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    hey all, what`s up!! this is ice-9 at hiro`s place...first off, i apologize if the spelling is messed up...i am having a lot of problems typing with hiro`s japanese keyboard. anyway, i arrived yesterday and we`ve already had a big 8-hour VF bash here. adam was there with his invincible jeffry and akira, hiro with his deadly kage, wolf and lion, andy with his adrenalized jacky, sal with his assortment of characters and moves, donald with his rapidly rising lau, and yours truly.

    nothing much new with adam, he was the first with a big streak with 9 wins with jeffry. really, who else here besides me think his jeffry is more difficult to play with than his akira!!!

    andy`s jacky was as solid as always and andy got a three or four 5-win streak. man, i swear i don`t think i blocked his P->d+K even once. catches me every time.

    sal is still the most creative player out of all us, using tactics and moves that are wholly unexpected...which is what makes him so interesting and unpredictable to play with of course.

    i met donald yesterday for the first time. he used to play OB a lot but is better known for his skills in tekken tag. i think he goes by the name of frenchie, or something like that. donald plays a great was amazing to see how quickly he improved during the night of play. with just a month or two of practice i`m confident donald can be right up there. he really wants to see how sumeragi plays though. /versus/images/icons/wink.gif

    hiro of course is hiro. man, i gotta admit i have problems against his kage...he plays a classic `cheap` japanese kage...PPP, back roll, stuff like that. great kage, i need to copy some of his stuff, heh heh heh. hiro had the best streak of the night with about 15 wins or so with his kage.

    as for me, i purposely didn`t play kage much. i think i`ve been playing him too much...or put another way, every time i played competitively (once a year??) i picked him too many times. i think i was getting to the point where i was stagnating. so i tried playing aoi and wolf a lot and played akira, jacky some. i ended up playing kage decent though at the end of the night, and had a good 10-win streak. and my jeffry surprisingly got 7 wins and it was the one and only time i picked him! now if i could only get that kind of production from wolf, who i actually tried to play well with and who`s supposed to be better on the DC...

    anyway, this is enough for now. chanchai just rung himself in, see you guys tomorrow for some comments on VT Day 1.
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    Hey Everyone!

    VG... I'm not referring to a hentai fighting game out there. Nope, I'm talking about Virtua Gathering!...That's what I call it anyways.

    Chanchai just got back and he had a blast!!! Alright, time to stop with the third person thing...

    How was it?As I said above, I had a blast. I'll post a Chanchai report later on, but I'd like to hear what some of the other attendants had to say first.

    Who attended? Adam, Andy, Hiro, Ice-9, Chanchai, Ghost Dog, Myke, sta783, and.....drum roll for our unexpected guest.... Mr. Bungle! I personally was really happy Bungle decided to come along (thanks Myke for bringing him along).

    Was the event taped? Nope... but I do have in camcorder fashion (with thick banding on the bottom of the screen) a match between Ice-9's Aoi vs. sta783's Sarah.

    Gathering? Well, a strong majority of the attendees (if not just about everyone) preferred not to have a tournament. For many reasons, all of which were pretty sound. As a result, we all got a LOT of VF action in the few days we were there (feels like it was about a day and a half's worth of VF--though for me more like a single day, which will be explained in my report of day 2).

    Chicks? Hiro's gf Yukie came along. NO, she does NOT play VF (in case some of you were gonna ask). In the fashion of Ice noting in an NYG1 report long ago to the ladies, thank you Yukie for your patience and kindness. I'm sure a lot of us were glad to have Hiro at the gathering the Friday-Sunday/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    And finally, I'd like to say I was really happy to see all of you again and I definitely was happy to meet Myke, Ice-9, and Ghost Dog! I personally thought everyone at the gathering was great and fun to talk to, hope to see all of you again sometime in the near future.

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    Re: VG!

    nice reports guys. now i hope jan will do something similar after next week's euro clash of the titans, eh jan? :)
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    Re: VG!

    me siting here in my cute apartment...

    Me still thinks me should have been there~!

