you and is being used in an affable, friendly manner :D.

      On a more serious note, for those looking for all the items from Final Showdown to be added into this game quickly and at a similar price point as when Final Showdown was released, that is highly unlikely. The good thing is that all those items you purchased for Final Showdown is still in Final Showdown and you can continue to play that game if you still have the original system. Final Showdown is still the more complete game package.

      If you just consider the 40 new music tracks and 19 new costumes offered for 10 US Dollars and leave out the FS items, I do think it is still reasonably priced. Compared to other fighting games DLC, I think it is still quite cheaper? The good thing about the DLC, is that it is just cosmetic and aesthetic options and not needed to play the game. I hope there will be an option to mix and match the new outfits in future updates.

      Usually in the long run, PSN offer sales, so for those looking for a better bargain can wait it out for one of those bundle sales if you want to dress your virtual doll up!
      Shinobi likes this.
    11. nou
      I love when anything new comes out for VF, hate just flows lol. Now we have videos have a UFC game, and someone's pet project made in Dreams being posted. Troll game too strong, haha.
      Shinobi likes this.
    12. SDS_Overfiend1
      Of course it is…. Unless you seriously think it’s ok for any company to jerk consumers around. Only dorks enjoy getting ripped off or mocked Akai. If me standing up for VF players who don’t like the idea of being nickel and dimed to death makes me a Dork…. I’m your huckleberry. And yes I.. I still play my VF5: Showdown offline. We know everything is cosmetic.. but there is nothing wrong with having options and having a say. All Due respect Mr. Akai
      RawrCookie and akai like this.
    13. RawrCookie
      The issue is there isn't enough calling out actually, or the type that we need to reach SEGA ears with specific points of what wanted and what people hope to. They only throw surveys about their games every now and then and we see no drastic change or improved big moves howsoever. Maybe they got better in hearing people but they only did hear them in basics that should be in the game from the beginning anyway, so i don't call this a real respond for the complete picture of VF future. VF future is fuzzy and we have known that 8 years ago already.

      It is not RGG fault, it is SEGA orders to cash grab lol they gave them VF and they did what they have asked for in the end of the day as studio. Just wait for SEGA to make next DLC Bayonetta as Sarah costume, Ryo shenmue as Akira, eggman as Taka-arashi and amigo as Eileen, more of few VF5FS old items retextured and finally bring all of SEGA's all other games BGM into VF5US with 9.99$ price tag until they get 100$ from you lol

      But hey, as some have said here, in other words we should bow down and thank them since others may do it worse but they gave us a better deal, cause you know having other crappy companies as your standard is the plan and what you should compare yourself to anyway lol
    14. RawrCookie
      Me too, i still play VF5FS, that's why i cleaned my PS3 again to just play it. I play sparring mode in heights difficulty, customize my characters, and train with them in Dojo. I have some folks who i play online with there but it is not the best connection though but i still appreciate it as it is. VF5 was a gold that SEGA didn't treat their console fans good enough like how their arcade ones, but still VF5FS console 10 times better than VF5US.

      Also funny how we are being mocked for just criticizing a post talking about customizations DLC; like what do some need us to talk about regarding the post? How Eileen new huge pigtails effected her balance and her frames changed and made her slower cause they are huge hypothetically? lol nope we gonna talk about the content of DLC, price and the plan for future content for VF5US.

      If some think it is petty for us to care about our "Virtual dolls" looks, then maybe i think this is directed at SEGA before us, because they are the ones who is making effort to just create those packs and sell us YAKUZA costumes and old customizations items instead of releasing VF6 offering what alot needed already but anyway everyone got their opinion. Meh not more to say here tbh.
      SDS_Overfiend1 likes this.
    15. akai
      With all due respect, there is nothing wrong with having options and having a say. I think VFDC have allowed different opinions to be posted on here all the time? We are all older now, and hopefully a bit more mature. I don't think you need to stand up for "VF players" and call others on this website dorks (are they not VF players?) just because they have different opinion.

      As for the comment about "is it ok for any company to jerk consumers around..."

      Of course not!

      If Sega just ported the PS3/360 version of VF5FS to PS4 and say 'hey we are quickly porting your old game you purchased, with no new updates, on a newer system, but it will cost you to get your old items back" - I would say that is jerking their consumers.

      But, for better or worse, they chose to remake the graphics of the game grounds up and provided it free for 2 months - I would not say that is jerking their consumers for a nickel or dime, literally.

      They have on a monthly basis provided update to the game to improve or fix errors - it might not be quick enough for people - but did they jerk their consumers for being slow to fix everything instantly? I don't think so. As these updates cost neither nickel or dime, literally,

      Is calling their netcode the best that they can make it and "absorbs lag" is that jerking their consumers? As the interview was translated from Japanese, I wonder if something was lost in translation...but yeah, that one sounds like jerking their consumers!

      I have spent more time on this than I want to. To conclude, we are all dorks, and I still play FS more than US on a weekly basis!
      SDS_Overfiend1 likes this.
    16. akai
      If you read from the very first post in this thread all the way to the end of this post, who mocked whom first? It is easier to be critical of others and not look critically at your own posts.

      But back on track on actually talking about the DLC...I noticed Pai's Yakuza costume have a slight change to her feet compared to her other costume types.
    17. SUGATA
      It is not possible to customize Yakuza costume (the same as Retro low - pol costumes), right?

      And many items from prev VF5FS is still not available (

      And WHEN they fix Connection bar icons (not correct)!
    18. SDS_Overfiend1
      no you cannot customize it. Sorry
    19. SDS_Overfiend1
      To only people are dorks are the ones who… ahhh never mind. Long as we agree Sega is jerking the consumers
      RawrCookie likes this.
    20. MadeManG74
      Don't tell me that's STILL broken...

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