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Virtua Fighter x Yakuza

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2021.

By Myke on Dec 4, 2021 at 8:43 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    With Ryu Ga Gotuko (RGG) Studios at the helm for VF5US / VFes it should probably come as no surprise to see this collaboration between two popular franchises, but for the VF series that has seen very minimal reference to other SEGA IP (Sarah as Ulala!), this is kind of a big deal! The December DLC update is packed with great features, including this special collaboration with the Ryu Ga Gotoku (Like a Dragon) / Yakuza. This article contains all the details on character costumes and their stage BGM.

    vf5us x yakuza.jpg

    Announcement Trailers

    Japanese (Normal Narration)

    Japanese (Kage-maru Narration!)

    This is the first time we've seen content that wasn't featured in VF5FS, and depending on its popularity might be a sign of future things to come? Each character is listed with the Yakuza character's costume reference, along with the Yakuza BGM that will be used on that character's stage.

    Yakuza Costume: Kazuma Kiryu
    Yakuza BGM: Kiryu battle theme from Like a Dragon
    In VF, players typically face Akira after winning through several matches; this impactful track was selected as it seemed to match the mood of the fight against him.

    akira-kiryu.jpg akira-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Kaoru Sayama
    Yazuka BGM: Outlaw's Lullaby (Kiwami 2)
    A popular track amongst players that also compliments the feel for a female character.

    aoi-kaoru.jpg aoi-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Ichiban Kasuga
    Yazuka BGM: Random battle theme (Like A Dragon)
    This is the random battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays in Kamurocho. The track felt appropriate for the character's image.

    brad-ichiban.jpg brad-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Haruka Sawamura (as the pop idol from Yakuza 5)
    Yazuka BGM: Loneliness loop (instrumental)
    This is the "Haruka pop idol battle theme" from Yakuza 5. The track normally has vocals, but the instrumental version was selected to avoid distractions caused by the vocals.

    eileen-haruka.jpg eileen-screen.jpg

    El Blaze
    Yakuza Costume: Yoshitaka Mine
    Yazuka BGM: Fly
    This track was selected as it represents Mine's character and the overall image of Yakuza 3.

    el-blaze-yoshitaka.jpg el-blaze-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Ryuji Goda
    Yazuka BGM: Bad Fortune Flower
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 2 that plays during two of the three fights against Ryuji. This track was selected as it felt fairly fitting for Goh's image.

    goh-ryuji.jpg goh-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Shun Akiyama
    Yazuka BGM: Affected Fight
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 5 that plays when the player is controlling Akiyama. He has another battle theme in Yakuza 4, but this one seemed to fit more with Jacky's image.

    jacky-akiyama.jpg jacky-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Akira Nishikiyama
    Yazuka BGM: For Buddy
    There are several battle themes throughout the series when fighting Nishikiyama, but this particular one from Y0 felt like the best fit for VF.

    jean-akira.jpg jean-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Koichi Adachi
    Yazuka BGM: Standard battle theme
    This is the standard scenario battle theme from Like A Dragon. This track was selected as it seemed fitting for a character with good build.

    jeffry-koichi.jpg jeffry-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Joon-gi Han (from Like a Dragon)
    Yazuka BGM: Theory of Beauty
    This is the battle theme that is signature to Joon-gi Han.

    kage-joon-gi.jpg kage-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Makoto Date
    Yazuka BGM: Flirt with Bomb
    This is the track from the first Kiwami title that plays during the battle alongside Date after some gang hassles his daughter to collect a debt. This track was selected as it is strongly associated with Date all while fitting into Lau's character.

    lau-date.jpg lau-screen.jpg

    Lei Fei
    Yakuza Costume: Zhao
    Yazuka BGM: Chinese-themed battle music
    The Chinese-themed battle music from Like A Dragon that feels appropriate for the character's image.

    lei-zhao.jpg lei-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Goro Majima
    Yazuka BGM: Majima battle theme from Yakuza 7
    This is the Majima battle theme from Yakuza 7 (as was explained for Goromi, this is one of the several Majima battle themes). Not only is this track popular with players, it seemed fitting for Lion's image.

    lion-goro.jpg lion-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Saeko Mukoda
    Yazuka BGM: Battle theme in Yokohama
    This is the battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays during random encounters in Yokohama. This track was selected as the melody seemed to flow well with a female character.