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    Re: VG!

    Becoz me did not attend~

    Me expect to be able to read reports from EVERYONE~~~

    Me thinks Hiro, Adam might not type out a report though/versus/images/icons/mad.gif~

    Me thinks u should start the ball rolling~~~

    BTW...Me sick again...
    thanks to Shun....coughing right into my face...
    not only do I had to put up with his bad also took all his damn germs~/versus/images/icons/mad.gif

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    Re: VG!

    Hey, Hiro get any bigger? :p

    "Victory can be anticipated, but not assured" Sun-Tzu
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    Re: VG!

    Hiro's in great shape (I didn't recognize him when I walked into his apartment), muscles and all. He has that Japanese martial arts build (doesn't focus on definition, great shape though and like I said, muscles and all).

    On the other hand, I'm as big as ever.... In a way I prefer not to be (I'm on my way to the gym now though/versus/images/icons/tongue.gif).

    Anyways, you guys are likely to see pictures soon. Andy took quite a few pictures (with a digital still cam), I took some videotape and the least I can do with the tapes is store images on a memory stick and port them for you guys (whenever I go to my parents home next time).

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    Re: VG!

    hey guys, sorry for lying, too busv vfing (and eating at rendezvous) to post much...not that i had net access over the weekend.

    anyway, it was more of a gathering than a tourney. i don`t know what reason was given but i think it was mostly an issue of time. this gathering def. felt like the shortest one i`ve attended...on friday we played from around 11 pm to 7 am, on saturday the whole day to 3 am and sunday up to the time myke, rich and nick left (although adam, hiro, ghostdog and i played up to 6:30 in the morning playing). so there wasn`t much time at all.

    first of all, before i say anything else, i should take the time to thank adam for hosting the gathering and for providing free lodging to everyone. it`s not easy to do this type of thing and i applaud adam for being such a great host.

    the gathering was held in the riverhead hotel, as in previous gatherings. the conference room with the big projector screen could not be used, unfortunately, but we did play in a room with two TVs. i personally didn`t mind the set up as i felt the close proximity allowed people to get to know each other better but it did get a bit cramped. with only 9 players, however, the conference room might be too big.

    i`ll probably break up my thoughts on the gathering and its players into separate chunks, organized by player to player. this way i can write as much as i feel when i wish and wouldn`t have to be contained to one giant post.
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    ghostdog, chanchai

    the first two players that i`ll talk about are ghostdog (rich) and chanchai.

    rich def. had the big disadvantage coming in. rich is from jacksonville, florida and never had many opportunities to play vf competitively with human opponents, much less advanced ones. considering all of this what rich brought with him was pretty good. he has some trouble with button inputs sometimes but on the whole has decent defense and can get an offensive rush going on. he plays a wide variety of characters but considers his lau and akira to be his best characters. i personally thought his aoi, pai and lau were his most advanced though.

    the improvement he made from day 1 to day 3 was pretty drastic and it`s obvious he has the capability to develop really quckly. rich i hope you`ll stick with vf and join future gatherings. i fully expect your lau to be dangerous the next time we meet!

    i met chanchai for the first time this weekend. thanks for the poster card present! nick also plays a lot of characters but he obviously favors lion and shun. i don`t know what level chanchai was at last year or even last month but according to most people nick is def. the most improved among everyone. nick is a good example of how much of a difference human competition is. there`s something of a mini vf scene revived in portland and nick is the beneficiary of competition every few times a month. now that he`s gone through another gathering i expect for nick to improve even more.

    nick`s lion is noteworthy for nick`s frequent use of lion`s special escapes and had some nice looking dodges and uras. nick needs to work on execution on some flowcharts a bit, throw escapes and ring pressure. with development in these areas i`m anticipating an even better lion the next time we meet!

    ok, i`m beat with writing (esp. with this weird japanese keyboard). be back later...
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    Re: VG!

    Working on it!!

    Pictures of course (tho I will need to get a scanner). Maybe one of the other's will have a digital cam. Am also checking up on if the projector has a video feed built in to allow for easy taping.

