Waht about Lion's d/b+P+K in Ver. C?

Discussion in 'Lion' started by Muttah, May 11, 2002.

  1. Muttah

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    I've read documents and posts regarding combos after Lion's d/b+P+K. They appear quite easy, yet I can't get them to work (doesn't matter if it's CH or not). Am I missing something, or this attack has lost some properties in ver. C? Also, does Lion have any good wall combos? And what would you suggest as a best option after b+P+K, or P+K (apart from the obvious f,f+K,K)? Also, do You know any high-damaging combos You would like to share?
  2. Sausage Man

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    I don't believe that there are any combos after the d/b+P+K. If I remember right, in version A it used to knock down and that was where the combos came from. Me personally, after b+P+K I do b,b+K, P+K and after P+K I either do d/f+P, P, d/f+P or b/f+P+K, P, P. I've also seen D, f+P, b, f+p+K, P, P after the P+K. Lion really doesn't do incredible damage, usually 70's to 80's unless you have back staggers or really perfect wall hits.
  3. nycat

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    Re: Lion's b+P+K combos

    b+P+K >b,f+K+G>df+P,P>Pounce
    b+P+K >f,f,+K,K>f+K+G (adds insult to injury off the wall)and is handy in that it sets up a missed high rising kick ! sets up oki
    b+P+K >b,f+K+G>up+P+K (often misses)sets up oki
    b+P+K >b,f+K+G>df+K>CD_f+P>b,b+K>P+K>b,f+P+K,P
    b+P+K >KK>f,f>(here we chase them as they tech-roll and punish)
    df+K>b,f+K+G,d+K>ub+P (option select, Pounce[!])
    b+P+K >b,b+K>P+K>b,f+K+G
    b+P+K >b,f+K+G>Pounce
    b+P+K >f,f+K,K>df+P,P>df+P,P>df+P
    b+P+K >b,b+K>P+K>d+P+K
    b+P+K >CD>f+P>d+K,K
    b+P+K >KK (leaves them in an terrible position!)
    b+P+K >b,f+P+K>b,f+P+K,P,P ( delay the punches to search for MC)
    b+P+K >d+P>FC_f+P+G
    b+P+K >P>b,f+P+K,P,P
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