    pai-saeko.jpg pai-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Goromi
    Yazuka BGM: Receive and Slash You
    Each time Majima appears in the series, an arrangement of his "Receive You The Prototype" track from Y2 plays during battle; for this DLC, the arrangement is from Y5. Of all the "Majima" tracks, this particular one seemed to best compliment a female character.

    sarah-goromi.jpg sarah-screen.png

    Yakuza Costume: Nanba
    Yazuka BGM: Homeless Can Collection Minigame track
    This is the track from Like A Dragon that plays while playing the homeless can collection minigame. Nanba is recognized as the homeless character and the bluesy feel to the track seemed like the right fit for Shun's Drunken Kung Fu style.

    shun-nanba.jpg shun-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: The Florist of Sai
    Yazuka BGM: Kamuro Again
    The random battle theme from Y6 when in Kamurocho.

    taka-florist.jpg taka-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Seong-hui
    Yazuka BGM: Geomijul battle theme
    This is the battle theme from Like A Dragon that plays when fighting members of the Geomijul, the organization that's led by Seong-hui. This track was selected as it felt fairly fitting for Vanessa's image.

    vanessa-seong.jpg vanessa-screen.jpg

    Yakuza Costume: Taiga Saejima
    Yazuka BGM: Hailstorm
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza 5 that plays when the player is controlling Saejima. He has another theme in Yakuza 4, but this one seemed more fitting for Wolf's image.

    wolf-taiga.jpg wolf-screen.jpg

    Yazuka BGM: Tsuchigumo battle theme
    This is the battle theme from Yakuza: Dead Souls that plays in Majima's story when fighting Tsuchigumo. This track was selected since the theme plays in a fight against Tsuchigumo, a nondescript, non-human enemy, as well as having similarities with Dural's usual theme.

    vf x yakuza all.jpg

    So, what do you think of these character costumes and BGMs? Are there any other SEGA franchises you'd like VF to collaborate with?
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Dec 4, 2021.

    1. J.D.E.
      I'm actually a little disappointed that you can't change around the customs like I originally thought they were advertising, but I didn't look at it as a big deal. I think the Yakuza music in the game is kind sick though. The tournament stage music is flames.
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    2. nou
      Taking a break, but going to do a couple arcade runs with the Yakuza tracks. VF3 arranged tracks are great, and the Yakuza tracks are nice but I've only smapled them so far. Doing wall combos to Lonliness Loop, is the new standard in fighting games :ninja:
    3. RawrCookie
      I can read and i can remember too. It is not about whom mocked whom 1st, it is about the fact of being mocked for criticizing DLC pack and sarcastically labeling it as "Dressing your Virtual Dolls" and being directed at us but not SEGA who made effort to put them in 1st place, but not criticizing sarcastically how SEGA trying to avail their customers with these releases plans and us disliking DLC content and its pricing is not equal to mocking others with "Dressing Doll" cause it is unproductive and immature lol

      Of course it is easier to criticize others and not be critical of your own posts, but the main difference here is i am talking about my opinion and experience of others reactions, because whenever we say something, someone jumps out and repeat defensive points for SEGA or VF as it is so already knew we would get a negative reaction from VF "Loyals" if i can say as most respectful word since some are upset with being called "Dorks" from @SDS_Overfiend1 instead of being upset being treated as one from SEGA lol so that's why i had to put it it within my 1st posts criticizing DLC, It is inevitable consequence anyway so why not address it from the beginning too?

      So yeah :)
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    4. nou
      Imagine being this mad at the DLC, lol.
    5. akai
      @RawrCookie - you can read and remember...but I think you have a double standard or have trouble with comprehension. Or, I have failed to write coherently enough for you and others to understand my intent. Instead of derailing this thread further, I will be more than willing to talk about that in a separate thread or through private conversation.

      Posting whether you like or dislike the new content is fine. Posting criticism or defending Sega's actions is fine. Subtle and not so subtle attacks on users for different views...that is questionable.
      SDS_Overfiend1 likes this.
    6. RawrCookie
      I am not gonna repeat myself neither if anybody missed the point, also i didn't attack anyone by "dorks"; i just mentioned why @SDS_Overfiend1 may have said it and your reaction to it obsessively.