    As I mentioned to you in #vfhome there's an off chance a british tv crew might come over.. I think they're doing an episode for one of their shows following Ryan, and would like to meet some of the other gamers.

    Anyhoo, it'll be a blast.. I can't wait.

    - Jan
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    VG! - Day 1

    I typed up my Virtua Gathering journal entry for day 1, here are the gaming related excerpts (plus a bonus link where I post an oldie but goodie God-Eat-God clip).

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Special Nostalgia Bonus: God Eat God's Bad Jo Shun clip</A>

    Day 1 - Friday, May 11th, 2001

    (skip this sub-entry if you don't care for CvS or Third Strike)
    Approx. 5:45pm EST
    Jeff and I decide to play some Capcom vs. SNK. It’s been awhile since I’ve played on a projector setup, but it’s fine. I play my very aggressive Kim, boring as hell Guile, Hyper Fighting Chanchai style Blanka, and boring King while he plays a variety of other characters with a very fun, patient but combo based game (I figure already that Jeff enjoys the art of comboing in just about any fighting game). I’m not really playing tournament mode or anything (though still playing a boring game with my Guile), but I guess Jeff and I are probably even at CvS, but I’ll give him the odds and the edge and consider him better than me at the game. I think both of us don’t make a huge effort at the game, but do put work into it as we enjoy it. Andy plays and does pretty alright, I can’t really remember how he plays though. My only complaint with Jeff on CvS is that he loves the vs. mode and he loves making just about every character a ratio 1-I’m just too into arcade rules I guess, but I personally find it as something that really sets the balance off (sure some damage and defense factors are changed, but priority and natural advantages are still pretty much there). CvS is already a matchup game in my mind as is! hehe, it was all fun though.

    We move on to Third Strike where both of us are playing pretty fun casual and leisurely games (nothing serious). However, because we just played CvS, we had CvS-itus… I have this everytime I switch between the two games. Speed difference, accidentally whiffing throws because we stupidly thought we could roll, forgetting that the hard attacks exist, etc…. but it takes us a few rounds to get back in the groove. As different as the two games are, these two games are the only ones that have this effect on me, no idea why… But fortunately both of us suffered the stupid condition. I like Jeff’s Urien, loaded with some nice combos and a fondness for Aegis reflector. Really reminds me of Portland’s top 3s player, RaybladeX, who has a truly vicious Urien (while being extremely effective and loaded with the air-fireball trap). I can’t comment on skill or serious play since we were playing casually but it was really fun and I really enjoyed it. Jeff’s Q is also pretty fun to fight against. I showed Jeff my three-day old (in terms of how much I’ve played the character) Oro which is not at all mature yet, but I enjoy using him. I show him a few of my Makoto tricks (there’s a LOT more of them) such as the ex Dashing Punch-bait and middle kick abuse. I’ll probably show him a lot more later on (through replays probably). Jeff’s Remy is not bad at all, I figure it might not have serious game experience, but Jeff does not make the mistake a lot of Remy players do-Jeff doesn’t play Remy like Guile. I enjoyed his Remy quite a bit. Lots of fun casual matches on my favorite modern 2d fighter.

    Andy was in the shower during most of the matches and after his showers he was doing some weird poses which casted shadows on the wall. Yukie was cracking up shyly about it. I didn’t really catch it. Jeff was laughing. And I assumed Andy didn’t know we saw the shadows, but he probably was doing it on purpose. Hiro decides to play some Third Strike, but he doesn’t normally play the game. He knows some of the additions and all but he plays the game like Street Fighter 2. Well…. it’s not supposed to be played that way to a good extent (especially since he’s playing Ryu) so I guess he ended up eating my parries and little tricks and what not. All good as it was just for fun anyways (and any match of 3s is good for me since not too many people bother to play the game). Hiro and Yukie went for a walk. Andy also decided to play and he played Third Strike even more like SF2 than Hiro did. Didn’t work too well either, but it was fun nonetheless (though I think it might have been better for him if he took my advice on using Ryu’s charging fireball super instead of the multi-hit fireball-especially since I figure Jeff and I are not perfect at parrying it).

