VOOT Tournament Results - JAGCon 2002

Discussion in 'General' started by Chanchai, Mar 1, 2002.

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    <a target="_blank" href=http://www.users.qwest.net/~nsaenguraiporn/voot/JAGC_02.htm>VOOT Tournament: JAGCon 2002 Results</a>

    I have finally finished putting together a very detailed Tournament Results page for the VOOT Tournament that took place two weeks ago. The page (linked above) has the results of the Round Robin tournament, first in the standard Round Robin sheet (thanks Feixaq for the original spreadsheet). However, you can click on the numbered tabs on the bottom to access a profile and stat page for the player identified with that number.

    For those who overlooked my post, these were the general details of the event:

    Virtual On: Oratorio Tangrem (DC 5.4) Tournament @ Just A Game Convention
    Date: February 16th, 2002
    Location: Corvallis, Oregon
    Format: Round Robin

    Anyways, the tournament was a success with four representative VOOT players from the Seattle area. The Seattle representatives were some of the top players from the region and brought their DC VOOT gear and some Beatmania action (in the form of PS2, Beat Mania IIDX games + Controller). Beatmania and VOOT attracted crowds every hour.

    The tournament favorite, Scott Robinson from Auburn (Seattle area), won the tournament with a perfect match record and an almighty Raiden. All this while bouncing back and forth between VOOT, Tekken Tag, and Counter Strike. Eiji Soma from Seattle, another favorite, earned second place with an evil Specineff, losing only to Scott. Yuki Kawamatsu and yours truly tied for 3rd place in the tournament. Total participants in the tournament were 11, but the 11th person eventually had to leave early as the night got late. However, all went as expected in the event.

    To recap, Scott's Raiden proved invincible. Eiji's Specineff continues to grow as a force to be reckoned with, always showing new tricks and techniques every few matches. Yuki came out with a solid Temjin and Apharmd B performance. Chanchai's Dordray represented Oregon and a style completely different from the Seattle CC-oriented style (Chanchai's Dordray mostly plays long and mid-long range with lots of drills, claws, and other such long distance weapons while occasionally using Dordray's rushes). Matt Gehr's Apharmd B came out in true Seattle-Style CC-Crazy fashion, but was a bit under the weather at the event--however still packing a very mean punch. Newcomer Hien proved that one can hang in there with a Temjin that sticks completely to the basics despite being under pressure by all the fancy CC whackiness. And many others represented a variety of other virtuaroids.

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    Ohhhh...damnit...I haven't touched VOOT in a while, but I would still love competition...my Raiden used to be pretty nasty....maybe you can drag these people to the next gathering and we could have a voot subsection!

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