      Thanks for your disciplining and discussion policing effort anyway Mr.Akai :)

      Not worse than being happy about it with this condition and praise SEGA no matter what like an unpaid cheerleader all year ^_-
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    7. SDS_Overfiend1
      Imagine having a orgasm over DLC thats underwhelming, lol
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    8. nou
      The DLC is legit though.

      Hoping we get a Burning Rangers or Gunvalkeryie collab next so they can finally add air-dashes and air-evades in VF.
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    9. SSShinji
      Hey, does anyone here feel that the game looks worse since the latest update?
      I've never had issues with VF5US graphics. I think it's one of the best looking 3D fighters out there (other than some questionable re-design choices on some of the fighters' faces).
      But after the Yakuza update, the game now is looking more pixelated (resolution downgrade), the shadow effects look ugly, and I'm playing on the PS4-Pro :(
      They might do this to improve on Online play, but when I can say that Tekken 7 now is looking much better then there's a real problem here LOL.
      And yea, I don't like what they have done with the "transparent walls". They look rough and these need to be fixed on future updates for sure.(n)
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    10. SDS_Overfiend1
      Yoooooo I thought it just me. I was looking at the details on Vanessa pants and it seemed blurry. I thought I messed up my TV settings or something but the game seems to have lost resolution tremendously.
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    11. SSfox
      DLC could've been cool if they already fixed the core issues of the game, which they didn't. So it's hard for me to care much about things like addition of some new skins.

      I guess at this point all i say is it's time for VF6. And hopefully they'll got it right from day one. (Quest Mode, Rollback netcode, a lot of content ect)
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    12. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      The VF3 are brand new arrangements?

      I like this DLC, but it's only Costume D, this means that there will be maybe 2 other DLC with Costume E and S each, and since they are terrible slow even at remaking some simple items, it will took them the entire 2022 to release both.
    13. Shinobi
      Forgive me, but I don't understand all the hate Ultimate Showdown is receiving. SEGA was clear about it, from the beginning. VF5US is a very small project, online focused, made for the 60th anniversary of the company. Nothing more, nothing less. It's a small budget title with a low selling price and two DLC packs that are not required to play the game.

      So, I don't understand why people act like SEGA fooled them, like they delivered a game that had nothing to do with the game they promised in the first place?

      Sorry, but I can't blame them because Ultimate Showdown is not the VF I had in mind, because it's not VF6, because it's not like SIFU and because it's not like Gran Turismo 7.

      Forgive my bad English. Love you all.
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    14. masterpo

      good point. You're right Sega never promised anything beyond a small e-sports version of VF. The did say that it was made for the 60th anniversary so you are also correct in reminding us of that.

      I guess the problem comes with how they named the edition outside of Japan. They've named it Virtua Fighter Ultimate Showdown. This causes some fans (myself included) to expect more than a simple e-sports knock off:oops:

      For example if you read Seiji Aoki's blog


      he makes the following comment:

      "Sega’s 60th Anniversary, a massive community project celebrating the most iconic games over our entire company history, finally provided us that opportunity. Sega put together a new team of developers from AM2, the original creators of the VF series, and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios – combining extensive console expertise with a deep passion for the franchise to kick off development on a definitive Virtua Fighter game for the new generation. "

      So when I read the phrase definitive Virtua Fighter game I was expecting a little more than a e-sports knock off of VF.:whistle:

      So Seiji Aoki and RGG can't have it both ways. Either the game is a simple 60th anniversary celebration and ode to the Virtua Fighter series or it is the definitive Virtua Fighter game for the new generation. Seiji Aoki can't have it both ways.:sneaky:

      So I think part of the problem of all the hate are the mixed messages that were sent by RGG and Sega:cool: at launch.
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    15. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      You're right, it was clear that this was a budget edition aimed to japanese esport scene, with sales expectations set very low.

      That said, when your game is downloaded by 10 million of people, greatly surpassing your own (Sega) expectations, the game's scope MUST change to reflect that success.