    While we were playing, Ghost Dog calls and lets us know that he’s arrived at JFK and I tell him how to take a cab to Hiro’s place. In the end though, the Third Strike matches were fun and I wish we had more of them. We then decided we would like to play VF3tb. Conveniently, as we are about to start playing some VF3tb, Ghost Dog arrives.


    7:00pm EST
    Ghost Dog arrives and we all let him know the shoe rule. We all introduce ourselves. Nice and tall guy (him and Andy are the tallest guys at this event). Ghost Dog’s voice actually reminds me of a younger Samuel L. Jackson, maybe I’m crazy but that’s what his voice reminds me of. We all start playing VF3tb which includes Jeff and I having some fun messing around with Taka vs. Taka (brought on by Ghost Dog mentioning how he plays with everyone except Taka) and Shun vs. Shun. Woohoo, of those two matches I won, but we were both playing casually (though I was playing much more serious than Jeff). An example of how “casual†we were playing, Jeff and I got into the most silly low kick war in our Shun battle, Andy started laughing out loud as he watched our silly Shun vs. Shun match. Jeff was like “Chanchai’s got a tricky Shun†(don’t know if he was being silly or serious). Our Taka match was also pretty silly. I had fun watching Andy and Jeff squaring off quite a bit and it was nice seeing Ghost Dog play (I mostly saw his Wolf at this time), it was amazing after I realized he had no competition whatsoever in VF3. Pretty much ever. And he was definitely a lot better than I think I was when I went to NYG2 first day in New York (when I had only had one human competition before going to NY).

    Pretty soon into the matches, around 7:20 or 7:40, Myke shows up (while I’m playing). As I look back I’m totally surprised to see that Rich was with him! Woohoo, Myke convinced Rich to come along! It was really nice meeting Myke and seeing Rich again. They went to go find parking (found parking many blocks down at the dead end eventually) and then returned and Myke played some matches with us. Fun watching those matches and he certainly kicked my butt without thinking. I talked a bit to Rich while some matches were going on and then later joined the matches again. A little earlier, Adam let us know he was coming so we thought it was Adam that arrived when Myke did. Adam arrived a little after Myke started playing, probably around 8:00pm.


    Approximately 12:30am EST
    We finally start setting up the VF stations. We get a room that is close to below our rooms. A single room with a single bed, bathroom, and TV (but we go grab another TV and table to setup another station). I was fine in the room, personally, but it really was a stuffy situation. Really crammed in there with 9 people (ten actually). After getting the setup all done we proceeded to the matches. As for me, I personally didn’t think much of how stuffy the room was as I’m just about fine with anything (I’ve been through far worse). I was plenty grateful to have this opportunity anyways.

    Soon after the matches started, Andy had quite a few good wins. I was happy to knock him off his streak, to which I screamed at him: “TIMMAY!!!!†(reference to South Park for those that don’t know. Oddly enough, I’m not that big of a fan, but I like some of the things in the show). I think Myke and Rich were probably the only ones who understood to a degree what I was doing (Myke had the smile and I’m sure Rich is familiar with Timmy on South Park). Rich was up next and he knocked me flat on my back by killing me so quickly, 3-0, I didn’t know what hit me. I remember that soon after Andy had his fair share of streaks as well, but Shota had a huge streak if I remember correctly. I didn’t keep track unfortunately but it was a big streak (like 18 wins I think?). Overall I can say that pretty much everyone, except Ghostdog and myself, had their good amount of continuous wins and streaks.

