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Virtual Challengers : Fighting Style Analisys

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Bananafighter, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Bananafighter

    Bananafighter Member

    Hello everyone !

    Sometimes in Quest Mode there is an powerful opponent you can't defeat, but you cant't see why. I hope someone will give you the right piece of advice through this forum to improve you skills and manage to win against this anoying challenger.

    Give only your fighter, the name of you opponent and a short description of your problem(s) during the battle.

    THE_WALL Well-Known Member

    I play as Wolf my hardest opponent to face is Lei-Fei. I have to play a defensive game against him and wait for a guaranteed throw oppurtunity against him. Every time I try to attack him I time it wrong and get a sabaki or his punch reversal from that one strange stance. What character or characters do you use. It's hard for another player to give another player advice if he doesn't know who he uses.
  3. Bananafighter

    Bananafighter Member

    I also use Wolf very often.
    against punch reversal you can use a kick, or maybe a shoulder hit... the best solution is a charging strike or a special move.
    Lei is also very difficult to hit the down stance and there is no catch possible.

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