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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by ZBEP, Jan 15, 2016.

By ZBEP on Jan 15, 2016 at 3:11 PM
  1. ZBEP

    ZBEP Well-Known Member

    Remember my moments compilation videos? Good old days, but today I've come up with something else for you guys! Here it is, the ancient history of our favourite polygonal button smashing simulator! It won't be a casual look at it though, I will try to analyze a mechanical growth of the series and compare it to whatever the other 3D fighting games have come up through all this time. Also there is something special I'm preparing towards the end of the series, so stay tuned!

    This one is short because it's about VF1. This game doesn't provide much stuff to talk about, and the other videos will probably be longer and more detailed. I've also made this short to test how it works out, so if you found something that could be included in the video that I missed, or if you have something interesting to say about other games of the series, or even some other 3D fighting games that did something that Sega didn't or did before VF (like all these other Sega's FGs, i don't know like anything about them), feel free to write it here to improove the upcoming videos!

    Don't forget to turn the subtitles on, the video's in Russian.

    Virtua Fighter?

    Virtua Fighter 2?

    Virtua Fighter 3? (Part 1)

    Virtua Fighter 3? (Part 2)
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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by ZBEP, Jan 15, 2016.

    1. Myke
      Brilliant stuff! Looking forward to the next one! (y)
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    2. Citrus
      Keep it up.
    3. Sudden_Death
    4. IcKY99
    5. ZBEP
      English Subs v2.0 are up, fixed by Myke! He split most of the lines into smaller ones for a less hardcore reading experience. There are also some grammar changes and fixed typos.
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      hey what is up. I speak the Russian language too so if you want to have some matches on psn in vf5FS then let me know.
    7. ZBEP
      I don't play often nowadays, and when I do, I use my jpn account and go local ranked with them japs. My PSN is ZBEP, add me and we'll probably play someday.
      I do not play much either on psn anymore but when I get on I can send you a request.
    9. Uncle_Kitchener
      More please. This stuff was really needed.
    10. GodEater
      Very cool.

      It is too bad that you're playing on the 32X version but understandable.

      One nitpick - all of VF1's moves can be executed without forcing crouch. I've never been sure if AM2 *meant* for the From Crouch requisite to be present and an artifact of code overrode it or if it was just old documentation that was never updated.

      lau's UpKn and Akira's Single Palm, for instance, can both be performed from standing if the input is precise. This is the case in Arcade to console/PC port.

      It could be a code issue since they likely didn't mean to include Dash Doubling.
    11. ZBEP
      I didn't realize that I could record video off arcade emulators with my lame ass laptop before I made the video. But it's still not the best solution - VF2 heavily drops frames alot, and the sound in the recorded video is just unbearable. Even the fact that I'm able to do videos on this old piece of technology is a miracle.

      About FC moves - are you talking about crouch dash buffering? Becouse if not, then I'm interested and demand full explanation on the matter.
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    12. Parasite_eveNZ
      This was both informative and funny nice work man
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    13. GodEater
      Weird about the audio being unbearable. VF2, especially, has great emulated sound - even when recording (for me, at least).

      FC moves: all VF's have moves that are documented as needed to be fully crouched before implementing, we know this. VF1 is the only one of the series that doesn't fully require it.

      a strange artifact of VF1's movement mechanics was the fact that a forward dash (ff) and a crouch dash (df df) were interpreted as the same by the game system prior to animation and then re-interpreted during animation and then, again, during button press. Honestly, it's just the second input of the dash that's up for grabs.

      1) Akira's dashing elbow could be inputed ff+P or, df df+P. since Akira doesn't have any corresponding move that's inputted via df df+P it gives you a crouch dash and then his dashing elbow because akira.
      2) Jeffery's crucifix could be inputed df df+P+K or ff,df+P+K (resulting in a dash in crucifix). the game looks at the df+P+K realizes its the last input of his crucifix, checks the last joystick input (f in this case) and says, "good enough"

      so with that peculiarity in mind, VF1 likely did require a crouch component from certain moves but the option select in the game code overrode it.

      The result is that every single FC move can be inputed from standing. the input had to be fast and precise but a "fireball" motion gave you Akira's single palm. d,df+P gave you Lau's UpKn or Jeff's uppercut.

      related aside: the footsie game in VF1 was surprisingly robust. They'd killed backdashing right away by including a massive recovery phase. That recovery could be negated by simply inputting a db or a df and then continuing with another backdash (or forward dash).

      I'm not saying VF1 is a good late game fighter. with it's easy 'ticks' that included sidekicks (!!), option selects and poor ground game mechanics it doesn't hold up. But there was a lot of depth in it that went undiscovered forever.

      Also, it was my first VF so I tend to look at it through that lens.
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    14. ZBEP
      It's just my laptop being a bytch.
    15. Jide
      I found this hilarious and awesome. Can't wait for the 2nd one!
    16. ZBEP
      The new video is coming out in 2 days, or 3 at max. It's gonna be 20 minutes long, and it's actually already done, I just have to fix some issues with it and re-render it. So, get hype??

      UP: The video is done and uploaded, although I'm still working on subtitles. I already made half of them, and will probably finish it tomorrow... I hope.
      Last edited: Jan 23, 2016
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    17. ZBEP
      Here it finally is, the second video about VF2 is ready to roll here at VFDC! Just finished making english subtitles for you guys, it took longer than I expected. Hope you'll like it!
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    18. oneida
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    19. oneida
      i'm only eight minutes into the VF2 vid and this is seriously great.
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