    I wish I could comment on everything that happened, but I still find myself unable to break down styles and how people play. I seem to only have impressions when I watch the matches but not much after. I remember I enjoyed watching Jeff’s Aoi and Myke’s Kage (as well as his Akira and just about any other character). I also liked seeing that Rich was playing a good amount, despite his frustrations with the DC sticks (as well as some DC-only aspects of the game). Rich scares me in the sense that he can pick up on how people play really well and really handle them well and aggressively beat down his opponents. Maybe it’s just me, but I just get a feeling about his ability to read players and nail down their weaknesses while having a good aggressive game. In a sort of similar way, Jeff scares me. As he watches matches he totally puts himself in place in the match and reacts to what he sees. He sees a character gets staggered, he struggles. Things like that. And then after he watches people play me, he completely destroys me with very little room for me to do anything. Completely forcing me to think about everything I did or my tendencies or faults and what not. I definitely appreciate this. He also mentioned that my Lion does not crouch dash enough and needs to manage the ring since Lion should ring out more. Quoting Johnny 5: “Input!! NEEED INPUUUTTTTTT!!!†I really love receiving advice or attention on my play. I came out here to be a better player (as well as meet all these guys and get a chance to play them).

    Andy gave me advice too and I really appreciate it. I just feel bad for not acting like I appreciated it because I really did. So Andy, thanks for the input! You’ve always been doing your best to help me out and it’s appreciated. Just hope I didn’t let you down J Your Pai also gave me a good scare.

    Eventually I joined the other station where at the time Hiro, Adam, and Jeff were playing at (Shota had gone to sleep before any of us, soon followed by Rich). Hiro was extremely tired at this point and I’m sorry to say I can’t comment on his matches on this night because I did not see him play when he was in full force. I was only able to see an extremely tired Hiro playing pretty casually. He played more seriously with Adam and Jeff and with me he was playing pretty casually and letting me win quite a bit.

    Interesting moment for me: I can’t remember what character Hiro used (Kage I think), but I was using Kage. We were on Lau stage and I nailed Hiro with bb+K+Gàd+K and proceeded with the chop ura. It worked, but Hiro suddenly fell into the “Lau Stage Glitch of Doom†(as I call it). The same glitch that was shown in the Melbourne Games Myke clip. If I understood what happened correctly, I did ff+K+G and stopped Hiro from sliding out of the ring completely. Weird…

    Hiro went to bed a little later. We all continued to play until around 6:30am or so. By that time, Jeff and Myke played Capcom vs. SNK. I continued playing VF3tb quite a bit (with Adam and Ghostdog I think). Myke seemed to be dominating at CvS over Jeff, but I remember Jeff put up a good fight and they had some close matches. I later joined in and played against Myke. I’ll definitely admit Myke’s better than me J Fun matches though.

    At some time around 7:00am the rest of us went to bed (and later I found out that Shota woke up at 7:30).

    More to come soon when I write my Day 2 entry.

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    Re: VG! - Day 1


    Maybe I should play CvS n 3S with myke when I see him...

    Display superior fighting skills~~~~/versus/images/icons/laugh.gif

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    Re: VG! - Day 1

    Myke doesn't play 3s/versus/images/icons/smile.gif
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    Re: VG! - Day 1

    it's ok...

    CvS then~.

    In the words of a great fool "let the rapings begin"~~~~~

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    Re: ghostdog, chanchai

    moving on....

    andy played jacky for most of the gathering, occasionally pulling put pai, akira and jeffry. andy plays jacky a lot like movement, lots of quick attacks and reflexive type of gameplay. it`s a combination that gave me plenty of headaches--how to tame the wild beast that is andy? SHADOWRUSH seems to be the key, but we`ll see, heh heh heh.

    it`s always fun to see and hear andy play though. andy`s always pumping him up before matches, talking trash and yelling out war cries but his funniest attribute would be his button pressing. andy presses his buttons three times as hard as everyone else and he has a pattern in all the moves that he does. for example, when he does a stomp he would press the P button five times times, with each successive button press louder than the last with the last button press culminating just as jacky connects his stomp. bam, bam, bam-bam BAM!