      Of course, if instead they want to mantain VF a niche game with barely any relevance only in Japan, they are doing a fine job with VF5US...
      Last edited: Dec 11, 2021
    16. SSfox
      That's not hating on VF, it's critiques and feedback, i already mentioned things that I like (loading times , graphical up, new musics are awesome), but they totally failed in terms of game modes and specially netcode. I mean I can even forgive the lack of quest and other game modes specially since it's online based, we already suspect it with the eSports codename. But not the Jurassic netcode, a 2021 fighting game that is mainly based in online matchmaking but has some of the worst possible netcode is intolerable imo. Sega need to get themselves together.

      So again, hopefully they're aware and make sure VF6 will be nailed in every aspects since day one.
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    17. MarlyJay
      Do extra PSN downloads even make Sega more money? It's a huge opportunity for sure though, but we should all know where this game stands when the online wasn't completely fixed and mint after all those downloads. Lot of companies would have just to save face given the profile, even if they had to hire people.

      This game isn't a full release. it's an afterthought only OK'd because of the anniversary (even though I don't think the anniversary is mentioned anywhere in the game). The hope was to bring eyes to the series but I don't think it has in the way Sega hoped.
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    18. RawrCookie
      Exactly! They shouldn't advertise it to us like this! Mixed statements cause confusion...

      But our opinions/criticism still reamins. Just because something ought to be simple or anniversary version and not definitive edition, doesn't mean we can't expect better results, especially that VF5US is gonna be another VF5FS but with lower expectation, no better changes expect in graphics(which could be better, including faces), and more cash grab methods by periodically cheap DLCs that can be already in the game if they want to.

      Actually VF fans excepted to have aggresive vitriol reactions after waiting 9 years for VF6 then it comes VF5 Ultimate emptiness showdown from SEGA. Like we wouldn't even mind if They released VF5FS with rollback netcode in new generation platforms better than investing on VF5US with cheap DLC milking route.

      Just because you announced that you will release a game that won't be fully packaged or do not have features, items people wanted, doesn't deny the fact it is still BAD and declining. For example someone told their neighbors that they gonna throw a nasty trash that has strong long distanced smell, the fact he told them that doesn't change the fact it is still a TRASH and neighbors can still complain lol

      We just expected more and better treatment, even for an "Anniversary" version let alone Seiji Aoki's blog statements calling it "Definitive Virtua Fighter".

      That's all.
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    19. SSShinji
      To be fair, if you got the game for "free" as part of the PS+ Offer, assuming that you also purchased both the DLCs (DLC1+DLC2), the game costs only 1/3 of the total price I paid for Tekken 7 (standard edition) at launch date so far.

      Constructive criticisms are always good for the game especially if it is for the franchise that you really like. But if you really want to complain about contents, then please wait at least until "four" more major updates with DLCs. If by then the game is still lacking then complain all you want considering this game is not a simple port but has been built from the ground up using the Dragon engine.

      Pretty much what they are doing now is recouping the development cost for the game, taking feedbacks for the development of VF6, and profiting from this project whenever they could. Most likely this profit (if any) would contribute into the development for VF6.

      We are on "Season 0" so far. They are planning to run this project until "Season 2", that is until June 2024, when they would most likely announce/release VF6 for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC with Rollback-netcode.

      I would say that most major DLCs would be released at least until the end of "Season 1" ending June 2023. After S1, all of their focus would be to release VF6 by mid 2024, while still running tournaments for "Season 2".

      For those ppl still complaining about "Hit Sparks" in VF5US, I'm sorry to tell you that it is NOT going to change for this game. This is an E-Sport game so they want consitency in their tournaments. So turning Off HS will never be an option, even if you cry for the next two years or so. Your best bet would be when VF6 comes out, you would hope that they would have come out with something better to replace the HS.

      So, yeh, let's be a little bit patient and continue to support "Virtua Fighter" as Best as we could, especially if you really like the franchise and really wanna see VF6 comes to fruitition. That's it, folks! :)
      Last edited: Dec 12, 2021
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    20. akai
      @SSShinji Got to play the game for a couple hours post-DLC yesterday. I did not noticed a downgrade to the graphics (old PS4 hardware) post-patch. I did notice the semi-transparent walls are different from Final Showdown. In FS, it was just less opaque. In Ultimate Showdown, the walls now have reduce opacity, but also have a dots/mesh scren appearance to it. At first it was somewhat jarring, but I got used to it pretty quickly.
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