    unfortunately i did not get to play rich (mr. bungie) all that much; he always seemed to be at the other dc playing. but i did watch him play and rich`s kage generally consists of a guessing game between elbows, P, b,b+k+g, heelkick and the occasional flipkick. rich had trouble playing with the agetech sticks but i don`t blame him at all, since he plays the arcade vf3tb at home. i remember when i made the switch from arcade to dc and how horrible i thought the dc sticks were. considering this, rich`s transition was quite impressive as he was still able to pull of knee combos most of the time.

    i also met myke for the first time this weekend--what a pleasurable chap he was!! myke really surprised me...i had always thought of him as a more serious, mature kind of guy. not that he`s immature! but you gotta love myke`s get up...he wears these kick butt boots, cargos, oversized vest and has the mini-goatee and ozzie accent to complete the look.

    myke plays a lot of characters but i thought his three main ones were lau, kage and aoi. all are extremely solid; his shinshodan his perfect and his lau and kage has some cool looking sequences. a lot of the memorable matches during the weekend involved his lau and kage. i didn`t play his aoi much though...

    shota was also present at the gathering. what an old man he`s become!! shota slept early and woke up early, taking walks around town and reading deep novels like hemingway.

    despite his old man habits, shota still plays like a lethal gangster. he primarily played lau but also played kage and jacky. i said this to ghostdog, but shota is the kind of player that has a balance of offense and defense and the ability to dictate tempo. i`ve picked up a lot of cool things from his lau. jump kick -> f,d+k or upknife punch was a particularly effective flowchart that shota employed. shota had only one session since NYG2 and that was when nick came down to visit him in chicago, but shota was as dangerous as ever and had his streaks of domination.

    adam played his jeffry for most of the gathering but he did play akira primarily on sunday night after the gathering was over and most had left. adam was probably the most dominant player over the weekend, playing and winning constantly. in the past, i had been in awe of hiro`s defense but after playing and watching adam i have realized that adam has passed his sensei on defense. from all the people that i have played, i can say with confidence that adam has the best defense, discounting players in japan since i have obviously not played anybody from there enough to know. everything, from his multiple escapes, quick recovery and especially his flawless fuzzy guarding makes adam very difficult to beat.

    i now know the reason why i felt i had more trouble with his jeffry than his akira. jeffry is a much more defense oriented character than akira which naturally plays into adam`s skill. however, after playing him so much this weekend i have finally become used to his jeffry and his impeccable defense. and after playing his akira that sunday night i have realized that overall his akira is still the more dangerous character, but only if you are able to overcome (and even then occasionally at best) his defense. in terms of dominance i have to say that adam is easily among the top 5 that i have played with anywhere ex-japan.

    another player that could go into the top 5 is hiro. hiro plays all the characters but considers wolf, lau and kage to be his main weapons (i would personally replace lau with lion though in that setup). hiro`s kage really had my kage`s name this weekend...i suffered a long losing streak with my kage against his kage but was finally able to come to terms on the sunday night of play. i think i finally understand the way hiro thinks and plays with his kage. hiro`s jeffry is also a character of note as it one of the few jeffrys that i have seen that can pull off the TKOD with any regularity.

    as for me, personally, the weekend was somewhat of a struggle. my kage went through a difficult time, especially on saturday night. i think it`s mainly due to the fact that i haven`t played at this level for quite a while and i had trouble matching the intensity of players like adam that weekend. and because i have been out of the scene for awhile stuff like PPP, rolls and fuzzy-guarding were new to me. adam remarked that he felt my kage had lost its identity since he last played me for an extended period at NYG1 and that my kage was a mish-mash of styles that i had absorbed from hiro and shota. he was right. i had totaly lost rapport with my kage. however, instead of switching to other characters when i was on a major losing streak like on saturday night i decided to keep playing him and to see what would happen. i lost a lot of games but in the process developed a bastard skeleton kage, heh heh.

    but i did think i finally rediscovered my kage that sunday night as i played with adam, hiro and ghostdog. in retrospect, i had also found my old kage that thursday night when i played at hiro`s place. i think it`s only after getting really tired and after i stopped trying to think so much about trying to play a `newer` and `better` kage that my old style of play came back. in short, i let the idea of catching up to everyone else get in the way when i should just play the way i naturally do.

    i did pretty well with aoi that weekend, getting a few key wins here and there but regretted not playing her more. but i am satisfied with the progress that i am making with her and it`s beginning to seem that she may be my second strongest character. this is a strange idea for me since i had always thought of my aoi as one of my weaker characters, with wolf, jacky and lau being my secondary characters after kage.

    in any case, i`m still here at nyc until departing for e3 tomorrow. we`re gonna have another session tonight at hiro`s place with at least hiro, adam and me. i think andy, donald and sal will also be coming. aight, this is def. enough typing for me so i`ll end this `report` here.

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    Re: ghostdog, chanchai

    god damn, i can`t believe i wrote all that!!!!!!!!!!! and on such a dinky keyboard!!!!!!!!
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    Re: ghostdog, chanchai

    > considering this, rich`s transition was quite impressive as he was still able to pull of knee combos most of the time.


    dude. that is just _not_ true.

    and that pathetic "guessing game" was all i could manage on the sticks.

    oh well.
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    The pain of unfamiliar/uncommon setups...

    I thought Bungle's persistence was admirable as it was sort of painful to see him missing so many things.

    Of course missing the knee combos was bound, but even things like seeing him get a low P when I'm sure he was going for DP. Goes way beyond those examples, but I could get a glimpse of the pain for him. Again, very admirable that he played as much as he did (I was really hoping he would stick with it and keep on going--and he did).

    As for Ghostdog, I can imagine that getting used to the standard button layout was quite tough. Ghostdog's original layout (in Ascii labeling form) is X, Y, Z, C (as opposed to A, X, Y, Z). This especially makes sense when you look at some of the control layouts out there on Sega's standard VF machines. He was used to using his index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers. I'm glad he persisted in working with the standard layout and using thumb, index, middle, ring (though I admit some players use three fingers and sometimes a fourth in the game). There would often be times when he would intend to press Guard but hit Punch, intend punch but get kick, intend kick but get dodge, etc...

    To the two Rich's, I salute your persistence. Not to mention that even a degraded Bungle is a vicious one.

  19. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Re: ghostdog, chanchai

    oh, sorry, i didn`t get to see all of your matches...i saw a dozen or so and saw you only miss a knee combo three or four times. as for your `guessing game,` i thought it was fine, but if you think it`s `pathetic,` *shrug*. rich, i think it`s pretty clear to everyone here that you are a very strong player, and i wrote with that assumption. clearly, the sticks hampered rich`s play.
    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by ice-9 on 05/15/01 08:38 PM (server time).</FONT></P>
  20. ghostdog

    ghostdog Well-Known Member

    Re: ghostdog, chanchai

    Sorry for replying so late (trying to catch up on a couple of sleep).

    he plays a wide variety of characters but considers his lau and akira to be his best characters. i personally thought his aoi, pai and lau were his most advanced though.
    Thanks Ice. I had been practicing with Aoi for about two weeks before VT, even though I've played with her on and off since the arcade days (man I miss those days). As for Lau, you have Sumeragi to thank for that. I saw a couple of clips from the Chicago gathering, and I found myself watching the Sumeragi vs. Ice-9 clips over and over again. I must say I was inspired by Sumeragi's Lau. Then I found a link to the Sumeragi faq (thanks for the lead Chan), and the rest is history. I consider Akira one of my strongest characters, because I've played with him since VF2. I still need to work on set-ups and taking advantage of missed opportunities, as well as a consistent DLC and SPoD.

    rich i hope you`ll stick with vf and join future gatherings. i fully expect your lau to be dangerous the next time we meet!
    You can count on it!!
    Aaarrrgh!!! The BGM from Akira's dojo is still playing in my head!!
    Well, gotta go to sleep. Ghostdog is still tired. Later!
    Oh, yeah, have a safe trip to E3.

    -<font color=white>Ghost</font color=white><font color=blue>DOG</font color=blue>

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